Contact MBA Crystal Ball

How to contact MBA Crystal Ball

The best way to contact MBA Crystal Ball is to send across an email. We generally respond within the same day. Here’s our email ID:

info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

MBA Crystal Ball has been in business for close to a decade and helped tens of thousands of applicants in a formal and informal capacity. With that context, we thought we wouldn’t have to create a Contact Us page. But here we are, since some folks told us they weren’t sure how to connect with us.

In case you decide to contact us, here’s an FAQ that might save you and us some time and effort.

What is the office address?

If you look at the way most of the top admissions consulting companies in the world operate, you’ll find that one thing in common. They all follow a virtual operating model. That’s how MBA Crystal ball works as well.

What that means is that you can be located anywhere in the world and still be able to work with our small and highly specialized team of top admission consultants. There is no need to walk into a physical office.

We communicate over email and phone.

What phone number can I call on?

Unlike other consulting teams that have a regular corporate structure, MBA Crystal Ball does not have a marketing department or a dedicated individual to take up calls. Which is why we prefer having the initial discussions over email. That allows one of our consultants to respond directly rather than have you deal with support staff.

Once both sides are convinced that there’s a mutual fit between the help you need from us and what we can do for you, we’d be happy to get into a call to thrash out the details.

For breaking the ice, good ol’ email works best.

I’ve heard MBA Crystal Ball turns down many consulting requests each year. What can I do to get a positive response?

It’s true that we are not able to accept every single candidate who asks for help. While the volume of applicants approaching us has shot up over the years, our team size is still incredibly small.

And that’s by design, since we didn’t want to convert MBC into a factory churning out applications mechanically. We value our boutique, personalized approach to application strategies and execution.

Here’s what you can do to get a positive response from us:

  • Don’t send us an email on impulse. Spend some time on our website to understand who we are, what we do and how we work. We assume you are looking for professional, personalized (and paid!) support if you are reaching out over email.
  • We are unlikely to answer general or speculative queries related to test prep, visa, program selection, profile evaluation, funding. We’ve tackled almost all the basic questions any newbie might have about studying abroad on our blog.
  • Be clear about where you are in the process and specific about what help you need from us. Mention your personal details in the email and structure it well. Rambling doesn’t help.
  • Don’t include any attachments in the email unless we ask for it.
  • Don’t bcc us along with 20 other teams just to save time. Follow basic email etiquette. If you don’t make us feel special, we have no obligation to return the favour, right?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you missed it above, here’s our email ID again:

info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com