Silent MBA candidate = Oxymoron?

‘I’ve been a silent reader of your posts for a very long time.’

Déjà vu? This line would sound familiar be if you’ve been spending time on our discussion threads. Free MBA advice rocks! And we know many of you like what we’ve been doing on the MBA discussion forums, helping folks learn more than the full form of MBA. But there aren’t many who come forward to introduce themselves and say ‘Hi, love your work guys’.

If you fear that our meter will start ticking instantly then fikar naat, dear friend. Like we keep saying, apna business model is not completely driven by ticking meters and ticked-off candidates. We do not have a ‘Trespassers will have their bank accounts milked dry’ sign-board hanging outside our office.

We like hearing from people from different backgrounds and we find your ambitious aspirations inspiring. So even if you aren’t looking for MBA application advice, drop us a line to introduce yourself. If you are shy and don’t want to make a public performance out of the whole introduction exercise, send us an email or just a LinkedIn or Facebook invite. We are also playing the role of connectors on those platforms.

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Sameer Kamat
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