GMAT test preparation and coaching in India

Indian candidates (typical profile: IT, Male, Engineer) applying to the top MBA programs tend to have high GMAT scores. So you’d better have a competitive score to begin with, buddy. GMAT coaching classes in India offering a mind-boggling array of GMAT test prep services, free GMAT practice tests. It’s big business!

Apart from the bigger cities (like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata), GMAT coaching classes have sprung up in smaller cities as well. Indian candidates have conventionally preferred classroom based options. Now international companies like Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan and Knewton that leverage technology to offer the best online GMAT preparation and coaching services over the internet are reaching out to the Indian applicant pool.

A high GMAT score (preferably 700+) in the MBA application can be a crucial link between you and your dream business school. For those who aren’t familiar with Computer Adaptive Standardized Tests, it can take a while to come to grips with it.

Though business schools usually don’t specifically list down a lower cut-off limit for GMAT scores, generally the 80 percentile for most top schools is between 650 and 750. Apart from the overall score, the breakup of the individual components is also important. Candidates admitted to the top MBA programs usually have a high and balanced score across each of these sections.

It is however just one of the components in your overall business school application. So your essays, recommendations, resume / CV and your interview performance can play an equally important role.

Like with any standardised tests, you can increase your GMAT score by following some ground rules:

– Become familiar with the test format, scoring pattern

– Thoroughly brush up your basic concepts in GMAT maths and grammar

– Learn about the various GMAT test taking strategies (process of eliminating the incorrect answers, no blind guessing etc)

– Solve as many mock GMAT tests as you can

– Manage your time well

If you have prepared well, you can increase your GMAT score dramatically by 50 to 100 points or more from where you started off. This will make you far more attractive to business school admission committees of top MBA programs.

Ok, general gyan over. You already knew most of that anyway, didn’t you? Thanks for humouring us. As a reward for sticking around so far, here’s the interesting part.

The MBA Crystal Ball team has been working on some exciting initiatives to provide the best GMAT test prep and coaching services available in the global market to Indian candidates at (as you’d have guessed) deeply discounted Indian prices. If you are interested in getting some kick-a$$ GMAT test prep and training, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more.

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    SAT and GMAT are examinations that involve a lot of focus and strategizing. The best coaching institutes would help students learn from eminent and experienced faculty members.

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