Ethics in MBA Admissions Consulting

Here’s a frequently asked question: How do business schools and Adcoms of top MBA programs view admissions consultants and people who use their services in their applications?

Let me use an example to illustrate my perspective.

There was a not-so-recent case reported by the tabloids. A newly married girl lodged a case against her husband when she realised that he was completely bald and had no teeth (real story, no kidding). During their wedding he wore a wig and dentures to cover up his flaws.

On the other hand grooms and brides use the services of make-up men, tailors and grooming experts all the time. People attending the wedding compliment them on how beautiful they look and how they were made for each other.

Bottomline, if an MBA admission consultant (in India or abroad) understands your profile and helps you present it in the best light possible without distorting facts and trying to prove something that you aren’t, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are a gem, MBA consultants will help you polish your profile so it glows. If you are a stone, no amount of polishing will help.

Professional writers and authors of best sellers use editors all the time. That is not considered as plagiarism. However taking credit for something you haven’t done would be unethical.

B-schools are aware that there are good and bad consultants. They are also aware of good strong candidates and those who try stunts (from hiding facts to outright lying) to show something they are not. Important point is where you want to pitch yourself.

Like in every profession, even here there is a line that divides the ethical from the unethical. In fact, admissions consultants also have organisations that set the framework to define that boundary. Unfortunately, considering the nascent stage of this profession, in many countries, including India, those lines seem to blur.

If you decide to work with a consultant go for someone who understands and respects that ethical boundary, and can still help you in packaging your profile in a way that Adcom finds appealing.

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