Selecting a Business school based on its reputation and strengths

They all give you the same MBA degree, so it shouldn’t matter where you get it from, right? Wrong! The business school brand you have on your resume goes way beyond the degree and allows recruiters, colleagues and society at large to form a perception about you. Certain schools are known for their strengths in specific areas and the reputation has been built over the years. And we aren’t talking about just rankings.

If you are looking for an MBA in Finance, you might talk about the usual suspects: Columbia, Stern, Chicago. But these aren’t the only schools that excel in the finance domain. For instance, if someone says  she’s a Kellogg graduate, you tend to assume she’s got an MBA in Marketing. The fact is, Kellogg is also strong in Finance!

Schools may or may not like the tags that are associated with their brands. Some might actually be uncomfortable being labelled as a Finance program or marketing program. They might consciously be trying to change that perception by taking people with diverse experience from varying fields, just to balance out the class profile. So don’t be turned off by these perceptions. See how you can benefit from being an alumnus of this MBA university or institution. What resources does it offer to reach for your goals. Dig below the surface and really get to know the business school you have on your list. You might be pleasantly surprised with the end results of your research.

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