MBA Essays: Writing your masterpieces, when should you start?

For many MBA applicants, MBA essay writing and in fact, the entire MBA application process, right from GMAT preparation to business school selection to writing MBA essays is one big sequential process. From a pure planning perspective, viewing it like a linear process might simplify it. But from a timeline perspective, you might end up pushing too many important things closer to the MBA application deadlines for many schools. Here’s why you should start thinking about the iterative process of MBA essay writing and editing early.

Your high level story will remain the same (we hope) irrespective of the schools you have on your list. The specific essays for each school might change and that would mean you evaluate the best way of presenting your stories to address the topics in those MBA essays. It doesn’t matter if schools have not released their essays for the next season. The percentage of change in the MBA essays across years is usually small for many schools. So even if it means a little rework that you’ll need to do for the new essays, it’s still worthwhile working on the essays from last year. You’ll have many other things to run after (like transcripts, recos), so keep time for that as well.

If this is the first year of applying to MBA programs, the subjectivity of MBA essays can take you unawares. You might realize you don’t have answers for all those points and it’s good to become aware of those gaps right now rather than get a rude shock closer to the application deadlines.

So if you haven’t done so already, start thinking about the high level story, check out the essay topics for a few schools on your list and start drafting rough essays that will address those points. For your convenience, we have got high-level MBA essay writing tips for a few top business schools on the right panel. If you get stuck with any of them we are always there to help.

Start becoming familiar with the ‘personality’ of each business school. You’ll be working hard to woo them very soon.

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