Best Entrepreneurship MBA Programs in the top business schools

Entrepreneurship ranks high on the careers list of ambitious folks who want the flexibility and the freedom of managing their own business ventures. Managing a startup is the best way to pool in all the knowledge picked up in a top Bschool. In this guest post for MBA Crystal Ball, Nupur Gupta covers the best MBA programs for entrepreneurs and the excellent resources they offer. There’s a lot of information in there (including useful links for further reading), so bookmark the page and digest the data slowly.

Top Entrepreneurship MBA: Business schools with entrepreneurial resources
by Nupur Gupta

Wharton MBA - Nupur Gupta

In recent times, there has been an increased interest in entrepreneurship – the global financial crisis and rise of tech startups being in no small part responsible for this change in sentiment.
As a result, we have seen a lot of student interest in MBA programs with strong resources for Entrepreneurship. Therefore, the next two posts will be dedicated to this topic.

In today’s post, we will explore resources for entrepreneurship at 5 schools. In the interest of brevity, we will not look at each and every resource in detail but list them with the requisite links in one place to give a comparative idea between schools.

The schools that we will look at are:
Stanford, Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT, U.C. Berkeley – Haas

Stanford MBA

Stanford #1 #2 #3
Organizations & Resources Center for Entrepreneurial Studies  (see website here) Stanford Technology Ventures Program (see website here) Stanford Entrepreneurship Network (see website here)
Programs & Projects Entrepreneurial Summer Program Experiential Projects working with entrepreneurs (see website here) Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (see website here)
Competitions Stanford Entrepreneur’s Challenge ($150k prize money) via BASES (see website here)
Clubs Entrepreneurship Club High Tech Club
Events Entrepreneurship Week Berkeley Stanford Cleantech Conference GSB Conference on Entrepreneurship*
Select Courses Managing Growing Enterprises (see website here) Social Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Women

* Part of Entrepreneurship Week

Harvard Business School (HBS MBA)

Harvard #1 #2 #3
Organizations & Resources Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship (see website here) Student Resource Center California Research Center (see website here)
Programs & Projects Entrepreneurship-oriented Field Study Venture Creation Program Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program (see website here)
Competitions Business Plan Contest ($80k prize money)
Clubs Entrepreneurship Club (see website here)
Events Entrepreneurship Conference
Select Courses The Entrepreneurial Manager* Doing Business in China (see website here) Entrepreneurship in Education Reform

* Required course for all MBA students

Wharton MBA

Wharton #1 #2 #3
Organizations & Resources Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs Wharton Small Business Development Center (see website here) Center for Technology Transfer (see website here)
Programs & Projects Venture Initiation Program Entrepreneur In Residence Program
Competitions Business Plan Competition ($100k prize money)
Clubs Wharton Entrepreneurship Club Technology Club Wharton PE & VC Club (see website here)
Events Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference Wharton PE & VC Conference (see website here)
Select Courses Venture Capital & The Finance of Innovation Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship Product Design & Development


MIT Sloan #1 #2 #3
Organizations & Resources Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development MIT Entrepreneurship Review (see website here)
Programs & Projects* Entrepreneurship & Innovation Track Entrepreneurs In Residence Program MIT Global Startup Workshop (see website here)
Competitions MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition (see website here) MIT Clean Energy Prize (see website here) MIT Ideas Global Challenge (see website here)
Clubs MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club (see website here) MIT Sloan Business Club
Events MIT VC Conference
Courses Future Medical Technologies Introduction to Technological Entrepreneurship Development of Mechanical Products

* Also includes Founders’ Skills Accelerator

Berkeley Haas MBA

Berkeley – Haas #1 #2 #3
Organizations & Resources Lester Center for Entrepreneurship Startup@Berkeley
Programs & Projects* Berkeley Entrepreneurs’ Forum Best Practices Series Life as an Entrepreneur
Competitions** Startup Competition (see website here) Global Social Venture Competition Intel Global Challenge (see website here)
Clubs Haas Entrepreneurs’ Association (see website here) Berkeley Solutions Group (see website here)
Events Berkeley Stanford Cleantech Conference (see website here) Berkeley Finance Conference
Courses Opportunity Recognition: Technology & Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley Marketing for High Tech Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology

* Also includes Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable, EA Makers Meetup, Berkeley Lab Tours, Berkeley Collaboration Mixers (see details here)

** Also includes Venture Capital Investment Competition)

Some observations:

  • All of the schools covered here are ranked for their Entrepreneurial programs in U.S. News’ rankings (see website here)
  • All of the schools have centers for entrepreneurship
  • All of the schools have a club for entrepreneurship and peripheral clubs which are related in some way or the other
  • Most schools have business plan competitions in some shape or form. While Stanford GSB does not have its own business plan, students can participate in the one sponsored by BASES
  • In terms of coursework, schools do differ with some schools focusing more on Technology, others focusing on Product Development and so on. This could be a differentiator in making the choice
  • Access to VCs could be a consideration
  • The geographical location for the venture could be another consideration (as an example, for technology ventures, west coast may make sense whereas for certain ventures focused on fashion, NY might be the place to go)

In Part 2 of the series, we will look at:

  1. Selected startups that have been impacted by graduates from these schools
  1. How graduates involved with these startups used resources available at school to aid them in their entrepreneurial journeys

Nupur Gupta is an admissions consultant and the Founder of Crack The MBA. She graduated from the full-time MBA program at The Wharton School in 2010 with majors in Entrepreneurship and Finance. Nupur obtained her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology in Upstate New York.
If you want to get in touch with her, drop us a note on: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

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