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Re: Free Career Counselling Online | Indian candidates

Postby MBACrystalBall » September 21st, 2016, 6:37 pm

abhijitigit21 wrote:At the outset, let me first congratulate you and MG for the wonderful work you are doing at MCB.

Thanks, Abhijit. Good to see you coming online and breaking your silence after 1 year of joining the forum.

abhijitigit21 wrote:Will IIM-A/L be suitable for me as the average work ex. Is higher as compared to IIM-B/C/ISB ?

Yes, for the reasons you've already shared, those programs will fit better. But there's a catch. See the next point.

abhijitigit21 wrote:I am wondering if an MBA would add value to my profile to make it more generic and diversified to switch to other industry majorly in manufacturing/supply chain/operations domain ?

Ironically, though you won't need a work permit in India (vis-a-vis abroad), managing a career switch in India is tougher than in other countries.

That's because the concept of lateral hiring isn't mainstream yet. Which is what prompted us to write this article: ... mba-india/
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Re: Free Career Counselling Online | Indian candidates

Postby iinfi1 » March 27th, 2017, 7:31 pm

I am 34 year old IT professional with 9+ years of core IT experience in virtualization and bit of cloud and scripting. I am basically thinking of a career in AI and Machine Learning 2-3 years down the line.
But the downside is I am BSc IT from KSOU and have no math after 10+2. Is there a way I can get to learn advanced math (I know I can learn in many ways) and have a qualification which I can show in my resume as having good knowledge of basic and adv math required for AI and ML?
Any inputs will be helpful.

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