Average GMAT scores: What are the MBA admission chances for Indians?

Got an average GMAT score in your recent attempt? Chances are that your ‘average score’ isn’t as average as you think it is. If Indian IT Male (and Female) Engineers score a 690 on the GMAT test (a very respectable score by global standards), we still label them as average GMAT scorers. In fact, even a 700 or 710 doesn’t seem to impress the powers that be i.e international MBA Admissions officers of the top business schools.

But statistically, that’s far from the truth. The real average score for GMAT test takers around the world is…hold your breath…a whopping (!) 540.

That should make our 690 scorer a superstar in comparison, right? But the top schools don’t seem to agree, as the average GMAT score for the top MBA programs (Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, INSEAD, ISB, IIMA PGPX and many others) consistently falls in the 700-730 range.

So where does that leave our friends who have the real average GMAT score? There are quite a few business schools that generally do not figure in popular conversations on discussion forums. But they do have a class average that hovers around 540. Here’s a list of some of them.

Average GMAT scores & Schools where your chances are good

Here’s a list of bschools that might open the door for you despite your average GMAT score.

So now that we have seen a nice, long list of schools offering MBA programs where your average score may not be a problem, should you go ahead and apply?

You may want to hold on to your horses for a while more, till you have more information about the programs.

It’s true that a GMAT score says little about the managerial potential of the class participants. It’s also true that admissions to MBA programs consider several other data points (experience, industry, accomplishments etc). It’s incorrect to generalise, but several of the programs that accept candidates with low GMAT scores (or ‘average’, if we want to be statistically correct) are not as selective as the top programs. This means the filtering mechanism in the application process might not be on par with the best MBA programs. In fact, one of the schools in the list above has a close to 100% selectivity. This means almost everyone who applies can expect good news from the bschool.

The low market credibility could mean that many of the top recruiters that flock to the best ranking MBA programs may not come to the MBA campuses of these bschools. Of course there might be gems in there that we’d never know unless we dig deeper.

Average GMAT scores for Indians

Alright, after reading so far, as an Indian MBA applicant you know that your average GMAT score isn’t really that bad. But you are still curious to know what your score of above 600 or under 700 is competitive considering the mean GMAT scores for Indian bschools like ISB, IIMs (IIMA PGPX, IIMC PGPex, IIMB EPGP), XLRI GMP and others. Or for that matter the median GMAT for an MBA abroad. The best foreign MBA colleges have high averages too. This is also a significant factor when it comes to getting MBA scholarships (read these related posts –> GMAT Scholarships for Indian students & MBA Scholarships for Indian students).

You might wonder about the culprits who push up the average GMAT scores so high. Well, look no further, it’s your friendly neighbourhood IT Male Engineer from India probably sitting with a serious ‘busy-do-not-disturb’ expression on his face in the cubicle next to yours preparing for his GMAT diligently.

You’ll find inspiring average GMAT score success stories. These are applicants who played smart and used their strengths in the best possible manner. Several of them worked with good MBA admission consultants in India to ensure that their essays, recommendations, resume and interview were super strong. However, do remember that admission consultants can’t work any magic on a profile that is inherently weak. Content and presentation work together to go beyond average GMAT percentiles. And the MBA college choice matters too.

Read these stories about how much Indian applicants with an ‘average GMAT score’ (in relative terms) approached their MBA admissions process. You might be able to pick up some ideas on what worked for them.

Search on our blog and you’ll find many more stories.

But do keep in mind that these are more likely to be exceptions rather than the norm. The best MBA colleges wouldn’t have had such high median scores if they had too many such exceptions. A majority of applicants lose the battle as they are purely fighting with a weak GMAT, weak essays and a weak overall strategy.

What if you are an Indian with a below average GMAT score?

Option 1- The simplest recommendation you’d get on most discussion forums – Crank up the GMAT preparation, dissect the entire GMAT syllabus, join the GMAT Club of 700+ scorers and apply to the better programs. Well, sounds logical. But if you could, you’d have done that in the first attempt or at least come close to your target score. Getting a 70-80 point jump in the GMAT score is very different from getting a 160 point jump (from 540 to 700).

Option 2 – The other option is to join one of the programs that accept the lower GMAT score, being completely aware of factors that’ll go for and against you when you head back into the job market.

Option 3 – This might be more obvious to those who’ve read Beyond The MBA Hype (if you don’t have a copy yet, get one right now). Before you answer it in MBA applications, ask yourself – Why MBA? Do you really need the degree to achieve what you want in life? How else can you get what you want?

Seriously consider working with a credible MBA admissions consultant to develop and execute the best possible application strategy, given your current profile. It’ll be nice if you can include MBA Crystal Ball among the possible list of teams to work with.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the MBA MAP MBA Profile Evaluation & Application Strategy would give you a solid platform to build your story.

Stop feeling sorry for what you don’t have. Think about what you can do with what you have.

Whatever option you choose, keep your chin high and don’t let perceptions of others shake your self-confidence.

Try this short Free GMAT practice test now and get help on the Free GMAT Preparation helpdesk.

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  1. RAMKUMAR says:

    I need list of universities in US with min 1 yr or without work experience to do mba !!!!!

  2. Sameer Kamat says:

    Hi Ramkumar,

    We don’t have a ready list of such programs, as they are generally not on the target list of candidates who approach us for consulting services.

    But there are too many out there that would take accept candidates without experience. You’ll have to do your own research there. But if you insist on heading down that roadm, as the main article above cautions – be aware of the pros and cons of getting into such programs.

  3. Shiven says:

    Hi sameer,

    Am a techno guy working in a telecom MNC with 5+ work experience and have run out of steam in my current profile. My interest was always to get an MBA done and diversify into a different industry (in my case a film production house executive , though telecom is the 2nd option now for me). I have already given GMAT twice , 2 years back, with highest score being 570 ( in the latest I got 500 :( )

    Can you please guide me which would be the best institute with this score say in Singapore (I did get a call for Bradford MBA from MDIS, but had to give their own aptitude test) , US , UK/Ireland ( I had checked the Trinity MBA which qualifies). Currently am really in a sort of quandry as to what to do as a I doubt if I can ace the
    GMAT score in the future, and want to apply with the 570/500 score. Am pretty sure about myself that I will come out good from the course. Just that the entrance exam jitter has been psyching me out since the CAT days.

    Help appreciated sir, since I feel, by going through your posts, that you seem to strike the right chord with the guys out here…

    Thanks in advance

  4. Pradeep says:

    nice article. any of these college will give job guarantee?

  5. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Shiven: Apart from the list in this blog post, I don’t know of any country specific MBA colleges that accept folks with low GMAT scores. The issue is not the low barriers to entry. The bigger issue is whether they’ll offer good education education.
    So rather than chasing a degree, look at alternative ways to get to your goal. This MBA book might help as it has a chapter that explore various options to reach your career goals without an MBA.

    @Pradeep: No good bschool can guarantee a job. Not even harvard. Read this post –> Best MBA college with scholarship + job guarantee…& I’d also like fries with it

  6. nitin rana says:

    hello Sameer

    i hv done b.tech this year…and nw i am preparing for Gmat..
    but stil i have lots of doubts regarding this…
    like weather they (b-schools) wnt experienced guys only…??
    will be there some working visa aftr studies ???
    and is this really matter that from where we are doin mba like frm usa, uk , new zelnd, germny etc..??
    and will be there some scholarship programs ???

    thenks alot :)

  7. Sameer Kamat says:


    – Most of the top bschools prefer a minimum of 2 years. The average is around 4-5 years. Read why work experience is important for international MBA applications

    – Working visa: Yes, this tends to be country specific e.g. Optional Practical Training OPT on F1 Visa in USA and then the regular H1B for a work permit.

    – Geography: Yes, it matters where you are doing your MBA from. Your job opportunities will be limited to that region.

    – Funding: Yes, scholarships are there, but you’d need to put in a really strong applcication for that. Check the reviews page to see where some of our folks have got partial and full scholarships.

  8. BJH says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have an MBA graduate and have passed in the year 2010. I am looking for some guidance for PhD in Management from Universities in Canada. Can you provide some information on the process? I am planning to take GMAT in the near future.

  9. Sameer Kamat says:

    BJH: We don’t have a post on PhD admissions yet (added to our to-do list) so I can’t direct you to any existing content. And explaining the process in detail would be tough in this comment.

    Also, your query is quite specific as you are looking only at Canadian doctorate programs in a specific discipline.

    So for now, I can only suggest Google’s phenomenal search capabilities and the official websites of a few top Canadian universities that offer a PhD in Management for further details.

  10. Neeraj Yadav says:

    Dear Sir,

    I appeared in GMAT (first attempt) on 25.01.2013 and got a score of 710 (Q47, V41). My X and XII marks are 66.6% and 62.4% respectively. I am an agricultural engg. graduate (77.4% with Bronze Medal) from a Govt. College in UP with overall experience of 12 years (Started with 3 years in tractor industry as sales executive for leading cos in India followed by a 16 months assignment of teaching Engineering Undergraduates and presently working with SBI for the past 7.5 years). Recently, I have completed my assignment of 2 years as AVP (Credit) at SBI Tokyo.

    My goal is to take up a position in strategic planning in financial industry. The target schools are ISB, Judge Business School, NUS and IIMA.

    Kindly let me know if my GMAT score is good enough for the aforementioned institutes or do I need to improve upon it.

    Yours faithfully

    Neeraj Yadav

  11. Geoff says:

    Realizing that this is a posting for Indian students and I’m not one, I did have a question – how close to ‘average’ does one’s GMAT have to be in your opinion to have a reasonable shot of getting in? I scored a 530 on my gmat test today but have 10+ years experience and several certifications in additional to my undergrad. Do I have a shot at schools asking for a 560 gmat? Please respond to my email address if this blog doesn’t notify me of followups. Thanks, -Geoff.

  12. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Neeraj: Yes, your GMAT score is good enough. There are other areas you need to focus on – for instance, after 12 years of work experience, what are you expecting out of an MBA program?

    @Geoff: A 20-30 point deviation from the average GMAT score for the school should be fine. But you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate your gameplan. With some focused practice, if you can get the score higher, it’ll give you a shot at better schools. The bschool brand can make a huge difference. So think about it.

  13. muthu says:

    Hello sameer kamat
    I appeared in GMAT exam and I scored only 460. Is this enough for doing MBA in australia, london,germany……….

  14. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Muthu: No offense meant, but I’d stay away from any bschool that accepts folks with that score. Your best bet is to raise the score and bring it closer to the median for the schools you are targetting.

  15. Shreyas says:

    Hello Sameer.

    I am a B.E IT 2011 grad with 51%, 12th with 60%, 10th with 75% and a GMAT with 550(Q 39, V 27), with no experience.(having a hard time hunting relevant jobs with mentioned data, anyways,) I wish to study masters in MIS & I am considering Santa Clara Univ.

    Should I apply with these qualifications or should I wait for a couple of years, gain relevant experience, improve GMAT scores and then consider applying to reputed MIS/MBA programs?

    Thanks for the blog. Much appreciated.

  16. Rishabh333 says:

    Hello Sameer,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Sameer, I graduated from Delhi University, wrote cat,snap, etc but couldn’t get through any fancy name, joined JIMS Rohini for my MBA.
    I am in the first year now, already paid half the fee (about 2.5lkh) aloted one year to it.
    Now I feel I have made a big mistake, looking at the pass outs of my college who say themselves as company’s dog who cannot bite but bark.
    The placements on an average somewhere around 3-3.5 being 6.5 highest this year.

    I think I shall quit it now, as still I have an option of saving a year and half the fee, work and write exams again till I get something better.

    Please help me out Sameer, I am more than bothered.

    Be good.

  17. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Shreyas: I’d suggest your second option. GMAT after gaining some experience.

    @Rishabh: Not sure how I can help here. As a general philosophy, it’s always good to take a task you’ve started to completion, rather than quitting midway. It’s also about taking ownership of your decisions.

  18. ankush says:

    Hi Sameer
    I got a gmat score of 650(Q 49 V31), I have 2 years of work ex in telecom.
    I want to apply to the Master of Global Business in SP Jain School of Global Management, and the PG program at Great Lakes Chennai.
    Do i have a chance of admission?
    Thanks in advance.

  19. Sameer Kamat says:

    Ankush: Your odds of getting into any school are dependent on a whole lot of factors beyond those covered in a single line (GMAT, work-ex, industry) that we know about you. It would be incorrect (and against your interest) to give you an answer just to make you happy.

    Think about what makes you different from the thousdands of others who apply with similar profiles.

  20. Rishi says:

    Hi Sameer ,

    I am interested in a 1 year mba from a good b school with a goal of a career switch and to be honest a better package. However would like to know what would be my chances in getting into a good b school (like sp jain gmba , isb , or other 1 year mba) with the below profile :

    Education: Bachlor in commerce 69 pct , 12 th – 64 pct , 10th – 73 pct.
    Work exp : 7.5 years in trade finance operations (BPO) in the banking industry.
    Age : 29 yrs
    Gmat : 650
    Extra curricular activities : nil.

  21. kumar gaurav says:

    hi sameer
    I am Gaurav. I have done B. TECH in marine engineering from cochin univ. of science and technology .
    male ,india, 28
    class10- 71.3%
    btech- 73.5%
    i m working since march 2008. i worked 4 months at ABG shipyard, Surat in 2008. Right now i m working as 2 assitant engineer on a ship at K LINE SHIP MANAGEMENT(JAPAN)..
    i gave my GMAT 7/11/2012.
    work ex- 5yr 4 month
    by next yr it will be 6.5 yr
    my target school is rice univ. jones in oil and gassector because i m working in that field. also i m interested in supply chain and logistic mgt.
    i want to get admission by 2014
    kindly advise

  22. Sai says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have an Mtech in Civil engineering with 8 yrs work exp. Currently a Project lead. My employers are not big ones but 20 to 100 employee companies. I wish to go for MBA 2014. Started my GMAT preparation. Can you guide me. I wish to Land into a bigger construction company, into a higher managerial role some day. My SSC (10TH) 85%, 10+2 is 82%, BE is 78% and MTech 75%. My main concern being scholarship. I wish to go to US. What are the Bschool’s i can apply and what is the procedure for the scholarship. And what is the min GMAT score for the Bschools. And finally is there is any Bschool that has construction/ civil engineering related MBA programmes.

    Please advise

  23. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Rishi: It’s impractical to talk about chances based on the information you’ve shared. There’s much more that goes into an application that Adcoms evaluate before taking a decision. We try to simulate it using the MBA MAP. Check it out.

    @Kumar: Always good to have several bschools on the list rather than just one or two, specially when certain factors (like the GMAT score) are going to be the strongest elements in the application.

    @Sai: There is no minimum when it comes to GMAT. But for Indians (more than for any other nationality), higher is better. Start quickly if you are targetting this application season. You are already late if you have Round 1 deadlines on your mind. Most of our clients have got MBA scholarships based on their application strength. Only in a few cases, we had to work with them for specific scholarship essays.

  24. sakshi says:

    I got a 710 in gmat q50 v36. I was doing pretty well in my practice tests but got lesser in the final exam. Do you think my chances of getting in any b -school is same as with a higher gmat score? Or do i give it again?
    I know there are a lot of factors considered but just want to know about the gmat score
    10th: 96.3%
    12th 90%
    BE (Computer Science) 8.7

  25. SK says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I have an overall experience of 7+ years in IT and am looking to take up GMAT this year. My academic details are as follows:
    10th – 86.40%
    12th – 82%
    BE (Pune University) – 71.3 %
    With current level of preparation, I expect to get a score of around 620 ( no high hopes here :-) )
    Wanted to know if there are B-Schools offering scholarships to candidates with this score. I have worked on many overseas projects and have been travelling overseas quite often (I don’t know if this carries any weight-age in a profile). I am currently managing a project from offshore.

    Which universities should I be targeting? How much weight age does the GMAT score carry? Should I continue with my work for now as a Project Lead to enhance my profile further (say I do not get a decent score in GMAT)?

  26. sandeep says:

    Hey ,I want to know that if a person is working in any PSU bank or in any other Govt Department …What are the chances for him and what is the value of his profile …is it valuable or not …i want to know whole thing about this ,,,,,pls help me

  27. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Sakshi: You are right that there are many other factors that’ll be considered, but you haven’t shared any of that. So all I can say with the limited info I have about your profile is that 710 is a decent score.

    @SK: We’ve worked with someone who got a scholarship with 610. So you wouldn’t be setting any records if you get scholarships with a 620. But I have to admit that the bschool choice for this candidate won’t exactly get a ‘Wow, whatta brand!’ response. A safer option is try and push your target score.

    @Sandeep: I can’t possibly cover the ‘whole thing about this’, but if it helps let me share that government jobs and public sector applicants can have interesting stories and profiles.
    I just completed the MBA MAP for an IIT graduate who works for a public sector company. The salary is pathetic, but the work profile is very unique. Combined with a strong GMAT score, his chances at the top bschools are quite good.
    So, I wouldn’t undermine a role purely based on whether the applicant comes from private or public sector.

  28. Anurag says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I completed my b.tech degree this year. I got 65%.I joined TIME for mba entrance exam coaching. I am thinking to write GMAT. In my B.tech carer i have been through backlogs and cleared them. So,if I am choosing to write GMAT is there any problem for me to face. Is there any chance for me to get a seat in top 100 B-Schools and I want to know the universities which select only on the basis of GMAT score.

  29. Alok says:


    I am planning to take GMAT but but i am having few doubts related to my educational background & work

    ex. as can they turned out to be potential odd even if i score well in GMAT….
    10th 55%
    12th 55%
    There are 3 years gap between my 12th & Graduation
    Grad 65%
    MBA Fin 64%

    Presently i am working in health sector & total work ex is around 5 years but my industry & profile is not very reputed unlike IT & finance indus. so if i start preparing very hard & manage to get a good score will top institutes consider me or i will loose the chance in getting top B schools because of my weak educational background & low profile work ex. Pls provide your valuable guidance. Best Wishes Alok

  30. sandeep says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I am working in PSU Bank as PO .Now can you help me with that .How much it is beneficial for me to go for MBA through GMAT.

  31. Chetan says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I just took my Gmat exam and managed to score a mere 530 score. I have a work experience of 2 years with Ernst & Young. Do you think i should appear for the exam again ? I had been consistently scoring between 600-700 in my mock exams. I want to pursue the MBA program by UT Mccombs school of business.

    Please advice.

    Thank you for your help.

  32. Amulya says:

    Hi sameer,
    I scored a 690 on gmat and have no work experience. Should i work for an year and go or else can i go as a fresher. which way is better? Please suggest few universities in USA.

    thanks a lot.

  33. gauravbangur says:

    Hi sameer,
    i am going to give my gmat this december and was planning to go for MBA on Fall intakes in 2014, in US. Right now i am working in my DAD’s Firm and and have graduated in 2013 from manipal university .i wanted to know whether internship in my project year will be taken in as work Ex or not? and can you suggest me some Reputed University in US for my mba , where there are company intakes in campus itself

  34. Vijay says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I got a score of 710 in my GMAT(50 -Q, 35 – V). My overall experience is 8.7 years(TCS + Infy). Percentage
    Xth – 76%
    XII – 78
    BE (CS) – 55%

    Do you think that my low score in BTech will impact a lot to my application? I have done my BE from Pune university where the score of even toppers is only 75%. Will this be considered?

  35. Nikhil Raina says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I got a very low score of 680 (Q- 49, V-32) in my GMAT.
    I have a overall experience of 1.5 yrs
    I am planning ot apply for MFE, MSFE courses in US..
    Can you please suggest some good universities where i have a chance to get in with low GMAT score..
    or should i try again and get higher marks in GMAT??
    XII – 80%
    X – 88%
    BE (CSE) – 7.83/10

  36. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Anurag: Top 100 is a pretty broad list. For the top ones, there could be an issue with the backlogs. I can’t think of any good bschool that will decide purely on the basis of GMAT scores. They consider all aspects – academics grads, work experience, extra curricular etc.

    @Alok: The 3 year gap will definitely need to be justified. If this has been a deviation from the demonstrated potential that you’ve shown in other areas, some schools might overlook it.

    @Sandeep: There’s very little that I know about you. So tough for me to comment.

    @Chetan: You definitely should go for a re-take. McCombs is a tough school to target and most of your competitors will be applying with high scores and strong profiles.

    @Amulya: You should work for at least 2 years before you even think about an international MBA.

    @Gaurav: Internship isn’t considered as work experience. I think you are rushing into the degree too early. Just like in Amulya’s case, I’d suggest gaining a few years of real experience before consider an international MBA. Read Beyond the MBA Hype to know how international MBA programs work (and don’t).

    @Vijay: Some top schools insist a minimum of first class (or equivalent). Tier 2 and 3 bschools would be a little more flexible with this requirement.

    @Nikhil: 680 is not a ‘very low score’. If you think you can get a significantly higher score, go for it. For application strategy advice (including bschool selection), you might want to consider the MBA MAP.

  37. Debarshi says:


    Can you please suggest some 1 year Programs considering my profile below

    GMAT :710
    Software Professional Working at US for Indian MNC at client location for last 3 years
    Total Work experience 5 Years
    Undergraduate degree in Electronics and communication Engineering
    Want to work after graduation either IN US or in INDIA.

    I am applying for ISB and INSEAD Sept batch. I have gone through some of the US schools for one year but unable to decide since most of them require prior expertise in Business courses and not sure about their ROI.

    Thanks in Advance

  38. Amulya says:

    Okay. Can one year of experience help?

  39. Deblin says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have a gmat score of 620 and I don’t want to give the test once again. Can you suggest me some good business schools in Canada considering my score?

  40. Shashwat says:

    I am having an avarage of 65 % in my academic career. with a exp. of 5 years in engg. and with an avarage GMAT score of 650 ,can I expect interview call from good collages in India.

  41. sajith says:

    Hai Sameer,
    I have not yet taken the Gmat, but i am planning to take it in 2014. I am currently working as a marine engineer in Merchant Navy . I have been in this field for almost 8 years now. Is it possible for a career change at this point in time for me. , can i have an expert opinion on this matter please. I am planning to do the executive MBA from one of the IIMs or ISB hyderabad.
    Do you think I have any chance for getting jobs other than from marine field( very less opportunity for mba graduates in marine sector) after successful completion of the 1 year program.
    Thanks and regards

  42. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Debarshi: Sorry, but we can’t recommend schools or talk about chances based on the limited info that candidates share, for the following reason – How not to select bschools.

    @Amulya: It gets very difficult for the good schools if you have less than 3 years at the time of starting the program (so around 2 years while applying).

    @Deblin: There aren’t too many options in Canada. So you are essentially choosing between names like Rotman, Ivey, Schulich, Queens.

    @Shashwat: That’s too broad a question with too little data to chew on, sirji.

    @Sajith: Sure, it’s possible to target the good programs. We’ve helped merchant navy guys get into the top 10 programs and they’ve managed complete career changes (in non-marine fields) as well. Get in touch when you are ready to apply.

  43. sajith says:

    Thanks Sameer, thats really a moral booster. will start for my preparation for gate 2014 by march next year. will stay in touch with you.
    so bye and thanks once again

  44. Pooja says:


    I am having 6+ years of work experience. I am working as lead in an MNC. I am working as social worker associated with political party and I have a certificate from the leader of the party as well regarding this.
    I have scored 580 in gmat and 102 in toefl.
    Can you kindly let me know if I have chances in Texas A & M, Perdue and North Caralina State University.
    I was intending for USC, however, I understand now that it is quite a long shot.

    I wanted to know if I have to write gmat again or I can move ahead with application filling process.
    I request you to please help me know about this.

    Thank you,

  45. mk says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am targeting for an MBA in 2015 and completed my GMAT last week with 720 score. I work as a Product Manager in an MNC with close to 8 years of work exp. I would like to get into the top business school like Harvard/Stanford in the US or into LBS/INSEAD/IMD in Europe/Asia. My issue is I do not have an international work exp in my 8 years exp but interact with the US remote teams on a daily basis. Can you let me know what is the probability I can breakthrough into these schools? Also, my scores in X- 72%,XII – 76, B-tech- 64%– how well is my average academic scores going to affect me?

    Thanks in advance,

  46. Nilanjan Roy says:

    Hi Sameer,

    This is Nilanjan from India. I need some suggestions regarding PHD courses in marketing from a canadian university. I am MBA in Marketing with 4 years of work experience in Tier1 companies like Tata, Vodafone and Unilever. I have a GMAT score of 650. Pls suggest. Regards.

  47. laith says:

    I would like to know which MBA program in USA i am eligible to apply for and i have a good chance to be accepted.

    GPA: 77.3% out of 100%
    GMAT: 530 (First Attempt)
    Work Experience: 7 years
    Background: IT

    I am working now as Senior Business/system analyst for an IT company in Dubai-UAE, i am leading the incident management team (4 resources) i have several certificates.
    I have been a volunteer for more than 1 year with IIBA and i have been selected as a reviewer for the new version of business analysis book.

    I am thinking to retake the GMAT, however for the time being i would like to know which schools i could get in, i have found the following but i am not sure if its worth it to have an MBA from these schools:
    1- American University Kogod
    2- KATZ business school
    3- Babson Business school
    4- Hult business school
    5- Manson Business school
    6- Clemson University
    7- The university of tennessee Knoxville
    8- The University of Arizona Eller College of Management
    9- Rollins University
    10- Iowa State University
    11- University of St Thomas
    12- Ball State university
    13- Kent state university
    14- Thunderbird school of global management

  48. Mathur says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have been working in Oil & Gas industry for a quite some time now. I am keen on pursuing MBA in Energy management from one of these schools: Jones (Rice University), McCombs School (University of Austin) and Haas (University of Berkeley). Could you please shed some light on my profile and let me know If I have a chance of getting through one of them and if not, how do I make my profile strong. I plan to take admission in Fall 2014. Below are me credentials:
    GPA: 4.0
    Industry: Oil & Gas
    Experience : 6 yrs in 2014
    Graduation: Electronics & Telecommunication
    International Work Exp: 7 mnths in Houston
    Extra-Curriculars: Memeber of Employee Engagement committee at office, organized various events like Plays, Blood Donation camps, Old age home visits etc.
    Traits: Excellent Communication skills as perceived by my superiors at office.

    Thanks a lot for your consideration :)

  49. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Pooja: You should definitely re-take the GMAT. Start ASAP.

    @MK: Not having international experience need not be a deal breaker, if you’ve got other impressive accomplishments to talk about. The US schools will be a long shot though. Good that you have European bschools on your list.

    @Nilanjan: Not sure what help you need. You’d have to check out Canadian universities to see whether they offer doctoral options in your area of interest.

    @laith: You need to get the GMAT score closer to the median for the schools you are interested in. For your experience level, you deserve a better score.

    @Mathur: You are in touch with us offline. So I’ll skip this.

  50. Bala says:

    Hey Sameer,

    I have a work experience of 6+yrs. CGPA 3.4 / 4. I have a GMAT score of 530. I am from India. Shall i apply (not for top schools) to moderate schools. What are my chances of getting admitted? I am desperate in pursuing a degree. Please reply me asap.


  51. Rajan says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have work experience of 2.9 Months in one of the largest FMCG companies in India I have a Degree in Biotechnology BSc. and after that I was in Army for 1.5 years but got out due to injury in my knee can it be a good profile as there has been so much diversity in my profile can it be possible to get through any good B school with a GMAT score of 590??

  52. hemant says:

    hello sameer
    i am hemant i have scored 730 on my gmat and have 3 years of experience my problem is that during my engineering days our financial condition was not strong (we lost lot in debt repayments) so i had to work alternate years while continuing my studies as mechanical was my passion and now i can arrange some financial assistance too try for a mba to boost my career and scores in BE was 64 % and earlier for 3 years it was around 55% consistently , which college(good college from any country) i might have hope to get admission into, please guide me
    thank you

  53. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Bala: Adding desperation to the mix isn’t a good idea at all, when the stakes are so high. given the option, I’d suggest re-taking the GMAT higher before applying.

    @Rajan: I’m not sure about the general GMAT scores for army background applicants, but those who’ve worked with us so far have had a 700+ score. If that’s your competition, you should try raising the score.

    @Hemant: You should explain the reason for the academic delay in your optional essay.

  54. Souvik Mukherjee says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I scored 640 in my recent GMAT attempt a week back with some 10 days of prep. I’m in a big dilemma now. Shd I go ahead and prepare well, and retake the GMAT in a month to target 720+. So, that leaves me with 1 month for my essays, and I can target the early Jan deadlines in US, NUS, NTU and some other universities. That means, I have to forget abt ISB (30 Nov), INSEAD (27 Nov), HEC (15 Nov). Because, if I start writing my essays and prepare for GMAT together and retake it before Nov End, then I feel I can’t excel in either. Please guide as to what should I do.
    My profile : BE Mech, DCE (1st class with distinction). 3.5 yrs work-ex in a Fortune 500 company – Michelin Tyres – Greenfield Project in Chennai, with 1.5 yrs international work-ex in France, Germany, Thailand.

  55. Priyanka says:

    Hi Sameer,

    Xth 75%
    XII 72%
    B.tech 76%
    Infosys 3yrs of work ex..
    GMAT 550
    Currently working for an NGO.
    What are the possible options for MBA in HR from India…
    Thanks (in Advance)

  56. Rajeev says:

    Hi Sameer,

    Please have a look @ my profile:

    Xth – 87%.
    Xiith – 73 %
    B.tech – 82% (8.2 CGPA)

    Work Ex- 4 years
    2.4 years @ Tata Consultacy Services Ltd and remaining in Infosys Ltd and still working.

    GMAT : Yet to appear and hoping to get a 700+.
    EC`s- A couple of appreciation awards at Workplace (Dont know much they matter when presented).
    Blood Donation(Again no idea about this one)

    Main Motive behind a MBA: A change in in industry,better salary and a management role.

    i am wanting to apply next year to schools both in India and Abroad.

    Can you please give me inputs how to go about this and i am having a tuff time deciding my target schools?


  57. Rajeev says:


    In addition to the post above…i`d like to add another point.
    There is a 2 year Education Gap in my profile between 12th and Engineering.
    To be absolutely honest..i tried to crack IIT however couldn’t do much and financial condition wasn’t good during that phase hence had to drop another year.

    Please suggest as to how this can affect my chances and if there is anything i can do about this now.


  58. rajesh says:

    hey dis is rajesh….planning to give gmat and interested in 1 Year executive mba course.I am a dentist in army having experiece of 6 years.what are my chances.

  59. Pooja says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I had scored 580 in gmat. Since this was the first attempt, I attempted gmat once again, my bad luck was so bad that I got 570. I really do not have guts now to write once again.
    I am totally frustrated. I want to go for full time MBA. Can you kindly send me your contact details to my mail ID so that I can get in touch with you regarding admissions guidance.

    Hoping for some ray of hope from your end.


  60. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Souvik: if you can manage such a big jump (640 to 720+) in a month, you should definitely re-take it. And then share your GMAT prep secrets and success story on our forum.

    @Priyanka: Sorry, but we can’t help out with CAT MBA programs in India.

    @Rajeev: You may want to consider taking up the MBA MAP. It’ll go way beyond school shortlisting.

    @Rajesh: This is exactly the kind of questions that gives us shudders. A liteel more homework pleejh. Use this to get started – How not to select bschools.

    @Pooja: ‘bad luck is so bad’…gotta love desi english!
    But on a serious note, I’m sorry to hear about your GMAT experience. I’m not sure we’d be able to help much with that score. Do you have any target bschools in mind? If the average score for those isn’t too high (vis-a-vis your score), you could go ahead and apply independently.

  61. Alok Kr says:

    Hi sameer

    I am a banker , chief manager with 8.5 years of hard core banking experience across retail and wholesale banking. Last 6 years have been in corporate banking handling some of the largest names in business. My acads are as below 10th 80 %
    12th 74
    Grad 59
    Pg 68 silver medalist
    Extra curriculars
    State level basket ball player school level
    Have been a keen deabter have won debates in delhi university and iit delhi.
    Quizzing , again won quizzes in du , iit, scmhrd etc.
    Work related interests include financial inclusion , have some recommendation on this.

    Target schools iima pgpx, iimc pgpex, iimb epgp, iiml ipmx, isb.
    Should I retake gmat to improve or focus on building a good profile.
    Would like to avail your services on this.

  62. azad kumar says:

    Hi , sameer
    i’m a professional with 5 years of hardcore sales experience in Telecom domain. i recently appeared for GMAT and scored 500. Do i have a chance to get admission to a good B-school ?? Plz guide me as i’m not aware of admission process of B-schools. my academics are as follows: 10th: 68% ; 12th : 48% ; Grad : 68% and i’m currently 34 years of age.

  63. Souvik Mukherjee says:

    In addition to my previous post, could you help me if I decide to app with 640 GMAT somewhere where deadlines are still pending. If so, which colleges ??

  64. Chik says:

    Hi Sameer,

    X- 69.6
    XII- 81
    B.tech – 68.5
    Work ex – 4.5 years in a reputed company
    GMAT – 630
    I want to know whether my GMAT score and profile is sufficient for me to get admission in good US college for Management information systems(MIS) course? Should i retake the exam but considering my low score i at least need 40 days for prep and thus will have no/small time for application process.

    I am not sure whether this score is suffice for MIS course in a good b school along with scholorships….Please help!!
    Some of the universities,which i have short listed are:-
    University of Arizona- Eller
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Maryland
    University of Michigan
    Texas A & M university- Mays

    Best Regards

  65. Abhijit says:

    Hello Sameer, thanks for this initiative.
    I scored in gradutation 48% and having 4+ work experience. Working currently as team lead in intespeaking l bpo, having team of 30. frankly speaking never thought of seriously of about carrier while studying. But now its different! after this fabulous work experience, now in coming few years i have targeted ‘portfolio head’ or ‘CEO. I am very serious to achieve this position.
    Thats why targetting MBA from good Bschool by focusing on GMAT. Is it correct?
    My graduation score will stop my addmision in ISB, even when I will have 730+ GMAT score?
    If yes, then can i look for abroad bschool? 100% finance will be provided by banks?
    Please suggest best things, thanks in advance.
    Have a good day!

  66. nishant sharma says:

    Hi sameer,

    . Following are my credentials,
    class x- 78%
    Clas x+2- 64%
    Electrical engineering -60%
    2.5 years exp in manufacturing sector (maintenance department)
    3 years exp in construction field (project development -electrical and safety systems)
    There is also a year gap after standard eleventh, for which I have a government authorised medical certificate

    Now, I want to know about the score which i will need, to get to the top executive MBA colleges in India ,where campus placements are good. Also please tell me when is the best time to give gnat and also about the admission process
    Please help!

  67. Apurva says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am an electronics engineer and worked at a reputed engineering firm for 20 months after which I put in my papers. I gave my GMAT yesterday and scored a 710. Are there colleges which will be willing to look past my lack of experience ? Or is it an inflexible necessity to have experience of more than 3 years ?

    Thanks for your time.

  68. Sameer Kamat says:

    Please post your profile evaluation queries on our forum.

  69. pooja says:

    is work experience definetly needed for gmat?
    i am a 3rd year biotech student and i am confused if i can apply for gmat
    my 10th score is 80%
    my 12 th score is 79%
    and till now my cgpa is 7
    i dont want to go for an msc and hell bent on doin mba
    i have been working for a well known ngo for 2 years
    should i go for job and then for mba or directly start preparing for gmat ??
    please help

  70. Vipin says:

    Hi Sameer,

    My detailed Profile:
    Currently, I am working as Member Research Staff(Scientist) at Bharat Electronics Ltd. My work domain is R&D in Softwares with the development of algorithms for defense Forces.

    6 Years Exp at BEL.
    2 times BEL R&D Award 2010-11, 2011-12 Nominated for 3rd consecutive year 2012-13
    M.Tech. Signal Processing from NSIT, New Delhi – GPA 8.04 out of 10 -2007
    B.Tech. from UP Tech Univ, Lucknow (74.82%) – Topper of class at college level -2005
    X/XII 66.5%/63.6% UP State board

    GMAT-640 (570-640-590-640)
    I hv attended 2-week course at MDI, Gurgaon nd learnt about operations and strategy management.

    1. Joint Secretary at BEL Officer’s club from 2 years.
    2. Sports Secretary in College
    3. Associated with NGO Chetna
    4. Was member of R&D Center in B.Tech.,developed Lab kits
    5. GATE qualified AIR-1294
    6. Won Prizes in Hindi Language competition and Vigilance Essays competition

    I am interested in Indian B-schools only. I have applied to XLRI-GMP. What are the chances???
    What other school I can apply in India ?

  71. Shraddha says:

    Hi Sameer,

    Qualifications BE mechanical. MSc operation management from Nottingham . I switched to hr and have 8 years of experience and currently working in a reputed organisation overseas as HR manager
    I am planning to pursue 1 year mba from iims
    Would like to know from you what are the growth prospects post mba considering I am an HR professional and what roles will I be considered for on completion of this course

    Your revert will be of great help to me



  72. Ankita says:

    Hy Sameer,

    Its nice to see all the above replies.

    I have something to share,i am in hospitality for last 4 and a half year in business development, i have a managerial experience for more than 2 years by now, stuggling with my GMAT score for last one year, i had given my first attempt and scored 440 in July and then started the whole thing again in October ,and today i have got 460 inspite i had given mocks again and i was scoring from 490 to 600 in all of them.I dont know what has happened again with me for the second time.I believe in destiny but i believe more in hard work/smart work.I have been doing well with my job.
    I never wanted to go to US,UK or Europe thats why second time i was targeting upto 650.Still couldnt make it.I had been targeting Australia/Singapore/Canada.
    But now i dont know what needs to done shall i give my gmat again or i shall apply with the same score.If i shall apply then which colleges in Australia/Singapore/Canada i shall apply.

    Please advice.

  73. Sameer Kamat says:

    My pyare pyare peepals, please read the earlier comment about profile evaluations.

  74. Aditya Harite says:

    I have an experience of over 8 years in banking sector. I have the score of 680 in GMAT. I required which all colleges I may get into. Plus for me the tuition fee is a major constraint, as I feel the Return on the Investment will be a long term, but a hinderance in the immediate future. Which colleges in India, with sufficient pedigree can I get into ?

  75. Sahil says:

    Hi Sameer,

    It’s great to see you responding to each and every post here. Please guide me as well with your expertise.

    I gave my 1st attempt of GMAT in Dec, 2013 and scored an average 580 after a preparation of 6 months. I have a total of 5+ years of professional experience in telecom domain with different companies. I hold a B.E degree from an average engineering college. Currently, I am working as a Corporate Communications Executive with a leading telecom player.

    Though, ideally, I think I should be writing the exam again to see if I can push the score a little higher, I would like your view on whether there are any chances of me getting into a good B-school with my current score and experience. I have applied only to Great Lakes so far through this score. I am open to universities in and outside India.

    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  76. Rohit (Age 24) says:

    SUB: Regarding my eligibility in Gmat based B-schools.
    Respected sir,
    My educational qualifications are as follows:
    1)10th std— 79%(CBSE)
    2)12th std— 63%(CBSE)
    3)Graduation—- 57.29%(Bachelor of engineering,Nagpur university)
    4) Work Experience—- 1 year( company name not worth mentioning)
    Am i eligible for giving Gmat? if selected ,will they reject me becoz of my graduation marks?
    sir,i’m really interested in getting into a reputed b-school abroad?

    looking for ur Sagacious reply..

  77. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Aditya: We can’t suggest bschools based on the limited data you’ve shared. Check out the MBA MAP option on our site.

    @Sahil: The good schools would be really tough with that score. Probably there’s a fundamental flaw in the way you approached the test. Get a supportive mentor who can guide you and them retake it. Going in with the current score would severely restrict the possibilities.

    @Rohit: You’ve already reached out on FB, forum, blog :-) Isko skip karte hain yahaan par.

  78. Ankit says:


    I am planning to apply for MBA in Business schools of Canada and US. Below is my detailed profile and my target schools.
    Could you please evaluate my profile and my chances of admission in my targeted schools


    Nationality – Indian

    Applying for fall 2014 and winter 2015 (For Canadian B Schools)

    GMAT – 660 (Q49, V31, AWA-6)

    IELTS – 7.0

    I have 4.5 years of work experience in Software Development in a very reputed US based MNC(Fortune 100 company). Currently I am working in Software delivery team wherein I have extensive client interaction. I have also worked for 1 year in Germany for our client which is one of the world’s biggest Insurance Company. In Germany I have worked as a Business Analyst for two projects. I have experience in Telecom domain and Insurance domain. Throughout my career I have worked for European Clients.

    Education : I have been a topper in my high school and secondary school education.

    Did B.Tech from NIT and have GPA of 6.73/10. Also I have GPA of 7.9/10 in my last 2 years of Bachelors degree (Some b schools in canada look for GPA in last 2 years of education).

    Extra Curricular : I have been member of different committees in college. Also I have various certificates in performances in college fests. I am currently working for a NGO which helps under-privilege children.

    Also I love Travelling and have visited 12 countries around the world. I have a great passion for Photography and I also write Photography blogs.

    Target Schools: Richard ivey, Canada / Schulich School of Business, Canada / Queen’s Business school, Canada / Texas A&M University, USA / Indiana University, USA /
    For US I am basically focusing on Schools having avg GMAT score in range of 650 – 680.

    Post MBA: My post MBA career target is consulting for tech firms or an Investment Banker in a good finance house.

    Please advise

    Thanks in Advance.

  79. curious92 says:

    I scored a 620 in gmat
    Quants 48
    verbal 27
    my Profile is
    X-91.6 (icse)
    XII-91.7 (ap ssc)
    Btech-89.35 in ECE
    I have a lot of extracurricular activities and achievements in my profile at school, college, state and national levels.
    Can u please help me with what colleges can I consider ?

  80. Aniket Sharma says:

    Hi Sameer.
    i scored a 9 CGPA in 10th and 93.6% in my XII board exams. I am currently pursuing B.Com from St.Xavier’s college, Jaipur. I plan to appear for GMAT soon after my graduation. However, am worried that most of the B-schools consider applicants with a minimum of 2-3 years work experience(which if you ask me is a task for a b.com graduate due to lack of jobs). How do you think i should go about it as a freshman? I am really keen on studying abroad in a decent b-school, but work experience could pose a problem.
    Awaiting reply.


  81. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Ankit & Curious92: Please post on our forum. We can’t talk about chances or bschool recommendations though.

    @Aniket: You could look at Indian CAT MBA, instead of GMAT.

    NOTE: We will not be responding to further comments on this blog post. Please post your queries on our MBA forum.

  82. Seshasai says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I need your help, I am unable to decide what to do next. I have given my Gmat and my score is 580.
    I did my Btech from NIT Warangal my cgpa is 8.2
    My 12th %age is 89.
    My 10th %age is 78.
    i am working for wipro as a software developer from past 2 years(I was hired by wipro for their STAR program)
    I had done an internship at a Market research company on identifying opportunities in Healthcare.
    I was the publicity coordinator for our College cultural fest.
    I was elected as Class Representative, I was an event coordinator.
    Can you please let me know whether there are any chances of getting admission in any Decent US B school with the Gmat score i have and my profile.

  83. SB says:

    Hi Sameer,
    Thanks for sharing all the insights.
    I am working with a US based MNC and have 3 years experience(IT). I have decided to get myself enrolled for a full time MBA for 2015 admissions(i will have 4 yrs exp then). My profile is as follows:
    Male, 25
    Xth – 85
    XIIth – 65
    BE(Instrumentation) – 62 (University of Mumbai)
    Currently working as a Senior Engineer for Global Projects.
    Lot of extracurricullar activities inter/intra school and college level.
    I can convince my superiors to write a good recommendation for me.

    I am planning to do my MBA from India itself (if not IIMs or ISB, I am targetting FMS, MDI, SPJAIN, NM, SYMBI, JB)

    Given my profile and target colleges and also that I can devote 30 hours a week for preparation from June ’14(4 months), what should be my stategy for CAT,CMAT,XAT, NMAT and SNAP? I will also give GMAT, what should be my target score? Please also do suggest me some particular study material or mock test centrs.
    Thanks and regards,

  84. Surya says:

    Hi Sameer

    I would like to know my chances to get into 1 year MBA in top India B schools. I gave the GMAT in this month and the score was too low. I am preparing for 2nd attempt in next month. Hopefully that will bring good score that I am expecting in 650 range. Here are my profile particulars.

    Total Exp – 12 Years
    Int Exp – 9 years
    Mgmt Exp – 7 years
    Domain – Information Technology
    X – 85
    XII – 85
    B.Tech – 75
    GMAT – 510 (Q40, V24), AWA – 5

    Could you please share your thoughts if I have a chance to get admission into ISB / IIMs / XLRI / SPJAIN.


  85. Sameer says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I am studying engineering final year in India and I want to take the Gmat this year and I want to get into one of the top B-schools in world like HBS,LBS.I want to know if work experience is compulsory for GMAT or is not required as I don’t have any work experience.Please help me regarding this aspect.

  86. Manish says:

    Hello Sameer,
    I had appeared for GMAT recently and could score 620 (Q49, V27) (IR – 6) and this was my first attempt. I am having close to 11 years of experience in IT (out of which I have spent 4.5 years at different client sites outside India). I am wondering what options do I have for an executive mba in IIMs/ ISB/ INSEAD/ IMD/ LBS/ Kellogg. Should I consider taking the test again or shall I try to make with the available options.


  87. Asghar says:

    hello sameer,
    i’m an artist had four years bachelors from a renowned school of arts in our country. and has more then 5 years of work experience in design and management. i scored 273 in GRE 2 years ago.I m preparing myself to appear in Gre/Gmat again this year. Now that i want to pursue MBA i’m a little confuse which universities i should apply this fall?
    because i had done 2 years bachelors in sciences before going to Arts college. Can you please guide me on this?

  88. Jrnymn says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I would love to hear your expert opinion on my GMAT score of 680/84% (AWA – 4.5, IR – 6, Q – 47/68%, V – 37/83%), and this is my first attempt.
    I’m an Indian IT guy, and hence a bit concerned about my Quant scores, given the very competitive applicant pool that I represent.
    I’m targeting the top 15-25 B-Schools in US.

    What do you suggest my strategy be?

    Option #1:
    Hold back on Round 1, retake GMAT and apply for Round 2 (hopefully with a better score)?

    Option #2:
    Apply for Round 1 with the 680, coupled with stellar essays and take a call to retake GMAT depending on the response from R1?

    Option #3:
    Divide my target schools into 2 lists – targeted for R1 and R2.
    Apply to first list in Round 1 with the 680, coupled with stellar essays and in parallel retake GMAT so as to bump my round 1 application and/or apply to 2nd list in R2, with the new (better) score? I know this would require a lot of effort from my side, preparing essays and cranking up for GMAT!

    Please help me make this decision, so I can better concentrate on my time and effort in order to maximise my chances of getting into my target schools.


  89. Ayush Agarwal says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I got
    X- 89% (ICSE)
    XII-86% (ISC)

    12 months of work experiance in IT industry.
    Want to go for MBA preferarbly NUS singapore.How much do I need to score in GMAT to secure an admission.
    Is NUS a place for me to be there right now??

  90. ASHISH says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I read your all suggestions and really impressed by your answers and hoping that u will help me also.

    I am in a big confusion. I did my B Pharmacy and then MBA in Pharmaceutical from NIPER Mohali, which is pioneer in pharma in India. and currently I am working MNC in as a healthcare analytics and consulting, but my package is not good as expected (6 .1 per annum). I am planning to appear GMAT and do an executive MBA programme from ISB Hyderabad. Also I am not interested to work outside and I am hardly interested in 2 years MBA program.

    Please suggest me asap as I am planning to start coaching fro next week.


  91. Abhi says:

    Hey Sameer,
    My academic summary is something like this:
    2 XII=83%
    3. I am sure I’ll get a CGPA of around 8.
    nd right now I am in 2nd year of CSE.I am gonna ask questions NOT related to GMAT score.
    1.Please suggest me some ways to improve my CV so that it looks impressive at the end of the 4 yrs?
    2.What extra curricular activities should I indulge in?(Technical or Non-technical)?
    3.I have been doing internships and summer trainings from likes of brands like HP and MICROSOFT?
    4.Does all this matter during applying for the programs in USA and Europe B-schools?
    5.Is it necessary to work for 2 years before applying for MBA abroad?I want to do MBA right after my graduation.Is it possible?

    Please help me ASAP, so I can prepare accordingly.

    Thank you.

  92. Komal says:

    Hi Sameer
    Need some guidance…I sat for my first attempt at GMAT on 25th August..scored a 610..what options do I have in hand with a score like 610??
    I have 2+ years of work ex.
    and don’t want this year to go waste waiting for the next year..Please Help!

  93. Sameer Kamat says:

    Pleejh check the earlier response.

  94. Rushabh says:

    Can you please evaluate my profile for ISB?


    10th- 83.06%
    12th- 81.83%
    Grad- B.E(Production/Industrial Engg)- 70%Hons (58.9% Aggregate) Mumbai University
    GMAT- 690

    Work Ex- 2 yrs- L&T-; Senior Engineer & Management Trainee As a part of Design group my responsibilities were New Product Design & Development, Coordinating with sales to help them with technical inputs, Preparing standardized assemblies for seismic testing, Preparing drafts for cost estimation, Coordinating with Manufacturing & Production planning for smooth release of the product for dispatch.

    2 yrs- GEC- Project Consultant

    . Major work responsibilities include- Consultation in formulation of new Design codes, Project Costing, Business Development, and Product Life cycle Management.

    . Consulting services for Design, Testing and Quality control of Products- SS Bellows and Industrial Valves.

    · Delivering end to end solutions on customized or standard turnkey projects for major Oil & Gas Companies, Fertilizer Companies and Thermal Power Plants. Major Clients- ONGC, BPCL, BARC and RIL. · Also headed the team of the Project Management group for the customized one off project- Design and Testing of Radiography Cameras with BRIT (Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology), India.


    · Received certificate of recognition from LSI (Leprosy Foundation of India) for volunteering in the Leprosy Eradication drive by arranging seminars & campaigns, and organizing fundraising events for the organization.

    · I have been associated with Shaolin School of Martial Arts for over three years now. I started with kung-Fu and now I am also learning Jiu-Jitsu. I have completed till Black Belt stripe-3 in Shaolin Kung-Fu (Pro Level). I also teach part time to Stripe-1 and Stripe-2 students.

    · I have learned the following dance forms up to three levels- Salsa, Ballroom, Rumba, Jive, Cha cha cha and Bachata.

    · I had participated in various CSR activities during my last job at L&T.; The activities include volunteering for Green Mumbai drive, participating in blood donations and writing articles and holding seminars about the importance of Non-conventional energy sources such as Solar, Wind etc.

    · Active member of ISME (Indian Society of Manufacturing Engineers) · Also member of LFI (Leprosy foundation of India)

    · Permanent member of Samarpan Blood Bank, India

    · Member of Shaolin School of Martial Arts, Mumbai

  95. andy says:

    Hello Sameer , I have got 580 gmat working for 9 years in top rated usa mnc at leadership role at moment and having 5 years of USA Germany and Canadian experience any chances of getting through a good b school I know gmat is kind of low but overall profile is strong please let me know your view.

  96. prisheena says:

    Hai sir
    I am prisheena dng btech final year…I want to do mba in aboard is it possible sir….pls tell me what are the qualifications required about studies ….eligibility degree pls sir help me..I am waiting for your answer

  97. manisha says:

    hello sameer, I am manisha. my 10th score is 80 percent, inter 80 percent, b.com(hons) 65 percent. i dont have any work experience and any extra ciriculars in my cv. will higher gmat score help in getting admission in top universities?

  98. abhishek says:

    Hi Sameer

    I gave GMAT in May 2014 and got a score of 490. How you anticipate my chances of getting a call from Great Lakes with this score. I realize the score is too low to ask for anything but based on the fact that other factors are also considered eventually like Interview and extra curricular activities.. Please let me know .
    My query is for the 1year PGPM program. Have a work ex of 3.4 years in with IBM India Pvt.Ltd.

  99. Anup says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have 3.5 yrs work experience as project engg in oil & gas EPC industry – with L&T – location UAE.
    I am planning to give my give my GMAT test this year. I wish not to switch my current industry & also wish to be placed in middle east or south east asia after MBA.
    Could you please guide me regarding the B-schools i should target for. Also what would be the requirements/ possibility for attaining scholorships for the MBA pgm. I hold BE in Mech Engg.

  100. subhajit says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am a chemical engineering graduate from a reputed university and I have decent scores throughout my academic career( X:94.4,XII87.6 CBSE; Graduation CGPA:9.03). I have 3 years of experience in Oil Refinery sector.I have appeared for CAT for the last 3 years and my performance has deteriorated every successive year with this year being the worst(97.5/96.6/87.5%ile). I feel GMAT is an easier option for me.I believe that although I am in a tight work schedule involving shifting duties I can get through GMAT with a score of above 700. I am targeting ISB specifically but am not confident enough about my profile which has no outstanding extracurricular or any stellar achievement as of now.I am also open to an MBA from a reputed US school if I get a scholarship or else there will be a monetary issue.
    Kindly help me through which B-SCHOOLS I should target which may provide me scholarships.

    Waiting for your priceless advice.

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