January 18, 2017

From IIT to USA and back to India: The journey of a depression survivor

Clinical depression isn’t something that many would be comfortable talking about. The stigma and public ignorance associated with the condition makes it all the more difficult […]
January 9, 2017

Average Salary after MS in USA, Canada and Australia

The pursuit of a higher degree is generally considered a major investment. Each year, students enroll in MS programs all over the world to get the […]
January 2, 2017

How to get into PhD programs abroad | Admission process for top universities

A rare old plant is the Ivy green. The greens of the Ivy are greener than what most universities have to offer. The resources, the faculty, […]
December 30, 2016

20 famous Indians who studied at top universities abroad

Although much is written these days about Indian students going abroad for studies, the trend is hardly new. Not only Mahatma Gandhi, but also Jawaharlal Nehru […]
December 26, 2016

MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA – Top schools, Fees, GRE, TOEFL Requirements

Mechanical Engineering can be considered one of the most evergreen non-diminishing field there is. You can go back in time to the age when wheels were […]
December 19, 2016

How to select the right Masters / MS program and specialization?

The United States of America is a popular destination for a lot of Indian students pursuing their Masters or PhD degrees. In fact, according to the […]
December 16, 2016

A Master’s Degree can help your career during and after recession

The recession served a painful reminder on job-seekers and employees about the importance of higher education. During those dark days, the specter of unemployment haunted workers […]
December 14, 2016

Studying in Australia for Indian students: Costs, pros and cons, salaries

Australia figures among the top study abroad destinations in the world for Indian students. It won’t be a surprise if every fifth Indian student you speak […]
December 7, 2016

Masters in CS from USC California as Indian student after BTech

How is life as an Indian student in USA different from student experiences back in Indian engineering colleges? What problems can you face when you arrive […]
November 28, 2016

Master’s in Analytics: Best colleges and top programs

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight,” Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, said. But where’s this magic best taught? We […]
November 25, 2016

Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) in Singapore for a Career in Finance

Many interested in a career in finance are probably inclined to apply to MBA programmes, but a few may prefer a more specialised master’s degree. Unlike […]
November 21, 2016

Best MBA and Master’s programs in Product Management

Product management involves not only creating products and brands, but also ensuring their success and longevity. The MBA curriculum with a specialization in product management familiarizes […]