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Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: July 25th, 2013, 9:25 pm
by rohitjaggi87
Abhii46, looks competitive, just apply, focus on your strengths, and have a clear reason and plan for doing mba

Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: July 25th, 2013, 9:35 pm
by Abhii46
Thanks Rohit for your reply.

Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: July 30th, 2013, 5:17 pm
by sridhar95_04
Hi Rohit,

Congrats on your admit to NUS! You certainly deserved it with a GMAT score like that.

Could you please evaluate my profile below for a possible admit in NUS.

10th Standard - 81.8% (CBSE)
12th Standard - 94% (TN State Board)
Engineering - 63% (First Class)
GMAT - 660 (Q48 V33 AW - 5.5)

Age - 27
Work Experience - Exactly 5 years as of July 2013

Domain - IT. Working for Infosys Ltd., since July 2008. Moved from being a trainee to a Systems Engineer to an SAP analyst in Security & Authorizations within these years. I was the onsite lead for a team of 5 in Paris (at the client location) for a period of 13 months between April 2012 and May 2013.

Major Achievements / Extra Curricular activities :
1. Won two Unit level awards in the last 3 years from Infosys appreciating my work.
2. Passionate Runner - Completed 2 semi marathons and 2 10km runs for social causes.
3. Was the vice-president of the Leo Club (for social activiities in my Engineering college)
4. I am a trained Salsa dancer completing 3 levels of LA cuban SALSA from the Russian Cultural Center, Chennai.
5. Sub editor of my project magazine in Infosys.
6. Taken up extra roles in my work at Infosys which were highly appreciated by my managers.

NUS is my dream school and a top priority. My future career goals include Strategic or Operations Consulting in a top firm within the Asian Hub.

Please let me know if I stand a chance and what I need to do in order to strenghten my application for NUS.

Thanks in advance,


Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: July 31st, 2013, 5:31 pm
by brickinthewall
Thanks a lot rohit for all the help that you have provided here. Really helpful!

Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: November 6th, 2014, 9:07 pm
by ankit tiwari
hi rohit,
my name is ankit and following is my profile
10th- 68%
12th- 84% (commerce with maths)
graduation- economics hons 47.5% (delhi university)
GMAT- 650 (q-47, v-32, awa 5, ir-6)
workex- 3.7 years total
profile- credit analyst(GE capital)
ec- not much, ngo startup for 5 months

1. I would like to ask u about my chances of getting into nanyang MBA.
2. I had sent my scores to nanyang through gmat. They sent me an acknowledgement mail of recieving the scores and encouragd me to apply. A couple of weeks later i recieved another mail from nanyang saying that i fall in the category of preferred candidate and they strongly encourage me to apply. They also offered me waiver on application fee. How many students get such mails and what are the chances of conversion for preferred candidates? I am asking this question because i would have to give up my admission in another university if i take risk and apply to nanyang (because nanyang results come late and my session in that univ will start in feb)

I am in a big confusion because nanyang is my preferred institute. please help me.


Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: December 29th, 2014, 11:35 am
by Rony123
Hi Rohit. My name is Ronak Chawla, 23 years of age

Academics: Std X :
Cleared all levels of CA in first attempt
90.30%, Std XII : 88.17%, Std Xv : 89.54%. Consistent Topper in School and College
Pursuing Masters in Business Law from National Law School of Bangalore
GMAT (Score : 650). I am reattempting in the next few months

Work Experience :
16 months (and continuing) as a Consulting in EY in Indirect taxation (5/5 rating in first year)
CA Internship in BDO Consulting (Received Certificate of Appreciation)

Extra Currics:
Training in Air rifle, Courses from Coursera, Co-directed a documentary for acid attack survivors, Event Heads in Schools and College. I am planning to join an NGO next month

I have the following questions:
1) I want to do MBA for the experience and change in outlook. I stay in Mumbai, I want a job in Asia. Which college is preferred NUS/ ISB/ SP Jain 2 year PGDM? Which is a better placement record and ROI?
2) If NUS, What do you think is the right time to apply to NUS?
3) What should I do in addition to the above to increase my chances in NUS?

Thank you so much.

Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 3 Year ) Part time program

Posted: December 30th, 2014, 10:32 am
by Dushyantv
Hi Sameer, How are you ? :)

I have question regarding NUS 3 year Part time MBA program.

My academics :
10th - 85.69% topper with technical subjects,
12th- 73.80%,
BE Electronics from Avg colg- 8.02 /10 CGPA, College topper,

Work experience-2 year as a Software Testing Engineer,

Extra Curricular- Working for NGO for 1 year as a Volunteer. I am helping poor children financially for their basic needs and also teaching them the basic education.

I am keen to know about NUS 3 year part time program And i have some doubts regarding that which i have mentioned below :

(1) Can i get a good job in Singapore during my part time MBA at NUS to pay my tution fees ? How can i get a job during my part time MBA ? Do i need to find on my own or NUS will provide me a job ?
Can i work in part time MBA program in Singapore and pay my hefty tution fees which is around 7 lacs per 30 lacs around.

(2) What is the employment statistics salary for Part time MBA people at NUS ? I did not find any information regarding that. So, Is it same as the Full time MBA ?

(3) For me, as a International Indian student, Is it worth to go to NUS for Part time MBA?

Please provide me your suggestions and advise.

Thank you in advance :)

Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 3 Year ) Part time program

Posted: January 1st, 2015, 12:37 pm
by MBACrystalBall
Dushyantv wrote:(1) Can i get a good job in Singapore during my part time MBA at NUS to pay my tution fees ?

Dushyant, from the questions you've listed, it seems like you got the concept of part-time MBA wrong.

It's meant for professionals who already have a job, in the same country. Which is why the question of how many part-time MBA students got a job after the MBA is irrelevant.

Don't consider a part-time MBA as an easier alternative to a full-time MBA. You'll be disappointed.

Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: January 16th, 2015, 5:37 pm
by SK2802
Hi Sameer/ Rohit,

Happy new year!.

I am interested in applying to NUS for the 2015-16 batch. Here's my profile

- 10th: 88.6%
- 12th: 80.8%
- B.TECH: 88.3% (ECE)

-GMAT: 680 (47Q / 36V) AWA:4

-Work Ex: TCS (3.5 years)
My work profile is of normal IT Engineer.
Though I have decent extracurricular.

Additionally, I am a published Author of youth fictions. I published my first Novel in 2011, and since them I have published 2 more. Last year I published and anthology of short-stories. Two of my novels are National bestsellers and in total they have sold more than 30000 copies.

I have developed my own art form by combining Madhubani Painting outline's with Mehandi patterns and have recently filled a copyright for the technique. I have won a number of first prizes at university and school level.

I am life member of Red Cross and volunteer for them regularly. I am involved in TCS - Maitree which is TCS CSR initiative.
In university, I was a member of NSS and worked with UNESCO to organize a summit on Millennium development Goals that was attended by 1000 people.
I was also Country representative for (1 out of 2 from India) Nation for Peace Campaign and collected 1000 signatures for its support.

I also received the Student Achiever award at University level.

I want to discuss about my chances of getting into NUS and also the chances on scholarships.
I understand that scholarship are very limited and for most of them Indian Nationals are not eligible. But I have constraints on financial fronts so I would like to explore all the sources.

I learned from one of friend that there's a bond system I which you can sign a tie up with the Singapore Govt. and some rebate will be provided on the tuition fees. Though, I haven't had any official source to confirm on it. In case, you people have any idea about the same do throw some light.

Thanks in advance for your reponse.

Re: NUS Singapore MBA ( 1 Year )

Posted: January 16th, 2015, 8:30 pm
by MBACrystalBall
SK2802 wrote:Hi Sameer/ Rohit,

Happy new year!.

I am interested in applying to NUS for the 2015-16 batch. Here's my profile
Multiple posting just increases the effort for us, buddy. I see that you've posted on the profile evaluation thread as well. We'll respond there.