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Re: SP Jain Global MBA (GMBA) - Dubai, Singapore, Sydney

Posted: May 8th, 2015, 1:31 pm
by Romita

I am having 11 years of total experience into IT and mostly worked for Investment Bank.
Looking forward for MBA course and came to know about the GMBA from S P Jain.

For my experience level whether the GMBA is good option or not please suggest, as it is for people with experience level 3+ years.


Re: SP Jain Global MBA (GMBA) - Dubai, Singapore, Sydney

Posted: June 7th, 2015, 10:08 am
by dashang
Name: Dashang

I am Software Developer with 1.9 year of experience. My academics were average. I got 64% in SSC and 75% in diploma in IT and in degree 66% .
My first firm was E10 (small software firm) and in that my experience was 7 months. Then my mind shifted to do mba so i joined local college , and after 6-7mnths i realised that i was in wrong college . The college was not that good . so i got out and continued in software development. from there till now i am working as software developer in 'Quest rightshoring Services' but my mind and heart still aspires to get managerial role . (might be marketing , finance or consulting) .
I am yet to give GMAT. i tried SPJAT internal twice but i didnt passed . Do you think if i passed SPJAT exam , admission team will be taking me? i have insead , ISB into consideration. I am looking for 1 yr MBA course only. And please tell good college in UK to pursue MBA ( just keeping plan B, if plan A doesnt work).
And also shed some awarness in SPJAIN MGB (no exp required) program or better i should go for GMBA(it needs 5 yr exp.)

Please reply