ISB Hyderabad Blues: Indian School of Business MBA admissions

ISB Hyderabad (Indian School of Business) is a dream destination for many Indian MBA applicants. Read this article: Indian MBA (ISB hyderabad) vs International MBA.

But year after year, as ISB continues to make rapid strides and gain accolades across the world, the local competition gets more intense as wide-eyed aspirants wonder how to get into ISB Hyderabad. While there are several inspiring ISB success stories, there are a whole lot of rejection stories as well.

When 2011’s ISB Round 2 results were rolled out on Valentine’s day (actually the day after, to be technically correct), there were a lot of broken hearts. Riaz was one of those hopefuls who wasn’t in the list of lucky applicants.

How to deal with NOT getting into ISB Hyderabad / Mohali

ISB Hyderabad MBA Indian School of Business RiazMy name is Riaz. I am one of the many applicants whom ISB rejected in R2 admission process for Class of ’12. Throughout the admission process, I had a chance to get to know a lot of brilliant people, and many of them weren’t offered admission by ISB.

I have listened to them say that all the time and effort has gone waste, the ego has taken a beating, and failure such as this is definitely unacceptable in life. For many of them who’ve read about the ISB placements, jobs & salaries it was a golden non-returnable ticket towards success.

Generally, those who apply to ISB do apply based on their self-confidence, and on personal and professional accomplishments. Average age of the applicant pool is around 28-29, and I’m sure that there won’t be a lot in 1.4 billion people in India who have managed to do what we have done by the age of 28.

We studied, earned our job and developed the habit of dreaming big. ISB is not even in the picture. So if I think that ISB and only ISB will help me to achieve my goals, I wouldn’t do justice to my 27 years of existence.

ISB, or for that matter, any management institute is not the place where you find or strike gold. No institute can give you that magic potion that gives you the power of Midas touch. I feel really bad and sorry for people who say, “ISB is one place where all my dreams will come true.

If I don’t get there I will be a failure…” Seems like they are more than willing to put too much faith on something that hasn’t been part of their life as yet but not on their achievements and endeavors that have made them the kind of person they are now.

I like this quote about Manchester United, “Man Utd don’t lose; they just run out of time.” The same is applicable to us mortals too. We don’t lose. We just run out of time to finish certain endeavors and journeys. And that doesn’t make us a loser.

Think of ISB as a place where you learn to be a goldsmith; and if you are already a goldsmith then how to become a better one; or as a few might be, to go from blacksmith to goldsmith (career changers).

ISB can’t give you gold; but it will definitely help you to find your gold and teach you how to make things out of it. Now what to make out of the gold, it is entirely up to you.

It is your life, and no one can mould it for you. And for all those alchemists out there, trying to become a goldsmith is going down a notch.

For those who feel that the application process has been a time waste, think about the last time when you sat down to think deeply about what you’ve done with your life and where your life is taking you?

When was the last time you truly understood your strengths and weaknesses?

When was the last time you created a list to improve your skills?

When was the last time you had a chance to meet people with whom you shared your passion?

When was the last time you spent days and nights in something you truly love to do?

If the answer to any of these questions is “MBA application”, then, my friend, you definitely haven’t wasted your time.

– Riaz

Every cloud has a silver lining. Riaz got into Georgia University Terry MBA – Full scholarship with stipend.

If you’d like to read a story with a happy ending, check out Bodhi’s ISB success story.

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13 thoughts on “ISB Hyderabad Blues: Indian School of Business MBA admissions”

  1. hey any one who culd tell me 10th ,12th & graduation marks matters for admission in ISB or is it all about gmat score??????

  2. Ankur,

    Almost all the good GMAT-based programs (including ISB) accept applications from people with experience. So 10th and 12th marks are too old. The focus is more on the last degree you’ve got (bachelors or masters) and your GMAT score.

    But it’s also not ‘all about the GMAT score’. Your work-experience and managerial/leadership potential will get evaluated as well.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Nishant,

    Riaz may not be checking this post any more as it’s quite old. We’ll try to reach out to him and see if he’d be interested in answering questions like these on our discussion forum. It’s easier to get new post notifications on the forum than on blogs. So we’ve moved the action there. Check out the Business Schools forum for other schools that have been represented.

    Btw, I’ve updated the concluding comments for Riaz’s post to link to his happy ending story. he got into Terry MBA (Georgia) with a full-scholarship and a stipend as well.

  4. Hi Sameer,

    I’m presently working as a CRM S/W consultant with a US based MNC and have a total experience of 8.5 yrs.
    My last education was MCA, and now I’m planning to go for an executive MBA.
    Please would you be able to suggest me the correct executive MBA program and the institute.

    Many Thanks!

  5. As a ISB alum, I think don’t fret about not getting there. Its not a great school. Infact some aspects of the school are downright lousy. Obviously you will not hear abt this because the present management present lies. I know its a strong word, but thats an accurate description


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