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Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: September 9th, 2014, 6:47 pm
by mbadropout
Akshay Ahuja,

One of the assumptions behind my recommendation was “all things being equal.” If we are talking about a multiple of 2, then definitely this decision warrants more thought.

I have always advised people to not be too concerned about compensation or location. All that matters for the first few years is the experience/learning, etc. It’s akin to a foundation; in a way it sets the direction for the future.

All the best.


Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: September 11th, 2014, 9:05 pm
by Akshay Ahuja
Hi Amit,
Sorry to bother you again, but I forgot to mention that I aim to enter management consultancy (operations/SCM/strategy)after pgdie (post graduate diploma in industrial engineering) from NITIE,Mumbai, which I how to pursue after 2-years job ex.
So I was wondering if direct industrial exposure at SAIL would be helpful in this case or not.
Kindly take pain to advice me once again.

Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: September 14th, 2014, 7:07 pm
by mbadropout
Akshay Ahuja,

First, I am doubtful that you will be able to get yourself a consulting position that would allow you focus on operations, SCM and strategy. In my experience, a consulting position would either be focused towards operations/SCM or strategy, not both.

Over time, I have observed that innovativeness and creativity (thinking out of the box being a byproduct of those two) are qualities that need to be cultivated over time. It’s more a state of mind than something you can glean from books or a course of study, hence the need to be in a situation/position for a length of time that allows you to work on unstructured problems. Bottom line - if your focus is operations/SCM, SAIL might be a better choice (giving some weight to the “multiple of 2” factor). If your focus is not operational consulting (or SCM) and if you are absolutely sure that strategy consulting is your calling, I would opt for the job with Cummins (assuming that finally you will be involved in a lot of innovative/creative unstructured design projects).

Hope this helps a little towards untying this knot.

All the best.


Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: October 26th, 2014, 8:00 pm
by rohilmantri
Hi Amit,
I have completed MBA Finance from a top 15 institute in India and currently working in a top consulting firm as a Functional Consultant. I want to make the transition into Strategy Consulting space. I have 2 years of IT experience before joining MBA institute.
Below is my profile:

Total Work ex - 4 years (2.5 years pre MBA)
BE Computers (2008), PGDM Finance (2013) (Top 15 institutes in India)

Work ex details:
Currently working with Deloitte Consulting (2013 onwards) as Functional Consultant.

KPIT Cummins (2008-2010) as Software Developer in Product Lifecycle Management application.

Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: October 27th, 2014, 7:31 am
by mbadropout

Strategy consulting firms are going to view both your pre and post-MBA work experience as “IT experience,” in other words non-relevant experience. The best time to execute a career change is right after your MBA. Since it has been more than a year that you've graduated with yours, things might be a little more challenging.

A point to note - any strategy consulting firm worth its name would have an IT Consulting or at the least an IT Support group. In today’s world, strategy consultants depend on IT tools and technologies in one way or another, mostly as enablers, to operationalize and/or execute their recommendations/advice. If I were you, I would talk to friends and colleagues that work for strategy consulting firms and obtain more information on available positions with an IT flavor. Showcasing skills and experience gained (as a developer and now as Functional Consultant) thus far, I would then use my networks - the same friends and colleagues - to channel my resume to relevant folks at such firms. I would also reach out to these firms directly (online applications, if the option exists, or directly to their HR contacts) or through recruiters. Once in, assuming that you perform really well, you will always have the option to switch to a pure strategy consulting role over time.

All the best.


Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: November 10th, 2014, 11:09 am
by WoundedTiger
Hello Amit,

Here is a snapshot of my profile

My experience is bit different so would like to share my career progression..

Education: B. Tech Mechanical from Manipal(3.21/4).

Work Experience: Overall 9 years of Experience in Sales and Business Development.

Started my career in Sales with Industrial Group Conglomerate. The business model was primarily MRO (maintenance, replacement and overhauling) Working with clients in Petrochemical,Power,Chemical and Paper Industry..Here in realized my penchant for Business Development.Total Work ex: 2.5 years..Sales Handled 80-140 Lacs

Switched Job and Moved to completely different Industry, catering to Auto and Auto Ancillaries. All products were consumables but this was an industry which was also demanding cost-cutting and hence required lot of brick-walling of market share and at the same time had to develop lot of new businesses...Handled Key accounts(Direct Sales) in North India..Sales Handled: 400 Lacs to 600 Lacs..

This tenure coincided with Recession and Auto Industry was badly hit...but I realized no matter how much new business I develop the incremental sales were marginal for the effort put in..Moreover, I was still not getting any International Exposure decided to look at other options..

Joined another Company,a Japanese Trading MNC (Not commodities) and got the opportunity to develop business from scratch for a sister company in the group..Right from mapping the market, studying competitors, Where the customer are headed...did everything.. Developed new business worth 3.5 M US$ in span of 2 years with a major Order from Steel company...Was so immersed in this business that I wanted to set up a JV of this co with an Indian steel company and create a win-win situation and get access to new markets in Europe...Made a presentation to top management but somehow things did not work out as there was change in management at sister company...
Got opportunity to develop new business with company in USA for supplier from Japan and later on was handpicked to look at Partners for potential sister company in Japan to collaborate with Indian company in transportation sector..Got lot of opportunity to travel to Japan, US and Singapore and work with teams across the SE Asia..

In this Organization, at various points in time, I worked in Steel, Solar, Transportation,Water and Automotive..

This experience has broadened my scope and now I want to develop on this by moving into consulting role specializing Setting up Business in India, Growth Strategy,Business Model and much more...

Note: I don't have an MBA yet and the fight is on... :)

Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: December 4th, 2014, 4:29 pm
by rahulspaliwal

Could you please do my profile evaluation:
Name: Rahul Singh
Age: 36 Years
Profile summary
- Undergrad:Mumbai, Langauge topper
- Grad: Mumbai University, GPA: 5/10, computers
- PMP Certified
- CPIM Certified

Leadership/Community Involvement
- 12 years (7 years in India, 1 year in US and 3 Year in Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and Australia) of Information Technology (IT) and business management experience across various Industry verticals including CPG, Manufacturing, supply chain Finance, ESM&R.
- Lead 26 Business Implementations in a span of 10 years across 8 countries.
- Rose from a Programmer in VB to business consulting manager South EAST Asia in 8 years
- Developed and Managed Shared services practice for a major cola company
- Managed Programs for a Major North American ERP Vendor
- Setup ERP Consulting Business practice for India.
- Lead team of 10 People for 8 years

- CPIM Top 10
- CMA Top 10
- Interested in speaking/debating, won many competitions in school

Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: December 30th, 2014, 11:04 am
by Ecstacy31
I am a computer science engineer working in an IT company as a software engineer in Bengaluru having 3 years of experience. I am thinking of pursuing MBA as I want to change my profile to a managerial role but I don't have any experience in the same. I have started my preparations for CAT 2015 and has enrolled in a coaching institute. By the time I go for CAT next year, I will be completing 4 years of corporate experience. Kindly suggest if it will be good if I go for CAT next year and join some college with 4.5 years of experience and what will be the future prospects after course completion. Or should I go for 1 year regular MBA or executive MBA or GMAT. Kindly guide.

Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: January 4th, 2015, 11:30 am
by dreamingBIG
Hello Amit..

First of all.. I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year :)

Now, coming to the main purpose of this post ... a profile evaluation request. Though I am more than 100% sure that mine is not at all a fit in its current state. However, I intend to get your guidance in how to make my profile/myself suitable for a consulting job (if at all that is a possibility). I assure you that I have a very strong determination and with proper guidance I can do whatever it takes :)

OK, so here are the details :

Work Ex : 10 years (3.5 years of overseas experience @ client location : Apple Inc. in California)
Industry : IT services
Company : TCS
Education : B.E in Computer Science. ( Selected in IIML IPMX program starting from April 2015)
Profile : Primarily of Software Testing, with some little stints of Automation, but mostly manual/functional testing (saddest/weakest part of my profile but unfortunately I was stuck in this for 10 long years)

As mentioned above, I will be starting with my 1 yearMBA from IIML in April 2015. I am glad that I took this step though a bit upset as well for taking it a tad too late. But still am hopeful of a brighter and more fulfilling future. While exploring the different career paths post MBA, I started digging into consulting option and read your introductory posts.

Please advise, on how should I prepare and what all should I know to land up a good job in Managament/Strategy consulting. Also, if it is possible or not in the first place?
Also, please suggest if I could do something useful in these 3 months before the MBA starts to make my profile stonger ( any books or certifications)?
Even after joining MBA, what should be my focus on, what kind of electives to chose, etc.

Do let me know in case you need any other details.

Re: Management Consultant Jobs on your mind?

Posted: January 7th, 2015, 11:55 am
by rahilkp01
Since I am final year MBA student. Want to have career in Top Management Consultant Firms. So what are the steps I have to follow to reach Global Financial Services Consultants Firms? And how to start with my career planning.