MCB is now on’s top education blogs list

We are not sure if it was our last post, our karma or just the right timing. But we got an email from the team to let us know that our blog now figures on their elite list of education related sites selected from the humongous pool of education blogs. We share the space out there with blogs from the leading admission consulting teams ( and Clear Admit) and heavyweights like the U.S. Department of Education.

As describes the Alltop selection process – ‘The news feeds that appear on Alltop are there simply because the site’s founders think of them as reliable, informative and entertaining news sources.

And when one of those founders is Guy Kawasaki (the original Apple Mac evangelist, Venture Capitalist and business legend), then we think it’s safe to take their list and their selection algorithm seriously.

Of course, considering we are just starting out on that list, you’ll see us at the bottom. Whether we get promoted higher in the ranks over the months to follow or will we get dropped from their list, remains to be seen. So watch this space.

Thanks to Guy, Neanz, Noe and the entire team for thinking that we were worthy to be on that list.

Update: Since this was posted, MCB has been promoted on the site and has been rising rapidly on the list.

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