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6 Things to help you manage the MBA madness - India Today (Aspire)

Posted: December 24th, 2017, 6:14 pm
by MBACrystalBall
India's leading magazine India Today invited me to share some tips with their readers on making the most of the MBA experience. This article was published in the education section in December 2017.

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Six things that will help you wade through the management madness with ease
Sameer Kamat, Founder,, Mumbai

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA degree, it is important that you make a list of vital points you need to consider before taking up what might be the most intense, nerve-wracking and gruelling phase of your career. You will need introspection, planning and execution tips to understand and survive through the B-school journey.

Start with your goals

What exactly you want from the degree? A better understanding of the business world, an influential network, a career change, or a shot at elite firms such as McKinsey and Goldman Sachs? Don't assume you can get that clarity after you start the programme. Address the big questions before you begin.

Identify the right school

Start off by looking at institutions where your target firms recruit. That'll improve your odds considerably, rather than being in a non-feeder school that isn't on your dream company's radar. Focus on other aspects such as geography, class size, climate, fees, and placement statistics.

Connect with current students

It's not sufficient to read the official website and brochures. They are essentially the B-school's marketing channels, so expect a generous amount of sugar coating. When you connect with current students, you'll get a better view from the ringside. Ask them not only about the nice things that get highlighted in the official marketing content, but also what they aren't happy about.

Plan your finances

Think about how much you can afford from your savings, how much you can borrow and the education loan you would need to cover the gap. If return on investments is important, aim for programmes where chances of getting scholarships are high.

Theory is good, practise is better

What separates the MBA degree from many others is that there's a lot of practical value that you can squeeze out of it. Familiarise yourself with the basic theory before the class so you can focus more on its practical applications. You'll be better prepared to contribute during case study discussions. Seize as many learning opportunities as you can outside the class, even if they aren't graded.

Network and promote yourself

You'll have many opportunities to rub shoulders with the who's who of various industries who will undoubtedly come over to the campus for seminars, workshops or informal meet-n-greet sessions. Do your homework before you reach out to them. Ask intelligent questions so that they remember you when you later reconnect via their human resource teams.

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