Financial Times MBA Ranking 2011: IIMA PGPX and ISB dazzle

The Financial Times (FT) MBA rankings for 2011 are out. And as is normally the case with all such rankings, there are the usual suspects and the surprise entries. Just when you thought ISB (Indian School of Business) was getting a little lonely waving the tricolour out there, guess who decided to join in the party – IIMA (Indian institute of Management, Ahmedabad) with its PGPX course at rank 11. And just to make its presence felt, IIMA decided to debut at a rank two notches higher than its desi rival ISB, which stays at number 13. Nothing like some healthy competition, aye? Ab aayega mazaa.

London Business School (LBS), Wharton, Harvard, INSEAD and Stanford make up the top 5. Schools like Kellogg, Yale, Ross, Haas have been in the limelight on other rankings, but on, they’ve had to be content with lower ranks.

Rankings have their own methodologies and give weightages to a lot of parameters ranging from GMAT test scores to post-MBA jobs and everything else in between. Considering the huge variety that various MBA programs offer, you might argue that this is essentially comparing apples to oranges. Yet they are eagerly awaited by MBA applicants, business schools, MBA admission consultants and many others connected to the MBA. It’s a game we see every year. Some schools go up, some go down, while others who once enjoyed the attention completely disappear from the radar. Which also makes me wonder, does anyone know where Mandakini, Harshad Mehta and R D Tiwari are these days?

When you are choosing schools, use these rankings as just one data point. You might give a higher priority to certain parameters based on your preferences. So carry out your own research to see how the school fares on your personal ranking. Your top-5 list of schools might have a completely different set of bschools.

Speaking of playing along, which business schools do you think deserved a higher or lower rank?

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  1. Pranjali says:

    Underestimated – Booth,Darden,UNC ( go Tarheels ;) ) no seriously!!

    Overestimated – too many to name!
    NUS ?,Smith ?,Texas A&M ??,Vanderbilt ?,Merage ??,Durham ?, Smeal ???
    Basically most of them.
    Hult ??????????
    ? indicate level of surprise!

  2. Katie says:

    I’m surprised not to see Thunderbird on the list. I know that they were ranked #1 by Financial Times for their International Business full time MBA. Considering Thunderbird is one of the best International Business Schools you’d think they would be in the top for their MBA programs, and more so since they are ranked #1 by Financial Times for a program and possibly more. It’s hard to keep up with all of the rankings available.
    [Moderator’s Note: Katie is a spammer. She has tried spamming earlier and we had sent her an email with a copy to the Thunderbird admissions office requesting her to refrain from targetting our site. We did not get a response from either of the email IDs, but we did get another comment from Katie on our blog.
    We had deleted Katie’s last comment (with almost the same wordings) but decided to retain this one to send a message out to others like her who invariably hurt the institutions who’ve hired them for SEO work. Here’s the email which we sent her last time.]

    To: katie[edited]
    Cc: admissions@thunderbird[edited]
    Date: Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 10:50 PM
    Hi Katie,
    No spamming please. Thunderbird is a popular destination for many Indian applicants and we’d like to get some legit content from credible sources.
    If you can get one of the current Thunderbird MBA students (preferably Indian) to write a guest post for us, we’d be happy to evaluate it for our blog.
    Good luck.
    The MBA Crystal Ball Team

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