We’re looking for a few good guys and gals to be part of our team

If you’ve been concerned about your extra-curricular experience not being solid enough for the good MBA universities, here’s a chance to rectify that. At MBA Crystal Ball, we’ve been doing some exciting and unconventional work in the area of MBA admissions consulting. The MCB brand has been growing within India AND outside. And we could do with some help from self-driven and entrepreneurial folks out there who’d like to be associated with us on short-term projects. 

You don’t need to be an MBA expert (though it won’t hurt if you are familiar with what we do) and you don’t need to be Indian. Just tell us what you are good at and we can find a way to fit you in. It could be anything – phenomenal writing skills (getting people to read your work even when they care two hoots about the topic you are writing on) or e-marketing finesse (e.g. you can sell coconut-shell based products in a nudist colony) or kick-ass Photoshop skills (creating content that non-porn site surfers will also enjoy) or SEO gurus (social media actually makes sense to you) or your mom thinks you are the most creative person on earth (or at least in the geographical area covered by your pin-code). If what you bring to the table blows our brains out, we could also think about a longer-term role for you in the team.

Depending on your contribution, we could consider working out incentives ranging from a pat on the back to revenue sharing. If you are planning to consider this as an early retirement strategy, you might want to think again. However, if you are in it for the right reasons, you’ll enjoy being part of our brand building process.

We aren’t looking for credentials that look impressive on paper. So please don’t send us your resume. Write a few impactful, emotion-laden lines about what makes you special (and you thought only business schools ask you to do that?) as a comment to this post. Even if we aren’t interested in your proposal, as a recognition of your genuine talent, we’ll approve and retain the interesting comments. So your speciality will be out there for the world to view. If you want to avoid the blinding public glare, a regular email should be good too –> info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

If you aren’t interested in any of this, just for the heck of it, send across a proposal anyway. Think of it as free practice session for an essential skill (preparing an elevator pitch) that you’d need to be successful in life.

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Sameer Kamat //
Sameer Kamat
Founder of MBA Crystal Ball. Author of Beyond The MBA Hype & Business Doctors. Here's more about me. Connect with me on Google+ | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin


  1. MBA Roadie says:

    Sameer bhai,
    Thanks for this great initiative and the offer.

    I wish if I could try. Unfortunately I am super busy in my own stuff!!

    MBA Roadie.

  2. Pranjali says:

    Well, even if you cant promise me an early retirement ,I hope you will rethink later on.. LOL.

    I was never the most creative person in my family, but I am dying to change that!! I can literally hear my hyper-creative sister snigger in the background!!

    First of all, please give me some brownie points for religiously poking my nose in the comments section of every post you write..
    Second of all, I think the whole MBA application process is very much based on hear-say. Your blog provides a clear cut , no nonsense approach to the whole process. I want to be a part of that.
    ( Enough maska)
    As you know, I have a clear affliction with word limits, but I promise to work on it if you give me a chance.. Promise!!
    I love to write and although I can be a wee bit too critical at times , my friends dont mind when I send them a word doc full of comments on their essays ( sometimes the comments are longer
    than the essays themselves) but all with a good pure intention of seeing my friends succeed.

    So , I can write, I can review and I have a gift of the gab ( dont know if you find any of these useful).
    I believe you should give me a chance.
    Successful application/life stories really really excite me.
    I almost jumped off my seat reading Archana’s story. I want to challenge some myths regarding the MBA application process and help talented fellow Indian women to realise the worth an MBA degree brings to career and life (albeit its too early for me to say this) and change the cliches from IIM to IIM+F !!

  3. Nikhil says:

    Well here i am staring at this textbox wondering what to key in so that my response rises up the popularity charts, you invite me for a chat and i get this opportunity to brag about myself in front of you. Yawn! i am feeling a lot sleepy but will finish this. :P
    Well as pranjali says above me too can write, critique (i love this part) and give a lot of gyaan by regurgitating oodles of expert opinions read somewhere or the other
    But what really made me tick was the brand building part of this post, I am not an SEO/Social Media expert but i know what to key in on google to get my stuff in first 10 results (kudos to studying search engine algorithms for six months in engineering) … can control the huge inflows of social media info using various free to download apps. :)
    Can crunch numbers and analyze web analytics and come up with uncanny ideas to promote the website and build ‘reputation’ over the web.
    Also to add a trifle i also dabble in photography :)

    Okie thats it … bahut bore kiya … and if you have reached till here .. thanks and i appreciate your patience :)

  4. Shridhar says:

    Hello all,

    I’m kinda surprised to see only a couple of replies to this post; maybe folks would’ve taken the other way round(If you want to avoid the blinding public glare, a regular email should be good too –> info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com). Anyways, that is none of my business, so lets leave it alone, though sometimes I tend to have a knack of poking my nose into someone else’s business (please don’t count this against me, it was just for fun)

    On a more serious note, to write something about myself is a difficult ask. But no harm giving it a try. Basically I’m a very social kinda guy who loves to have lots of people around him (I daresay I’m a crowd-puller) and discussing about one thing or the other all the time. I’m very good at pulling legs; but it doesn’t at all mean that I don’t appreciate people for their good work or don’t do any good work myself at all.

    My persuasive skills and ability to sell are recommendable. Precisely for this reason, many of my friends have advised me a couple of times “Tu MBA juroor karna, yaar!”. Besides I love writing, especially if I’ve been given some subject or agenda to start with. And I believe I’m at my best when I’ve to comment on something already written i.e. when I put my critic-hat on (My Facebook comments and posts are the best examples of the same). I’m really good at analyzing situations and am known for coming up with some really quick (and sometimes dirty) fixes.

    I don’t know what more to write. But I hope you got the message (that what actually I can do or I’m capable of). By the way its good time to mention that I’ve an excellent academic record throughout my career and have always been greatly involved in extracurriculars (to give you a very recent example, I was the Editor-in-Chief of the Annual College Magazine in my engineering days) though I believe that you might be remotely interested in knowing about all this, but couldn’t miss out on a chance to brag about myself, lolz.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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