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CollegeKumar is back! For those who don’t know him, he had written a guest post for us about GMAT Preparation Tips that actually make sense. Then he disappeared from the scene, only to re-surface on another post (10 bschools to have on your radar). Unfortunately, those comments ended up ruffling a few feathers. After seeing the backlash, Shri Kumar decided it was time to calm the nerves and emotions a little. Read on for his recommendations on 5 movies every MBA applicant must watch.

I was worried about Thalaivar’s health last week. But I trust Singapore hospitals more than my mom’s Sambhar rice. And Rajni Sir will live to dye his hair another day.

When I was a studious engineering student, I had a roommate who was always disturbing me by watching English movies with full volume. But despite myself studying five days at a stretch without sleeping (taking only curd rice breaks), he would outscore me in exams. I spent the next two weeks at Ayappa temple trying to understand the imbalance of fortune.

Then I realised that he could be learning fundas from movies. Then I stopped watching Sun TV for a week and started watching some movies with him. I learnt a lot.

Here, I have a list of must watch movies for MBAs which will help them understand some management funda’s

1) Wallstreet (1987): This Oliver Stone classic gives you an insight into stock broking and insider trading. Though not as good as ‘Thangams guide for dummy stockbrokers’, it’s still an interesting insight into the busy world of stock trading. It will also give you a brief insight into insider trading and why it is not a great idea to stray on the wrong side of the law.

2) Yojimbo (1961): If business is a war, this masterpiece by Akira Kurosawa gives you great insight into strategy. As a masterful Ronin, Sanjuro uses all the wit and wisdom (a.k.a management strategy) to bring peace to a harassed village.

3) Fight club (1999): Probably the most (ir)relevant movie for our generation, especially when everybody is running for first place in the rat race, this movie is a breath of fresh air. An iconic script adapted by a Chuck Palahniuk novel of the same name, this was quite controversial at the time of its release. Highly recommended.

4) Up in the air (2009): Ladies. This movie stars George Clooney. Enough said. For the rest of the janta, a black comedy about change, the busy lifestyle of consultants and worst case scenarios. A great watch, though my consultant friends disagree that it affects their lifestyle. Do watch the closing credits as well.

5) Exit through the gift shop (2010): Ok my politically correct friends. I admit this is a documentary about street art (Pan spit art does not count as street art, unless you just created a Mona Lisa Rouge. And no. Your dog is not a street artist). But this provides some great management lessons in the era of viral marketing and ruthless self promotion. It is a factual satire.

Of course, Richard Branson saw ‘Basha’ when he was 12 and went on to start the group of virgins. So can you.

Enjaay the movies when you can.

All ye who understood 100% of this article, please raise your hand. For the others who are scratching their heads, CollegeKumar is now accepting questions…and as always, he’s open to thank-you notes, matrimonial invites or good ol’ fashioned indecent proposals.

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  1. Roshni says:

    I would add the Cinderella Man. I know it isnt business related but it is a perfect story of perserverance, which every one who has gone through GMAT prep,admissions process or for that matter life needs to factor in.

  2. CollegeKumar says:

    Hi Roshni,
    Cindrella Man is indeed a great choice.
    Perseverance is something everybody needs to achieve their dreams, because in the real world not everybody can win at the first shot.

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