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Average GRE Scores for MIT | Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical), Computer Science

Average MIT GRE scores

GRE scores for MIT MS in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical), Computer Science, etc

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a leading brand name and finds the top position when it comes to fields like engineering and physical sciences. This research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has five schools which include the School of Science, Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Management as well as Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences with more than 30 departments and close to 11,000 students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Students are able to make use of MIT’s research facilities irrespective of the degree program they’ve opted for as long as they’re using it for their academic purpose. The international student community has a strong presence at MIT with approximately 9% of the undergraduates and 40% of graduate students coming from other countries.

It would take more than just an average GRE score to secure a place at MIT. In addition to a great GRE score, you’d also need to excel in other aspects of the application. You’d have to have an outstanding academic background. Work experience in the relevant field or any extracurricular that sets you apart from the rest can add to the strength of your application.

You’d need to put in your best to create an excellent SOP (Statement of Purpose) as well as have good letters of recommendation. You need to remember that you may in competition with numerous other top profile candidates with equally good credentials.

You may be assured that your application would be evaluated in a holistic manner rather than focussing on the GRE or any other specific aspect.

The university website mentions that most of those who are able to get in have a score in the 80th percentile or greater and the average score of in the Analytical Writing section is 4.5/6.0.

Though GRE score is not the sole deciding factor, you’d definitely need a high quantitative score if you’re planning to get into an engineering field at MIT as it ranks no. 1 in most of the engineering programs and is usually the first choice for a majority of engineering aspirants. So, you’d know for sure that the competition is going to be tough.

The average GRE score for MIT in engineering would be approximately 162 in the verbal section and 167 in the quantitative section. It is usually recommended to have a quant score in the 90th percentile for improving your chances of getting in.

International students may take the TOEFL or IELTS exam. MIT’s website mentions that a minimum score of 7.0 on IELTS or a minimum score of 100 on the TOEFL internet-based exam would be required.

Candidates are often curious to know answers for a few very commonly asked questions ‘What is the minimum GRE score needed to get into MIT? What are my chances of getting into MIT?’

What are the average GRE scores to get into MIT?


The table below would give you an idea of what the approximate average GRE scores would be in each of the sections for the various disciplines.

Department Average GRE Verbal Score Average GRE Quantitative Score
Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical) 162 167
Computer Science 160 164
Psychology 163 154
Physics 167 167
Chemistry 164 163
Mathematics 165 167

Table source: US News, Magoosh
The average GRE score for MIT mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and other degrees within the respective engineering departments may vary, but it would be safe to assume that they would be in the same range as you see in the table.

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