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BizMAP Do's & Dont's

- Do not start the game before you are familiar with the concept and methodology. Head back to the BizMAP Business Simulation Game home page and read the detailed set of instructions first.

- Do NOT use the browser [Back] and [Forward] buttons to navigate. Stick to the buttons provided on the game dashboard. If you think you've messed up at any stage, start afresh, using the link at the bottom of the screen.

- Do use a pen/paper or an excel worksheet (if needed) for basic calculations before you make decisions.

- Do not forget to read the final report. That's where you'll get real insights about your decisions and the impact. This is the real learning from the game!

- Do get in touch with us if you are a professor, trainer or university / company representative. We'll create a password-protected, professional-looking and personalized interface for your brand. Send us an email: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

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