Profile Evaluation for MBA Universities

Get your queries answered for MBA colleges in USA, Canada, UK, India

You probably already know how profile evaluations for MBA programs in international universities work. If it’s an unfamiliar concept, visit any popular MBA forum to see how it works.

In the most basic format, MBA candidates generally share some basic (and largely unstructured) information and expect consultants to provide them insights and advice on the way forward.

The idea sounds logical enough, but often there’s a difference between what candidates hope for (a detailed MBA application roadmap for free) and what they end up getting from the counsellors (a marketing pitch…for free!).

We’d like to avoid doing the same on our forum. Instead of telling you what you already know (e.g. whether your GMAT is low or high), we’d like to provide inputs that aren’t very obvious to you. We’ll ask you for more structured data across a range of dimensions and expect you to be practical about what you can and cannot get from a free public GMAT MBA forum.

For that we’d need to set expectations upfront.

Do’s and Don’ts for our Free Profile Evaluation

Don’t just share your profile and assume that we’ll know what questions you have in your mind. Be specific in listing them down.

Do share all the details that we need to know about you, in order to really appreciate the rationale behind your queries.

Don’t ask speculative questions like ‘What are my chances of getting an admit/scholarship?‘ or ‘Which business schools should I apply to?
We will not be able to answer them. Curious to know why? Read this.

Do be patient (and courteous) to our team after you’ve posted. We will get to it when we have some free time from our main commitments. Getting a response is a privilege, not a right.

Don’t assume that everyone who posts will get a response. With the volume of requests we get, we may not be able to respond to every single request, specially the vague and open-ended ones. Which brings us to our last and most crucial point…

Do your homework before posting to improve your changes of getting a response. Read a few entries on the forum to see the kind of questions other candidates are asking and inputs they have got.
Fair enough? Let’s move to the modalities now.

MBA Crystal Ball – Free Profile Evaluation Process

Step 1: You share your basic profile details in the form below. Don’t forget to ask us specific questions that we can answer.

Step 2: One of our expert admission counsellors will review your profile and your specific questions.

Step 3: We will respond to your queries on the following discussion thread: Free profile evaluations for MBA

Step 4: We will also send you a confirmation email along with the URL to your response. So ensure that you give us a valid email and not a dummy one.

After we’ve shared our views on your profile, if you have further follow-up queries, you can always post them on the same discussion thread.

Bonus: Interested in a little limelight? Be sure to say Yes to the last question in the form below. If we find your profile interesting, we may invite you to be featured on our careers site (