The Indian CAT and mouse (MBA) story

As the joke goes, the ones who cannot get into the IIMs settle for Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and the rest of the top 10 programs globally. Those who say that aren’t being arrogant (well, maybe some are). Their comments are just reflecting the statistical reality in a country like India. Fantastic talent minus the resources to match. 

The scale and reach of the GMAT is huge. No doubt. But compare it with apna CAT (the IIM entrance exam) and it looks like a nanha-munna cousin in comparison. No wonder our desi coaching institutions go ga-ga over it and shower all their attention and resources to CAT training and coaching. Students hopeful of getting into the top Indian Business schools flock to these CAT coaching classes. Not all of them are successful though. There’s a huge demand-supply gap out there. The IIMs can only absorb a handful. The other top Indian MBA programs (tier-2 and tier-3) can absorb a handful more.

So what do you do after the CAT results come out and if you fall in the not-so-fortunate category? For starters, think if you want to settle for some mediocre option. Or take some time off and then start looking at the international MBA scene. If you’ve scored a decent percentile on the CAT, chances are you’ll score well on the GMAT as well (contact us with your CAT score and we’ll give you an indication of your GMAT potential). That opens up a world of opportunities on the international business school circuit. If you have the inclination, the MCB profiling report can give you an idea of where you stand if you were to look at international MBA options.

The story doesn’t need to end with CAT results. If you are looking at an MBA as a long term investment, then your game has just begun.

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