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Average GRE Scores for Harvard | Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture

Average Harvard GRE scores

GRE scores for Harvard MS in Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture etc

Harvard is the dream destination for a majority of applicants. This elite university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts is among the top in the Ivy League. It is the oldest, highly prestigious and most-sought after schools and has around 6,700 undergrad students and 14,500 graduate students. The library at Harvard has the largest academic collection.

The graduate schools include among others the Harvard graduate school of arts and science, engineering and applied sciences, education, law, design, medical school, school of dental medicine, public health and Harvard Kennedy School.

What is a good GRE score to get into Harvard?

Though a good GRE score would improve your chances of getting into Harvard, a great score in the GRE is not all that matters as this is just one aspect of your application and you’d be evaluated on the basis of other parameters and components of the application like the SOP (Statement of Purpose), letters of recommendation as well as your academic grades, any work experience in the relevant field, any previous research – related work evidence. Each department would look for different merits or qualifications in the candidate, so the selection criteria and process would vary.

The process of selection may seem random as a lot of deserving candidates are often rejected owing to capacity restraints and the large number of highly qualified applicant pool.

Getting into an extremely competitive university like Harvard can be really tough with acceptance rates in some of the graduate programs as low as 3%.

So, what are the average GRE scores for Harvard?

The average verbal and quantitative scores vary across the different fields. Fields like education sees the verbal average in the 91st percentile and quantitative average in the 71st percentile while analytical writing average is 5.0 for the PhD candidates. For Master of Education, the verbal average is in the 81st percentile and the quantitative average is in the 61st percentile while analytical writing average is 4.6. (Source:

On the other hand, the engineering field sees a very high average quantitative score of 167 whereas the average verbal score tends to be slightly lower at 160. At the Harvard John A. Paulson School of engineering and applied sciences, across all the master’s and PhD programs, the average GRE quantitative scores were in the range of 90th – 95th percentile whereas the average verbal GRE scores were in the range of 75th – 80th percentiles. (source:

The average GRE scores for the graduate school of design (architecture) were 157 for the verbal, 159 for the quantitative, and 4.0 for the analytical writing sections. (source:

Within any university, the average GRE scores tend to vary depending upon the program you apply to. This is evident from the table below which shows the average Harvard GRE scores for various disciplines.

Department Average Verbal Average Quantitative
Engineering 160 167
Computer Science 155 161
Psychology 163 154
Physics 167 167
Chemistry 164 163
Mathematics 165 167
Education 160 156
Architecture / Design 157 159

Table source: US News, Magoosh
You need to do your research about the GRE scores for a particular university or program and set your score target accordingly. Again, make sure that you’re able to spend enough time on the other components of your application as well.

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