GMAT Coaching and preparation tips that make you go Duh!

You see them on many GMAT coaching and test preparation guidance sites that come in all shapes, sizes and colours (btw, Happy Holi). Some of the sites have good practical advice while a whole lot of them come up with gems that make you go…hmmm, not so elementary Dr Watson.

Here’s a sampling of some often-beaten-to-death GMAT test preparation tips that might seem familiar.

Pace yourself well through test
And just to clarify, we aren’t talking about treadmills or spot-jogging.

Practice a lot before you take the real test
This is just to discourage those who were planning to explore the wonderful world of Computer Adaptive Testing on the day of the test.

Corollary: Understand the GMAT format before you take the plunge
As Homer Simpson would react – Doh!

Don’t waste your time during the test
Which roughly translates to: no ogling at the babe on the next computer, no Sudoku practice and definitely no push-ups to firm up your pectoral muscles. All that can wait till you’ve completed the test.

Get enough rest before the exam
What that means is you need to avoid highly strenuous activities the night before that involve shilajit, Musli power extra or other stimulants that start with V and end up at Agra.

Avoid distractions and focus on your PC
Interpretation: Avoid looking at the answers being selected by the guy-on-the-adjacent-PC. His answers (or for that matter, questions) will not be the same as yours.

Be alert during the test
Don’t leave your footwear at the door. You’ll spend lesser time worrying (about whether the guy who completed the course before you will walk away with your new Reeboks) and more time focussing on the test.

Wear comfortable clothes for the test
Meaning: No Batman, Superman or any other superhero costumes that involve wearing outwear before innerwear.

Keep your cool and don’t panic
Easier said than done. Taking umpteen mock tests is one thing, the actual test is a completely different beast.

Most websites resort to a little bit of fluff and padding here and there to beef up their content and gain some critical mass (and to be fair, we confess that we might have done that to an extent as well). But when the fluff exceeds the real useful content, it’s time to move on to another site.

Have you come across any such advice that made you wonder who it was meant for?

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