INSEAD MBA grad’s tips on getting management consulting jobs

Written by Sameer Kamat

INSEAD MBAINSEAD MBA salary numbers are among the best in the business school world when it comes to post MBA jobs. A key reason for that is the huge number of INSEAD MBA graduates who manage to get high-paying management consulting jobs. This trend continues year after year, which means there’s a story in there that goes beyond just being a mere coincidence.
Gaurav Gokhale, from the INSEAD MBA class of 2007 has managed a career transition from Information Technology to Management Consulting. From being a Business Analyst in TCS to being a Strategy Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, it’s a career path that many software professionals can only dream of. Reading some of the best management consulting books can take you closer to your goal.
In this post for MBA Crystal Ball, Gaurav generously shares the ideas and tips that helped him bag a management consulting job after completing his INSEAD MBA

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Situational or Behavioral Interviews: What questions can you expect?

Written by Sameer Kamat

Situational interviews or Behavioral interviews are the vague, mysterious and confusing interview questions that get thrown at you when you are trying to get the best management consulting (including the top tier strategy consulting firms) and investment banking jobs. Or for that matter MBA interviews as well. They make you feel that the tough technical questions you got for your first few jobs were so much easier in comparison. At least there was a right or wrong answer to them, and after the interview you’d know if you fared well or not. With situational interviews, most candidates are unsure of how their performance will be judged by their future boss.

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Post-MBA Career Goal: Strategy Consulting

Written by Sameer Kamat

‘Hi, I’m Pattikumar Silvamaranayani. I work for McKinsey.’ Sounds good, na? Replace Patti saar’s name with your own and it sounds even better. There’s no doubt which one’s a stronger brand in that opening statement – Patti saar or McKinsey. Great brands on your CV, nice salaries, globe-trotting and the glamour.  When it comes to MBA job hunting, no wonder then that so many people want to aim for Management Consulting as a post-MBA career.

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