Indian MBA Applicants with little or no work experience

Ambitious and impatient, aren’t you? Why spend 4-5 crucial years doing grunge menial work in a no-name company or a thankless job that you don’t think is going to take you anywhere? Let’s just take the top MBA shortcut to success! Hmm…not so fast, my friend. 

There’s a reason why the top schools expect a minimum number of years in the field. They want to see that you’ve rolled up your sleeves and done the dull, dry & dirty work (if you want to categorise it that way) so you can appreciate the bigger picture when you are ready.

Check out the application process for many elite business schools. Most of them emphasise a lot on your professional experience. The GMAT and your academic grades have their place in the apps, but these are generally hygiene factors and Admission committees would want to go beyond your undergraduate grades and GMAT scores.

If you’ve rushed into applying, you’ll struggle with the vague subjective and introspective (according to many) topics you’ll have to address. So for those Indian candidates (applies to non-Indians as well) thinking of the quick and easy way to the best international MBA universities, take some time off and think if you are ready to take the plunge. Realise the importance of work experience in your MBA application and then take a call.

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  1. Abhishek says:

    Hello sir,
    I am an indian applicant from a family business(Export House) background.
    How can this work experience be counted in my application..?
    Right now pursuing Economics Honours
    and will complete my Graduation by 2017
    How to plan ahead for the future..?
    Thank u

  2. Adil kamalsha says:

    Hello sir,
    I am presently in my F.Y of ECE, and want to pursue with management. I was first into a rush for getting into an MBA college soon after my U.G but after reading this article I’m in a fix to decide on when to take up an MBA program.. How many years of work experience will be crucial to dignify an MBA program

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