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GMAT Test Prep FAQ

Why is a high GMAT score important?

* High GMAT scores –> Access to top business schools –> Better MBA job opportunities –> Higher salaries + better career prospects

* Most of your competitors from India will have high GMAT scores. Top business schools have almost taken it for granted that Indians WILL score high on the GMAT.

* A high GMAT score demonstrates to the Admissions Committee that your grey cells are in top condition for the MBA workload.

Can I not just manage it with self-study?

* Sure…If you have the discipline, a self-critical eye to learn from the mistakes as you go along, an understanding of how the GMAT is designed and what approach is needed to ‘crack the code’…then Self-study is the way to go.

* Scoring high on the GMAT is more a matter of practice and technique rather than intellectual brilliance. So many candidates prefer some hand-holding during the preparation phase.

* The competition among Indian candidates is fierce and the GMAT can be a tough nut to crack if you don’t have access to the right GMAT test prep course material and the right teaching methodology.

Can I not join a regular classroom based program like my friends?

* By all means…but are you sure the pace, style and structure of teaching can be adapted for you and every other person sitting in that class with you?

* Are you sure ALL the instructors in that class are world-class or does the quality fluctuate drastically (typically the case in a franchisee model) based on the location and the topic being taught?

* Are you really joining a true-blue GMAT coaching class or is it a CAT coaching institution that just wants a piece of the global GMAT training market?


Online GMAT test preparation

GMAT Class Online: Practice Questions

Online GMAT prep classes give you access to several thousand GMAT practice questions, all online—so you can practice wherever, whenever. The analytical system tracks your performance at the atomic level across different GMAT concepts and strategies, so you can create a personal plan of action for yourself.

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MBA Crystal Ball brings the best Online GMAT Class to your doorstep

We don’t have our own GMAT prep. So we scouted the market for options that are good and affordable for Indian GMAT test takers. Whether you are looking for the best GMAT coaching in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Baroda or anywhere else in the world you can take GMAT classes live or on demand, based on your schedule. Join a GMAT class online any time, from anywhere. All you need is broadband access.

GMAT Online Course

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