Most useless degrees

If you have completed high school and are wondering which major to take up for your degree program in order to land a stable job, take some time to decide. While many degrees, particularly some that are a part of STEM, may guarantee you work, some degrees may not be so “hot” in the job … Read more

Undergraduate Bachelors in India or Abroad

“Going abroad for your undergraduate degree?” It is still an eyebrow raising feat when talking about fresh out of high-school, recent board exam fatigued, students in India. Indian parents, especially the molly-coddling kind, have been known to not let their apples fall an inch farther from their backyards. …Or so you would think. The current … Read more

How can international students get full scholarships?

Money, or the lack of it, doesn’t have to puncture your dream of studying abroad. Universities, colleges, private organizations, and governments of many countries offer various types of full scholarships to international students. Scholarships are granted based mainly on your country of residence, age, academic major, and eligibility. The trick is to do adequate research … Read more