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On Nov 15th 2010, heartbeats of many Indian applicants were going dhak-dhak at a speed that would’ve made Usain Bolt go green with envy. The Indian School of Business (ISB) released the results for its Round 1 applications.

Apna homeboy MG (MCB consultant par excellence) was biting his nails as well. Interestingly he’s already completed his MBA from ISB not so long back with flying colours. This time the tense moments of anticipation were not for himself but for his protégés.

MG has been mentoring a small set of ISB applicants from a variety of backgrounds – consulting, IT, finance, military. Talking about the last category, we had a real-life superstar, a national hero on our client list. His story is awe-inspiring (can’t reveal too much, let’s see if/when his feedback appears on our Testimonials page) and in his case we were driven more by patriotism than by commercial interests. And we are very proud to see that we’ve played our little role in getting him into ISB.

What made it a bigger challenge was the fact that our client list included re-applicants. This makes their success sweeter.

And we have our ISB pipeline full for Round 2. So it would be unlikely that we’ll take on new clients at this stage. However, if you are aiming for international schools, we’d be more than happy to get you introduced to our international partners, Precision Essay. Fantastic guys, if you ask us.

All the best to the guys who placed their trust in us. The fantastic conversion rate prods us to continue doing what we do best. So miles to go before we snore, I mean, sleep.

Doctor’s general advice to all ISB applicants – ‘For best results, have 1 MG dose before submitting your application and 1 MG before your interview.’

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    This is Nishitha from Pharmacy background, but now am much interested to do MBA in ISB. Can someone guide me how can i go head with preparation and all because am least aware off!!

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