MBA essay writing tips for Indian MBA Applicants: Part 1

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Writing MBA essays can be tough. Writing it for an Admissions officer who may not have an indepth idea about Indian business is tougher. There are pre-conceived notions that can work against you if you don’t address them clearly in your MBA essays.

In a guest series, our good friend Jon Frank, founder of Precision Essay, offers MBA essay tips on what Indian MBA applicants can do to create the best MBA essays within the given constraints (the tough indian IT male applicant pool) and increase their odds of making a positive impact on the MBA application reviewer.

Here’s the full series:
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MBA Essay Tips: Part 1

Five (Perhaps Surprising) Things that Indians MUST do in their MBA Applications

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years as CEO of Precision Essay, it’s that Indians face some unique challenges when applying to US business schools. Things like cultural differences, standing out from the crowded pack, proving you’ve got what it takes to succeed both in b-school and beyond, and many more. These things, if you’re not prepared to overcome them, will leave your applications dead on arrival.

And what’s the best way to prepare? Well, to start, it’s to know what those challenges are.

That’s what I’m here for. My company has done over 10,000 MBA applications over the years, many from India, so we know a thing or 1,000 about helping Indian applicants gain admission to the top b-schools in the world. We know what the adcoms are looking for and we know how to help YOU give it to them.

And I’m going to share some of that insight with you. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you the 5 things that all Indians MUST do in their MBA applications in order to succeed. So, let’s get to number one, shall we?

#1: Undo the adcom’s preconceptions about India

The following may not be true. I don’t believe them. You don’t believe them. But oftentimes, the adcoms DO believe them. And for the sake of your MBA applications, that’s all that matters. So it’s your job to make sure that whatever you write in your essays or bake into your resume, it proves these things to be false:

– Outsourcing: “Indians are not high-level thinkers.” They’re not creative, and they’re more eager to follow than to lead creatively.

– Very local perspective, not international. “Indians are not exposed to the kinds of things they might see at an elite MBA program.” There is the fear that when Indians arrive on campus, they will not fit in, will not integrate well, etc.

– Very DIFFERENT from what we have in the US. Very foreign, and very different. And that scares people. So make the adcom believe that you can see the world from a WESTERN perspective!

You must work to UNDO these pre-and mis-conceptions! That’s the first and maybe even the most important step in your application process.

Come back next week for the second thing all Indians must do in their MBA applications.

Next post: MBA Essay Tip #2: Don’t be so quick to throw away the tech background.

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