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IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: May 5th, 2013, 6:10 pm
by MBACrystalBall
Shiv is attending the IIMA PGPX program a 1 year MBA for executives at IIM Ahmedabad.

For those who missed the CAT bus to get to IIM Ahmedabad, the IIMA PGPX program offers you a second shot to get a top IIM brand on your CV.

Often confused with EMBA programs, many refer to this as one of the Executive MBA at IIMs. This is a full-time program that accepts GMAT scores and get folks with significant pre-MBA experience.

Shiv has offered to answer any questions you may have about the IIMA PGPX program.

I'll set the ball rolling with the first question.

Shiv, can you describe a typical day at IIMA PGPX?

Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: May 5th, 2013, 6:54 pm
by searchformba
A typical day at IIMA starts at 8:45 AM with sessions running for around 1:15 mins with 15 mins break between each sessions.

Typically we have 3 sessions a day.

Post lunch is usually reserved for the next day preparation - case studies, assignments readings - per say but all surprise quizzes, exams are usually conducted in the second half.

Rest of the day you usually sit with your study groups for the next day and that extends usually till 2 AM on a "relaxed" day :) .

Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: June 15th, 2013, 2:44 pm
by kuldeepsingh512
Dear Sir,
I am currently working in a PSU as an Engineer with limited roles to play. :( . But i have tried to make best of it. But now i think MBA is the only way out of here.
MY profile-
Highschool- 77%
Intermediate- 78%
B.Tech- NIT Rourkela (9.32/10)
60 Months work-ex, out of which around 6 months was in the project commissioning of a power plant and rest is in the power plant operation.

Started a placement magzine in the college.
Stood 1st in my branch in my college in 1st year, 5th in the college and got chance to opt any branch, chose electrical.
Stood third in 2nd year in college.

want to do MBA-operations and join power sector in India.

Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: June 27th, 2013, 9:42 am
by searchformba
Hey Kuldeep,

There is a minimum age requirement of 27 years. In my batch there are few from PSUs. As long as you can project some differentiating factor in your profile through your application and interview process it should be fine.
You can check out the details of the current batch and the profile mix on the website


Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: July 11th, 2013, 11:46 am
by goelanu
Hi Shiv,

First of all congrats for your selection in IIMA.
I read that you got the calls from all 3 IIM's (A,B,C)

Please find the brief about my profile.

As of Aug'13 I have a total work experience of 5 years in Sales of IT Services.

I want to evaluate my chances of getting IIMs with my current GMAT Score & Profile.

Please advise whether I need to improve my score to increase my chances or my current score along with my work-ex is sufficient??

Indian Colleges:

GMAT- 660
Xth - 83
XIIth - 72% in CS from UPTECH University - 67%

Worked as Software Developer with SAP Labs from Aug'08 to Nov'08
Worked as Business Manager (Sales & Marketing of IT Hardware & Services) for IBM India Pvt Ltd. from Dec'08 to Jan'11.
Worked as Business Development Manager (Sales of IT Services) for Omnitech Infosolutions Ltd. from Feb'11 to Jan'12.
Currently Working as Account Manager (Sales of IT Services, Account Management) with Wipro Ltd. from Feb'12.

Extra curricular Activities:-

I am a part of Greenpeace Society since April 2011, where I contribute monetarily a part of my salary to the society & I actively get involve in various events or activities taking place nearby my location.
I am a part of Udayan Care Society ( a child care society ) where I spend some time weekly teaching under privileged students.
I am a part of Wipro Cares Society (a NGO arm withing Wipro) actively taking parts in various events and activities..

While in college, I had developed (as a charity) a medical research software for a Homeopathic Doctor to carry out researches on trends of patients reactions to different medicines & progress. The software is running successfully till my last communication with the Doctor.

Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: July 23rd, 2013, 6:00 pm
by santosh_69
Hi Shiv,

I have two questions to ask. I would be grateful if you can reply to them.

1. Does the kind of work experience matter in selecting a candidate.

2.What if, there are no extra-curricular activities to boast in the resume of the candidate.

Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: July 31st, 2013, 12:32 am
by searchformba
Sorry for the delayed responses.


Yes the quality of work experience matters during admissions.
Extra Curricular activities are not make or break factors for your application. They may add some weightage but I don't think there is any negative if you don't have any.


There is a minimum age requirement for PGPX. It is 27 years. As for your work experience, it is on the lower side. Minimum in my batch is around 7+ years.
For your experience level, GMAT Scores maybe on the lower side.

For more details on IIMA FAQ please check the website


Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: August 6th, 2013, 9:52 pm
by palls20
Personal -
Gender : Female
GMAT1 : 650(Q45,V35)
GMAT2 : 710(Q49,V38)
Nationality : Indian

Academics -
Class 10 : 89%
Class 12 : 95%
B.E(Mechanical) & M.Sc(Mathematics) : 7.81/10
Graduate from BITS Pilani, Pilani campus

Work experience -
First job : SUN Microsystems for 1.5 yrs as Member Technical Staff
Second job : ORACLE India for 6+ yrs now as Project Lead
Total work ex : 8 yrs

Professional achievements -
Lead a team of 3 people
Received many client appreciations
Developed many new features with high quality independently
Part of many major product releases

Other activities -
Performed couple of dance shows at office and in the city and won awards.
Part of couple of volunteer activities at office
Chief event organizer in the team

Expectation after MBA -
Product management/Consulting

Can someone please evaluate my profile and provide views/comments if/how I can secure an admission into IIM A?

Thanks much.

Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: August 9th, 2013, 7:10 pm
by chaleizone
Hai Shiv.

I am a Chartered Accountant and i have decided to do a Management Programs preferably one Year Executive MBA at IIMs

X Std - 95%
XII Std - 92.5%
CA - 52%
M.Com - 62% (Distance Learning)

Experience: 3.5 yrs in Oil and Gas Sector PSU

Could you pls suggest how much Score in GMAT may fetch me an Admission in IIMA and what is your suggestion on purusing this course by CA.

Re: IIMA PGPX MBA for Executives IIM Ahmedabad

Posted: August 12th, 2013, 7:04 pm
by santosh_69
Thank you so much Shiv for the reply.