Entrepreneur & MBA aspirant Shipra’s 5-C Model

Entrepreneur MBA applicant Shipra

We generally don’t post testimonials on the blog, though we do have a bunch of them on our main site. But this one is a little hat-ke and we thought we should share it with you.

When Shipra was revelling in her euphoric post MBA MAP phase, we asked her if she’s be willing to share some feedback about her experience.

We’ve already got several feel-good testimonials (all genuine, by the way) on our MBA Crystal Ball Facebook page. So we thought Shipra would do something similar.

Instead, what we got was an elaborate 5-C Model that could give Michael Porter (and his 5-Force Analysis Strategy Framework) a run for his money.

My 5-C Model for MBA Application Strategy

Shipra Baranwal

The MBA Mock Application Process has truly been an insightful experience. I will sum up my experience in 5 C’s of the Crystal Ball MAP.

1. From confusion to clarity
After a GMAT score in hand, I spent several sleepless nights assesing and re-assesing myself as to where I stand in the MBA race. The MAP assesed me on unambigious parameters and gave me a clear understanding of where I stand and what is the stamina I need to build up to finish the marathon. Not only has the process given me answers to a lot of questions but also given me clarity of thought about the approach to find answers and cleared away clouds of confusion.

2. Choices Vs Chances
The process analyses individual profiles in great depth. Also churns out data of business schools keeping in mind the best fit for you. It has taught me the difference between making choices versus taking chances. I have devised a logical and a rational approach to making choices.

3. Connecting the dots
I like the comprehensive structure of the process. It is designed to allow each one of us to look deeper within ourselves.The self evaluation, essays and the mock interview all have taught me to connect the dots. At first glance it looked very easy to pen down 150 words on the essays, it actually took me two days to connect with myself and think about my true failure in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of digging into my innerself and doing some self intro spection. I dont remember when is the last time I spent time just thinking and connecting with myself.

4. Continuity in communication
I had been speaking to a lot of people about my MBA plans, yet it was a different experience when I first spoke with Sameer (much before I wrote the GMAT). His insights are realistic above all he is more like a mentor who helps you understand what is best for you. Amidst this entire chaos and daunting task of figuring out which schools/programs suit me best, I have found immense comfort that Sameer is just a phone call/ email away to answer all my queries. Thankyou Sameer for your prompt replies to my emails(in matter of minutes),listening patiently to all the questions that I threw at you like connubile missiles and always answering my concerns without keeping any time bound frame.

5. Crystal Ball experience
The MAP truly worked like a crystal ball allowing me to peek into my own future. It allowed me to tap into my own sub-conscious and discover hidden knowledge. It revealed information about issues concerning my future and has enabled me take corrective actions.

Thank you for all the help and support.


Btw, Facebook’s 1000 character limit was not sufficient to do justice to Shipra’s 5-C framework. So she’s pasted a smaller, edited version of the MBA MAP testimonial out there.

If you look beyond the alliteration, do you see a potential MBA in Marketing student (or maybe teacher) in this post?

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  1. Ranjeet Singh says:

    Thankyou Sameer for your prompt replies to my emails(in matter of minutes),listening patiently to all the questions that I threw at you like con nubile……..

    Truly Sameer is just an email away and answers all your questions in a fraction of sec (Sameer, be prepared to get more of mail after this :)….)…I myself get embarrassed to ask so many questions…and all that for free!!!!!!

  2. kavya Sadhu says:

    Hi Sameer, I’ve chosen MBA to see myself as an Entrepreneur. I wanna know which specialization is preferable for that,

  3. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Kavya: Here’s why many bschool grads may never launch a startup.

    You’d be better off starting your business first, on a small scale, to test the waters and see where it goes.

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