Second MBA from UK without GMAT for Indian mom

Strathclyde Business SchoolMihika Acharya (name changed) is a freelancer with 9 years IT project management experience, mom to 2 kids and self-admittedly, not very good at standardised tests.

She completed her distance MBA from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad. After putting in a lot of thought to whether a second MBA would be worth it, she decided to go ahead with it.

She wasn’t quite ready to spend hours on preparing for the GMAT knowing well that it wasn’t her strength. She explains how she got into a reputed MBA program in the UK which does not require a GMAT score.

Second MBA from UK without GMAT

by Mihika Acharya

I am a rebel at home. People may dislike me for being straightforward. I prefer to speak in front as opposed to backbiting. Since childhood till date, people described me as STRICT.

Be it setting goals for myself or mentoring my sister or setting food menu for a year-old daughter, I become organized. I think being organized and following rules and enforcing others to stick by the instructions comes naturally to me. For this reason, some may call me boring as well. But I call it effective time management.

I loved my college life at DIT Dehradun, where I learnt to break rules and enjoyed 😊. I worked mainly in telecom industry. I loved everything about my job as it gave me freedom and independence after years of financial hardships.

While studying Engineering, I sensed that I was inclined for higher studies but I knew I cannot afford it. Even though I got into Part time MBA from Institute of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad, I could not enroll for lack of funds. The prolonged desire of doing MBA led me to Distance Learning MBA from the same institute.

I realized – after completion of the program- that this type of education if imparted in classroom sessions would benefit more. In spite of having an MBA, I continued to excel in my technical work and it paid well. I was not able to find a pathway to be able to transition from tech to senior management roles for various reasons.

I am 34 years old and have around 9 years of experience in IT. I started freelancing since 2014 after I moved to South Korea. While working as an Independent consultant with founders and C-suite, I felt the need to gear up myself like a leader. It all started building up again. I was just waiting for the right time.

MBA Application experience

I chose to work with MBA application consultants due to the quality work they do.

No matter what others say, I knew I would not be able to showcase my potential and qualities properly as required by business schools without the help from MBA Crystal Ball.

There are a lot of consultants out there but there was a chain of procedures to be followed. Nothing turned up so fast as MCB. Manish’s straight forward responses made me more confident to choose MCB’s service.

There were a couple of other services, but I could not trust them with their approach itself. I signed up for Essay writing at MCB.

I worked with Vibhav Agarwal. Well, I liked the way he patiently allowed me to speak. He asked the right questions. I have a whole lot of information about me, agree, but which one do I showcase in my essays is something he explained.

I learnt to quantify my work and achievements. His ability to direct and organize any essay is commendable. Basically, brainstorming sessions are so so useful. Also, he was flexible with call timings.

Why I skipped the GMAT

My practice GMAT scores were low. If I were to take GMAT, it meant a lot of sincere effort. Also, they say GMAT is not everything.

Even if I got a good GMAT score there was no guarantee I will get a seat. Moreover, for personal reasons, I was convinced that it is difficult for me to prep for GMAT along with looking after 2 kids and work.

Strathclyde MBA interview experience

My Strathclyde MBA interview was for 40 minutes. My interviewer is a senior professor at department of management science. They took 3-4 days to inform me about the decision.

Questions asked in my Strathclyde MBA interview were:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Talk about the achievement in your career
  • Which area I would like to specialize in?
  • How can Strathclyde MBA help me?
  • How do I contribute to the class?
  • If I have any question for them
  • How do you think Strathclyde will help you meet your career goals?


Closing thoughts

I think everyone is unique. Vibhav, my consultant from MBA Crystal Ball, spent a good amount of time to understand how to put my strengths to build a strong application which in my opinion were just part of my work. It is my essays that made a difference.

I am too happy to describe it in words. Perseverance has been the key in my overall MBA journey. There are thousands of ways to achieve something so all I can say is to never ever give up !

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