Salary negotiation tips India

As Indian professionals, we are a funny bunch. We don’t mind locking horns with the auto-rikshaw driver or the vegetable vendor for demanding one extra rupee.

But when it comes to bigger (life-changing) amounts, like salaries and compensation packages, we rely on the benevolence of head-hunters & HR professionals to throw at us what they think we deserve.
Giving salary negotiation tips in India is tricky because it’s not a scientific, well-documented technical skill to master. But developing the skills for negotiating a higher salary are more important than ever today.
Why? Because the graph of onion prices (and in general the overall cost of living in India) looks more impressive than the stock market graph.
Forget about the advanced salary negotiation techniques, it’s time to go back to the basics because we haven’t got it right yet.

December 3, 2014

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As Indian professionals, we are a funny bunch. We don’t mind locking horns with the auto-rikshaw driver or the vegetable vendor for demanding one extra rupee. […]
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