Beyond The MBA Hype – Book Trailer (Pre-release)

Beyond The MBA Hype

My MBA book titled ‘Beyond The MBA Hype‘ will be released soon. It’s aimed at working professionals, students, parents, applicants and anyone who thinks an MBA is a magic wand that can set things right.

While most of the other MBA books in the market tell you how to crack the admissions process and walk into the world of high-paying glamorous jobs, this one will prompt you to step back and ask yourself if this is the path you should be following, when there are far more easier, cheaper and less-risky options to achieve the same goals.

Read this before you spend a single rupee on GMAT prep, B-school applications, consultants (yup, including us). It might just save you 50 lakh rupees and 2 years of your productive life.

Ok, serious part over. Now for some fun. Here’s a book trailer to test whether your RoI calculations are up to the mark. It’s a tongue-in-cheek attempt to create a fun video. No offense meant. So please view it in the lighter vein.

The voice-over is in Hindi as it goes with the concept (apologies to those who don’t understand Hindi, we’ll create something in English soon). Ensure you’ve got your speakers turned on.

So, what you you think? Liked it, hated it? Any ideas that you think might have worked better here? Give us some inspiration for the next video.

Any creative ones out there (specially those who thought the concept was cheesy, amateurish and sucked big time) skilled at creating videos, animation, recording music, or anything else that can go on to YouTube, give us a holler. We’ll give you a bigger audience.

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Sameer Kamat //
Sameer Kamat
Founder of MBA Crystal Ball. Author of Beyond The MBA Hype & Business Doctors. Here's more about me. Connect with me on Google+ | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

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  1. Srikanth says:

    Fantastic promotional ad – Kaun Banega MBA. Cheers.

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