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Best Private GMAT Tutors

Private GMAT tutors

Costs, how private coaching works, worth it or not

Ever wondered which components of an MBA application matter the most?

You’d say business school applications are assessed holistically, so every aspect should matter. But, here’s the fact – from a list of 14 aspects that matter, just two components are at the top and contribute to 37% of the overall application weight, the topmost being the GMAT total score with the GMAT quantitative percentile (22%) and the MBA essays (15%).

The table below shows an approximate distribution of the various parameters in an MBA application.

Important parts of MBA Application
Source: Poets and Quants


Why is the GMAT score so important

A high GMAT average boosts a school’s reputation and also plays a role in the school’s MBA rankings. So, for schools, it is an important filtering criterion.

That doesn’t mean that having a high GMAT score would guarantee you a place at a top business school; you need to have an impressive profile and work hard to put in a strong application. That’s where MBA Crystal Ball consultants can help.

However, a good GMAT score (preferably higher than the average GMAT score for bschools), would definitely give you an edge in the competitive admissions process and improve your prospects of being accepted and also being awarded a scholarship.

If there are some issues with your profile, for example, if you have a low undergraduate GPA or maybe you belong to an over-represented group (like IT Indian male applicant), then having a high GMAT score can significantly improve the odds in your favour.

GMAT structure

The GMAT has four sections: the Analytical Writing Assessment (one question, 30 minutes), Integrated Reasoning (12 questions, 30 minutes), Quantitative Reasoning(31 questions, 62 minutes), and Verbal Reasoning (36 questions, 65 minutes). The entire test takes about 3.5 hours to complete, including two optional breaks.

Though the quantitative and verbal sections contribute to the GMAT total score on a scale of 200-800, the admissions team expects a good performance in the other two sections as well.

GMAT preparation time

A lot of applicants start their GMAT preparations well in advance. Since the GMAT score is valid for a period of five years, you can take the test anytime and then as the application deadline approaches, you’d have enough time to focus on the rest of the application.

It’s also necessary to leave some buffer for retaking the GMAT in case your scores in the first attempt are not up to the mark.

The average time taken for GMAT preparation would be around 2-3 months. It varies from person to person and for some, it may take 6 months or longer.

It’s necessary to follow a structured disciplined approach and have a systematic study plan in place with a dedicated study time each day.

GMAT tutoring / coaching

The wide range of options available for GMAT preparation can sometimes be overwhelming, leaving one confused about which mode would work best for them.

You can choose between classroom training, online coaching (pre-recorded sessions or live sessions and practice tests) and one-on-one personal (private) tutoring.

Courses are provided locally and also by international testing companies. The fees vary greatly depending on your choice.

Private GMAT tutor

A lot of applicants who score low in their first attempt are able to increase their GMAT scores with a more dedicated approach through the right guidance and sufficient practice.

However, in some cases, students may get stuck with a particular score and inspite of multiple attempts at the GMAT test, are not able to fare better. After a certain point, one may finally give up. But with a low GMAT score, you may be losing a chance at the top business schools where the average GMAT is well over 700.

In such cases, it always helps to have some mentoring from an experienced person in the field.

Private GMAT coaching (one-on-one personal tutoring) can be an option to consider where you’d get some extra hand-holding to tackle your problem areas, in a particular section. Some may enroll with a personal tutor for covering the entire GMAT syllabus.

A good GMAT tutor should be able to chalk out a study plan and customise the sessions based on your requirements, identify and focus on your weak areas, conduct periodical assessments, provide personalised feedback and newer perspectives, keep you motivated thus helping you reach your true potential and improve your GMAT scores.

Rather than stick to a rigid schedule, you’d have the freedom to study topics based on your individual requirements.

A lot of students do not consider private tutoring as a viable option as they feel that they wouldn’t be able to afford their fees.

However, there are tutors who charge on an hourly basis, so if you feel covering the entire GMAT syllabus would be too expensive, you could use a few sessions to work on the topics or concepts where you need improvement.

Before hiring a tutor, it would be a good idea to check their background, their past experience. Also find out how their previous students have fared.

A lot of tutors themselves have cracked the GMAT with stellar GMAT score. They may be able to provide you with tips and techniques including time management to successfully crack the GMAT and improve your scores.

A good private tutor should be able to provide you with the right guidance to manage your entire GMAT syllabus and provide you with enough practice questions for each section. The

GMAT is a computer adaptive test, which means that as you progress and provide correct answers, the level of difficulty goes on increasing.

It’s necessary to be familiar with the GMAT test format, so practising with full-length tests would also be an essential aspect. The more you practice, you’ll get all the more comfortable. All this would help reduce anxiety and make you confident on the test day.

Is hiring a private GMAT tutor worth it or not

Finally, you’ve to take a call based on your GMAT preparation requirements and the budget you’ve set aside for GMAT prep. Here are a few pros and cons of hiring a private tutor

Advantages of private tutoring

  • Undivided individual attention, immediate feedback and query resolution
  • Online one-on-one private GMAT coaching available, so no location constraints
  • Choice of tutor based anywhere in the world; all you need is an internet connection
  • Tailor-made course structure with focus on weak area
  • Syllabus completion at your own pace
  • Better time management
  • Newer perspectives from an experienced person and scope for improvement
  • Convenience and flexibility of timings


Disadvantages of private tutoring

  • Expensive!
  • Incompatible teaching method


How much do GMAT Tutors make

Since private GMAT coaching is a highly personalized service, and the number of teaching hours for each tutor is limited, the GMAT tutors’ earning is influenced by their experience, popularity / demand, working model (independent or part of a bigger company) and location (country).

The fees charged by GMAT tutors can vary from $25 per hour to over $150 per hour.

For candidates who signup for a bulk deal (for example, 10-hour package or multiples), the tutor may offer significant discounts.

How to choose a private GMAT tutor

Private GMAT tutoring could be online or in-person. If you choose the online option, geography doesn’t become a constraint and you can work with tutors across the globe.

Finally, it depends upon your comfort level and for you to decide if you’d like to work with a private tutor in the USA or based in your home country.

The charges would vary accordingly with the best tutors working for reputed tutoring companies in the US charging a few thousand dollars for various packages. Charges could be for a certain package or on hourly basis.

Best private GMAT tutors

Here’s a list of those who provide GMAT private tutoring and their approximate charges.

Top GMAT Tutors in USA with pricing

Veritas Prep

10 hours $2,650
20 hours $4,750
30 hours $6,450
40 hours $7,950

Manhattan Review

12 hours $2,200
24 hours $3,450
36 hours $4,450
48 hours $5,450


10 hours $2,499
20 hours $3,399
40 hours $4,999

The Princeton Review

GMAT Comprehensive Private Tutoring GMAT Targeted Private Tutoring
$167/hr $180/hr
18 hours 10 hours


6 hours tutoring + test prep resources $699


Top GMAT Tutors in India

The best GMAT tutors in India are certainly more expensive than GMAT classes, but still cheaper and more affordable than personal GMAT coaches in USA and other countries.

GMAT Tutor in Delhi

Chiranjeev Singh (CJ)
Bio: CJ is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus and former Director of Curriculum at e-GMAT. He has GMAT scores of 780 (2017) & 770 (2013), and a CAT score of 99.98 %ile (2007)

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CJ’s Client story:
B.Com grad with multiple admits

GMATWhiz offers 3 personal (1-on-1) tutoring packages:

  • GMAT Tutor Prep: $999 for 20 sessions
  • Verbal Tutor Prep: $549 for 10 sessions
  • Quant Tutor Prep: $549 for 10 sessions

The fee includes access to their highly rated and reviewed online course.

Their top GMAT tutors are Piyush Beriwala (founder), Saquib Hasnain and Sunita Singhvi, with each having close to a decade of coaching experience.

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Top GMAT Tutors near me

Many GMAT test takers approach us and ask, ‘Can you recommend a top GMAT tutor near me?‘ And we generally point them to this page. But we realize that there are many good private GMAT coaches across the world that we have no idea about.

We hope to expand the list as we come across good GMAT tutors in India, Canada, UK, Singapore, and of course USA (New York, Los Angeles and other cities).

If you wish to include your private GMAT tutoring services in the above list, send us an email with the title ‘Best GMAT Tutor Directory’. Our email ID: contact[at]mbacrystalball[dot]com