Level playing field for MBA applicants from India – Part 2

For those who’ve just joined us and trying to get up to speed, here’s part 2 of our story so far.

Though we are relatively new on the block, on the highly competitive Businessweek and GMAT Club forums (where new consultants pop up and disappear overnight), we are currently the most popular non-American team. The USP of our advisory posts tends to be the level of detail we get into, for each candidate. Not sure how long we’ll be able to sustain that with our growing workload, but we are trying. We also spend a whole lot of effort and time offline, over email and phones with candidates that we know aren’t going to sign up for our paid services. For regular (read commercially driven) consultants, it becomes impractical to devote so much time for free advice. 

In an area where bigger international teams have sold their products to us, we are trying to alter the model a little. MCB might be the only Indian admissions consulting team to have its products (we are talking about the MBA MAP) sold by international consultants to their own clients in other countries.

Probably these were the reasons why we got on to the radar of a top international MBA focussed site. We recently got interviewed by them for an article about international consultants who are making a splash in a niche industry. It came as a pleasant surprise to us that they chose us from an oversaturated market teeming with hundreds of admission consultants.

The article spoke about how we’ve created a new business model where we offer the best-in-class MBA admissions consulting services to Indian candidates at a fraction of the price that’s prevalent in the international market and we still get apna Indian bachha log into the best business schools globally.

It was a very well-written article by a US-based journalist who’s been writing for the best known business magazines. But unfortunately the article could not be published. Murphy’s law!

So we thought we might as well share our story on our own blog where Mr Murphy’s influence might be a little less. 

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Sameer Kamat //
Sameer Kamat
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  1. Ashok Kadam says:

    Beg, bribe or threaten but enforce the journalist to publish your interview!! ;)

    • Sameer says:

      Ashok saheb, I don’t think we’d like to pursue any of those options :-)

      Disappointing though it has been for us, they are a good team and we respect them for that. Maybe destiny wants us to work a little harder and be a little more patient.

      We’d rather wait till they or someone else thinks we are worthy of being written about. So for now, we go back to doing what we started – making it an even playing field for more Indian candidates.

      But I appreciate your support. Thanks for being on our side.

      – Sameer

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