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Qissa-e-GMAT 'Qayenaat conspires!'

Posted: July 10th, 2012, 1:25 am
by harisimranwirk
Hello Friends,

The opening of my GMAT script was enacted with my fellow batchmate(Mr A ) deducting a sum of 3k INR from my account on the pretext of my 'contri' for Official GMAT guide+Manhattan Sentence Correction Guide+GMAT Verbal Review. :cry:
The year was 2010 and month November.
He started preparing and i didnt give a damn! At that time i didnt have an iota of inkling what this GMAT was.Moreover I always poked fun at him saying that its better playing with a G-Spot than a G-MAT!!
(i was just the jooooooking!!! i never said that. )

Days went by...
And on one fine day...out of the blue...a miracle happened (as it happens in other movies too) we had a skype call with one of our college senior!!( a skype call is a normal thing? Ok. Thik hai bhai maan liya. ab Sorry aagey padho).
But after the call the great Mr A changed his mind of doing an MBA and shifted his interests towards an MS. :shock: (kar lo baat. kuch bhi keh to normal nahi hai. 1.5 mahine se GMAT ki kitabein kaali kar rha tha Mr A)

**Mr A. is of the kind who will not do what he wants to do. He will do what you ask him to do. The indecisive, gullible kinds!!

To kya ab 6k gaye pani mein ? :shock:
Kya GMAT Official Guide ye jhatka jhel payegi? :?
Aesa saluk to koi apne dushman ke saath bhi nahi karta!!!
Kaise sambhalegi Manhattan Sentence guide apne aap ko :roll:

ye jaan ne ke liye...aagey padhtey rahiye!!!

+++++Forced Break++++++++++

By Jan 2011, my friend had changed his plans and hopped on from GMAT to GRE. And i had completed my 3 years and 3 months of work experience. By that time it had become evidently clear to me that i wanted a change. Change from regular technical stuff of my job to something different and jumping up to a better position. But how??? This was the biggest question.

And then...suddenly...dust rose :o ...cob-webs cleared :o ...and Gmat Prep material surfaced from beneath the pile of newspapers and magazines and unused pieces of fabric :?:
:idea: Destiny had shown me my way.The Qayenaat was conspiring. It introduced me to The GMAT.
So the GMAT was to be my 'garud' which would take me across to my aim.

And here, very abruptly, my dear friends ends the first half of my home production 'Qissa-e-GMAT'

########2nd Half Begins########

Then came Feb 2011 and i booked my date(2-5:30pm 7th May '11) with GMAT. But because of my hectic schedule in office i could not begin my prepartion till March 15th . And in between all this i was advised by many to postpone my engagement with GMAT as they thought i wont be able to prepare well in time. At times i too thought they could be right but then i persisted not to.

I knew that if ever i were to triumph over GMAT it had to be with a sublime concoction of Hard-Work, Smart-Work, Dedication and Motivation. So with all odds stacked against me but with the formula of concoction-e-success in my mind and a firm belief to succeed, i began my march on 15th March 2011!
I spent the first 5 days in understanding what GMAT's style of evaluation is, reading the testimonials of highly successful candidates, browsing various sites on the net(Beatthegmat etc) to find out more about the test, and studying the syllabus

And these were my take aways :

Time management : A very very important factor. Candidates can not in any case afford to leave any question unanswered. And each and every question is equally important. So before commencing anything else a Time-Plan has to be in place.
Razor sharp Concentration during the exam : This is the foremost reason which results in disparity of scores amongst candidates of same calibre, with same amount of preparation etc. So long focussed stretches of concentration help a lot.
Sentence Correction : This is one thing which one can master by achieving proficiency in grammar rules. Right amount of preparation can also result in cent percent success.
Critical Reasoning : This is one section which as per my analysis is a function of ones innate analytical ability and it can not be taught.
So practice and devise a generic algorithm to counter the CR problems.
Comprehension questions : The easiest of the Verbal lot. Fast selective attentive reading (practice makes it possible) holds the key here.
Quants : Working knowledge of basic mathematical concepts as mentioned in the Official guide and lots of practise should suffice.

Practise Papers : These act as dress-rehearsels and help gauge each and every component of preparation. Taking every paper as if it were the real GMAT helps easing nerves on the D-Day.

With these take aways I took a 10 day break(From 23rd March to 3rd May) from Office and in these 10 days i knew of nothing other than what was there in Official GMAT guide+Manhattan Sentence Correction Guide+GMAT Verbal Review. :ugeek:

Whenever i felt nervous..i had only one thing in my mind : Whatever i have done till now or whatever i will do in future does not matter a bit. The time(2-5:30pm 7th May 2011) is going to be the time when i will be performing to the best of my god given capability. Thats it.
This thing helped me relax a lot and focus on the right thing.

Finally test day came. I sat for the exam with an aim of performing to the best of my god given capability.

Eventually the score came. It was 710. I was ecstatic.

I thanked God!
(arre haan bhai Mr A too. I thanked him also. Khush?)

But doston please keep this thing in mind that i maybe a lucky one whose plan bore fruits and was able to cross 700 threshold in less than average time of preparation. But never ever keep things for the last moment. Plan them well ahead in time.

As life ain't always FILMY my boy!!!

Rabb Rakha!!

#####---THE END---#####

(Oh please come on...Tees-Maar-Khan...was much worse a movie!!)