MBA Admissions Consulting Reviews: Post-worthy Client Testimonial

They say that a happy customer stays silent while an unhappy customer tells 10 people. But sometimes it’s also nice to have a happy client tell 100 others.

In our case, many of the clients who’ve taken up our MBA Admissions Consulting services have called us up to express their gratitude, but many have chosen to be silent when it comes to posting MBA consultant reviews on public forums.

Most of them are modest and don’t like indulging in PDA (Public Display of…umm…Admiration). But occasionally we do get those who don’t mind sharing their thoughts openly, so others looking for similar services can benefit.

We got one such nice testimonial on the BusinessWeek forum [Edit: This forum is defunct now] from a candidate who got into multiple top schools with scholarships.

Pasting this MBA consultant review for MBA Crystal Ball services verbatim. This is a genuine comment from a genuine candidate. Any resemblance to the Shopping Network TV ads (‘Main pehle bohot pareshan thaa, phir mujhe mila Baba Sameeranand ka chamatkari MBA Mock-Application Process‘) is purely coincidental.

Hello everyone…

I have used Sameer’s MBA Crystal Ball report, and I wanted to share my experience with you all…

About eight months back, I was disheartened… my applications in 2009-10 had returned me abysmal results, with no interview from a single place. I had started questioning my every move. That’s when I felt, I was getting it wrong somewhere and felt I needed an expert help.

I had been following Sameer’s posts then and used to find his observations interesting. I learned about his MBA MAP and felt I should give it a try – and since it’s so wonderfully priced – I didn’t think much and ordered it.

In my initial calls with Sameer, he gathered all relevant information about my background. He patiently heard me and got a complete picture about where I was coming from, my goals etc. This was then promptly (within a day) followed by his famous MBA MAP report.

The report revealed that the places I had previously applied to where ALL ambitious or stretch for me. I immediately realized that if I addressed this aspect, I will surely get better results this time.

The report was followed up by an hour long call where Sameer addressed all my questions, doubts, inhibitions…you name it! In the call, we also created a model portfolio of schools I should be applying to. Again, I was struck by the information he carries, his keenness to address all your doubts, and most importantly – his eagerness to see you succeed…!

During the subsequent months, I more or less stuck to the portfolio we had created.

Today, I have got admits from 2 Top MBA programs (both with scholarships) and am waitlisted at 2 other Top schools. Sameer’s MBA MAP has played a crucial role in my improved performance.

I would highly recommend that you use the MBA MAP. It will be the first important step of your application journey. A step that will lead you to the right direction. A step that will make the rest of your journey, easier…and more productive.

Now, can you do your own research and come to the same conclusion that Sameer’s MAP report would suggest??? Sure…Only, by using the MAP, you will save about 6 crucial months of your application process.

And Sameer, a request to you: keep the price at its current affordable levels…I’m sure far more candidates would benefit that way. And, thank you – as always – for your help…!

Achhaa lagta hai, naa, to get this kind of an MBA consultant review? Hope to seen many more (silent or published) success stories this season.

If you are as confused about the MBA application strategy as our friend was, get in touch with MBA Crystal Ballinfo [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com.

This is the right time to initiate the MBA mock-application process so you are in good shape with your overall application storyline (MBA Essays, recommendations, post-MBA career goals) and ready to tackle Round 1 deadlines confidently.

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Sameer Kamat //
Sameer Kamat
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  1. Anuhna says:


    I’ve just recently stumbled over your blog and website and have been glued to it ever since. From all the other posts, I think you deserve all the nice words showered on you. :-)

    I’m interested in your MBA mock application report too. However, there are certain questions I would like to ask before signing up. Also I couldn’t find the place to sign up this product on your website.

    Hoping you could shed some light on how best to approach you for my doubts and how to sign up for the product.(PS: If possible, it would be great if I could get a mail of your reply too. Just incase I miss this page again. I check my mail more regularly.)


    • Sameer says:


      Thank you for your kind words.

      Like all buried and hidden treasures, we think (and Ali Baba would agree with this philosophy) anything of value should be made difficult to obtain.

      So we make it tough for people to sign up or find our contact information. For instance, in the post above we’ve strategically concealed our email and phone number towards the end of the post.

  2. Aakriti says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I really liked your all the articles and its so inspiring. Firstly i would like to say thanks for creating such an awesome forum. You are really doing a great job.

    I was suppose to do my MBA this year but due to my academics score, couldn’t get into good colleges.

    Can u please analyze my profile and let me know that would i be able to get into good colleges ??

    Age -23
    Class Xth – 49% from cbse
    Class XIIth – 63% from cbse – 75 % from Jain University Bangalore. completed in 2014
    Experience – 1 year of Experienced in KPMG as an Audit Associate. ( june 2014-june 2015)

    After this i took a break for preparation of MBA entrance exam. I wrote CAT , XAT & NMIM entrance exam. I couldn’t score good percentile in these entrance exam. After this i got a call from few good university’s but dint get selected for any of them. Now i am planning to do MBA from abroad. Beacause i always wanted to have a global exposure. But i have a doubt that will i able to get admission in top colleges even if i score good in GMAT.

    My academics scores are too low. I know i have committed a big mistake by taking a break for 1 year. At last i end up getting nothing.
    I really need your help at this point.

  3. Sameer Kamat says:

    Hi Aakriti, I agree with you that it was a wrong decision to leave work to study for entrance exams, since it stays on the resume forever. Not much that can be done about it.

    However, what’s important now is to stop worrying about spilt milk and think about what you can do going forward.

    The one thing that is of utmost importance when it comes to GMAT MBA programs is your work experience. Right now it is quite low. Rushing into international degrees at this stage will put the whole focus on your academic grades, the break, and the low experience level.

    Might be better to hold on to your horses and focus on building a stronger profile with some impressive accomplishments.

    • Aakriti says:

      Hey Sameer, Thank you for such a quick response. You are right that i need to build my strong profile. Apart from this i wanted to mention few things about my job. I got into KPMG through campus placement. I took this job because of brand name. later on i realised that particular job was not meant for me. Because of that i left my job. Than i thought of doing MBA. I dint have clear picture in my mind that why i wanted to do MBA.

      My long term aim is to start my own business and help people. For that i need to build my leadership skills and knowledge about market.Can u suggest me what should i do now.

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