MBA vs Masters in Management: Which is better?

The big MBA versus Masters in Management fight always gets its fair share of viewers. It is one of the common topics you’d see on MBA discussion forums where fresh graduates preparing for CAT (and GMAT simultaneously) hang out. After reading 20-30 responses you end up more confused than ever. So here’s a simple way to look at the two.

The primary difference is in the timing, that is, when you can start the program. Masters in management can be targeted by students who have just completed their graduation and are looking at continuing their education in the management area.

The regular 2 year MBA programs in India have traditionally targeted the same (age and qualification) demographic pool. Many of our impatient desi kids set their eyes on international degrees and don’t want to wait for several years. For them the Masters in management degree can be a good option to pursue. Financing a Masters program is relatively easier than a top MBA course.

MBA programs abroad, in contrast, expect students to have some professional experience before they are eligible to apply. We’ve already written a lot on this degree, including why Admission committees insist on work experience. So we’ll just focus on the differences.

Primary reasons for taking up a Masters option would include a change of geography (Bye bye India, hello USA), a better appreciation of management topics (with zero experience, it can be tough to understand and relate to the nuances) and an edge in the race to bag competitive fresher roles in various industries (you only have an undergrad degree? Poor you!). As a bonus, as a younger candidate with an impressionable and flexible, it’s easier to assimilate in the new culture and, er, reproduce a foreign accent more naturally.

Difference between MBA and MiM / Masters in Management

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So don’t consider one as an alternative of the other. Usually your background and your post-graduate plans would make the choice pretty clear.

Any Masters in Management aspirants out here? What are your reasons for choosing this over other degrees?

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  1. Kamal says:

    I am planning to prepare for GMAT to apply for MiM programme..
    I am currently in 2nd year but I am confused are these MiM programme worth enough when compared to a good MBA college in India..
    And if I return to India with an MiM Degree..will it help me to find a suitable job?

  2. Sameer Kamat says:


    If you are planning for an MiM, I’m assuming you’d want to work abroad for a few years before coming back. Don’t bank on the degree having the same level of respect in India. Of course, the university branding and reputation makes a huge difference.

    Comparing an international MiM degree to an Indian MBA program would be like comparing apples and oranges.

    I’d recommend doing a little more research about these options. Don’t jump into either of them if you aren’t convinced. A safer option is to work for a few years, get a better idea of where you want your career to go and then take a call.

    Good luck.

  3. Hersh says:

    Dear Sameer,

    I am an IT professional with Bachelors of Engineering and work experinece of 4 years in the same field.

    Objective of education: I plan to earn a degree with basic management content, specifically in Strategy and Innovation.

    Reason why I am preferring MiM to MBA: 1) I am not sure if the ROI will be that great with the current or even 2 years from market scenario.
    2) MiM is cheaper and has sufficient course content that will help me specialize in the aspired field.
    3) Post experience I can still opt for Exec MBA later in life, if required.

    Question: Is it possible to change Industry after MiM. Say If I have to move from IT to FMCG? I know this is one of the reasons y people pursue MBA.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Sameer Kamat says:


    Sure, you could change your industry after MiM (or any other Master’s degree for that matter) provided your pre-degree experience and the theoretical/practical skills you’ve gained during the MiM are aligned with the target industry.

    That’s the same challenge you’d face with an MBA as well.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that your profile will be a little unusual for the MiM program (due to the age and experience angle). So you’d have to tackle the conventional recruiters coming to campus looking for people with lesser experience.

    Again, to draw parallels, this is like going to a two-year Indian MBA program (CAT based) when you significantly more experience compared to others in the class.

  5. Hersh says:

    Dear Sameer,

    thank u so much for your response.

    To add on to ur perspective I think my profile may even be more convincing to the recruiters as I would have some work ex before my MiM degree (I think).

    Also can u please help me with the MiM courses targeting specifically in Strategic Marketing or Digital Marketing with Internship program (Very Imp), NOT India. With a good amount of work ex, I would push for top rated univs for the same.

    Thanks and regards,

  6. Sameer Kamat says:


    You can post your query about specific MiM programs on this thread –> MS, MFE, Mfin, MPhil, PhD, other degrees

    Hari (aka baccardisprite) should be able to share some thoughts., assuming he’s free.

  7. krunal says:

    a) i am a BMS graduate and have a one year of work experience in finance sector. i am currently applying for MBA institutes in india. I wish to join my family business after my master. Should i consider MiM programme? i am willing to work for a year or so after my masters in order to recover my fees.
    b) Can i get scholarship for MiM ?

  8. Sameer Kamat says:


    Quick clarification first. This blog focuses on GMAT-based international management degrees.

    1. Sure you can consider an MiM program. But after completing it, don’t work purely to recover your fees. Work because you will probably pick up more useful and practical skills during that period that you can then channel back into your family business.

    2. You can get scholarships for all Masters programs (including MiM). But for that you’d have to show that you have a fantastic profile compared to others who are getting into the same program.

    Good luck!

  9. Divjot says:

    Dear Sameer,

    I am an IT professional with Bachelors of Engineering and work experinece of 3.4 years in the same field and pursuing MS in software Engg (Work integrated program) from BITS Pilani that would be completing december 2012.

    Objective of education: I would like to know about the degree I should further attain to excel and get a job abroad.

    1. Should I go for GMAT, Executive MBA from India, Normal MBA from india
    2. Should I start preparing for MIM.
    3. Try giving a Gre and apply for Phd.

    Thanks and regards,

  10. Sameer Kamat says:


    You are looking at too many options, each meant for folks with different profiles and career aspirations. Also, getting a job abroad is too generic a gameplan to work on.

    Some more introspection needed here, buddy.

  11. Vishal says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I was researching for a Masters program abroad and came across this post of yours. I must say it is a very lucid article though I request you to please provide me your inputs on the following-

    I am a B.Tech(IT) guy working for Infosys for the past 1.2 years, had got a campus placement job.

    Objective of education: I wish to pursue a management degree and more importantly switch to a different industry from IT. I desire to have a management designation with a handsome pay. I am in fact looking for a global exposure and want to score a foreign job, not necessarily in the US.

    So far I have written CAT for which the result is awaited. Though MBA in India is not easy to crack and hence I am looking for a MiM from one of the Top 15 Non-US univ. with an internship offering. Though I am confused about the ROI I’ll get out of it.

    My questions to you –
    1- What do you think is MiM the right thing for me to pursue if I don’t make it the IIMs this year?
    2- What do you think is the certainty to score foreign job post MiM?
    3- What could be the my pay package after pursuing MiM as per present scenario, comparing to the package I could get from the Top 10 Indian BSchools(approx. 10-12lacs)?

    Thought in my mind as of now-
    – MiM has value in Europe and it will not be too heavy for my pocket and after working for a couple of years, I could still go for a executive MBA maybe from one of the world’s best B-Schools.

    Thanks Sameer.


  12. ANCHAL says:

    hi sir
    i have done my msc(biotechnology) i dont see much scope in ths field hence me planing to go to uk for a year since there is no scope of getting visa to work after studing, will do a mangement course . But me confused whthr to go for a MBA course from an average university or a MiM course from an amber accedit university? And after returning to India which course or university from which i have done will matter more? How important are these courses in india?

  13. NK says:

    Hello Sir,

    I currently have two offer letters. One is MiM course at and other for an MBA course (both in UK) . I have a total experience of 2.5 months. I am confused as to which course should I go for. Both the universities are top ranked. I have no experience in management , therefore I was thinking of doing the MiM which will help build the basic foundation. But I feel MBA as a course offers more in terms of experience, network and brand. What
    should be my approach for choosing between these two courses in this context ?



  14. SK says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am in dilemme concerning MiM or freshers MBA, both in US. I have a work exp of one year but since I am currently in my final year of MSc. (US rule of 16 years), I am not sure if it will be counted.

    I have secured 670/800 on Gmat and 116/120 on Toefl. I am very keen on doing MBA itself and in the US. But. since I have just a year of work exp, I have been advised to look at MS-Management/MS- International Business along with freshers MBA. I have no idea about the future prospects of the MS courses in India or in US. Can you please advise me accordingly? MBA or MS? It would help a lot!!

  15. shruti says:

    hi sameer,

    I am a dentist by profession .. practising in india. I want to have a career change so I am looking in for mba or msc in management. I have given gre.
    my main aim to do this to be able to get a job globally since my dental degree is only valid in india.
    please give your suggestions and also which country you think has better job oppurtunities.

    thanks n regards

  16. Sameer Kamat says:

    Didn’t realise this post was still getting plenty of attention.

    @Vishal: An overseas degree brings with it several risks. Getting a local job is one of them. If you are planning for an MBA, why spend time on an MiM?

    @Anchal: I’m having trouble understanding your query, and unfortunately the language you’ve used isn’t helping. Informal, sms lingo works fine among friends. But when it comes to requesting professional guidance on a public forum (where many others are reading your thoughts), it’s best to stick to regular, formal English.
    Coming to your query, I don’t think going abroad at this stage for another degree will wipe off the decisions you’ve taken earlier. Consider working in India, maybe in a different field, and pick up some real world experience before you think about any other degree.

    @NK: It would’ve helped if you had shared the univ names. With 2.5 years work-experience, an MBA might work better. But it might be tough for you to get senior jobs after graduating.

    @SK: The concept of ‘freshers MBA’ works in India. Recruiters hire MBA grads without experience from the IIMs all the time. However, with an overseas MBA things are quite different. An MiM may be a better fit for you at this stage. But given the option, I’d suggest not rushing into any management degree (MiM or MBA). With experience, you’ll be able to connect better with the theory they teach in class.

    @Shruti: You could take up a managerial role in the broader healthcare industry. If you graduate from a top brand school, a radical transition (into fields like management consulting) may also be possible. But you’d need to be clear about the target industry and role first before you shortlist any country or university.

  17. sarat says:

    hai sameer,
    I have finished my graduation in jan 2013 in aeronautical engineering(BE).I dont have any amount of work experience at the moment.I am very much keen to enter into the management sector and is contemplating on pursuing the MSc in management from europe.Is that a gud idea??I will be taking up GMAT exam in another 3months time.Is going for the masters in management the best management program available for me at the moment??Or are there any better programs which u could suggest me would fetch me gud jobs after the program???Since i am from technical background,will that be any kind of a drawback for me to get admissions???
    Clarrifications would be appreciated,

  18. Feroz Ahmed says:

    Sir, I am working in an IT company for last one year after completing B.Tech in ECE. Now I want to quit my job and pursue further education with an objective to enter in education career. Would you please guide me with your views what kind of course I can undertake to meet my objective. Thanks.


  19. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Sarat: Eligibility-wise, there are many non-MBA programs (like the MSc in management course you’ve mentioned). From my perspective, going in for any management related course is not a good idea if you don’t have experience. When folks with experience (and then taking up an MBA) are struggling for jobs, it doesn’t make it any easier for those who’ve never worked before.

    @Feroz: That’s too broad a question, bro. With the amount of information you’ve shared, it would be difficult for anyone to suggest anything specific. Here’s a blog post that should give you some direction –> Careers in Business Academia: Research, teaching and consulting jobs

  20. Meha says:

    Hi Sameer,
    Thanks for the blog post. Its really informative. I have a little over 1 year IT Industry experience in Consulting.
    I want to give GMAT and I am confused between Mim and MBA. which are good colleges which offer MiM and how should I apply for them?

    Is there any major difference in Pay Scale of an MBA and MiM graduate?

  21. Deepak Lamba says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am a computer science engineer and currently working in Infosys. My present work exp is almost 1 year now and I am planning to opt for Master’s in Management from EBS Business School Germany. I have few internships in bag (one non technical one in Mauritius and two technical ones in India). I have worked in two NGO’s in India as well (during my engineering) and thus, I am well versed with the basics of dealing with people. I always wanted to manage things and lead a team as I have done so, at a small scale in the past few years.
    Well, I do not want opt for MBA right now because I know, I don’t have much of the work experience. Also as a good business school always requires people with good and healthy experience, doing an MBA won’t bring the best out of me at the management level. So I will plan to do Executive MBA later in my life (say 4-5 years down the line) as I don’t want rush at the things rather I wanna go step by step.
    Also, I am not targeting countries like USA, Canada or UK not only because everyone goes there but also due to the fact that these countries have very limited options for job seekers.
    Assuming that I am well versed with German( as I am going to start taking german classes very soon) and taking the current Euro recession into consideration, is going for Master’s in Management the right option for me right now???
    Thanks in anticipation

  22. rahul says:

    me in 3rd yr want to do msc from abroad is it a safe option to go abroad or search for a job and stay here only and for 2 or 3 yrss then pursue for mba

  23. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Meha: I’m not aware of the MiM domain as much as the MBA. But MBA salary scales in general are higher.

    @Deepak: Going abroad will always carry risks, specially when you have lesser work experience. Also, the language lessons would help, but may not make you an expert to deal with the advanced written and spoken communication in a foreign country. So be aware of them before you take the plunge.

    @Rahul: me answrd smlar queschan jst b4 dis. ‘safe’ opshuns r a mirage. dey all cum wt rsks. so b careful n dnt go wen u r not fully ready.
    Phew! That was almost like speaking another language. Keep it simple for the reader, bro. No sms language when it comes to professional discussions.

  24. Ronald says:

    Hi Mr. Sameer .
    Am ronald studying bachelor of engineering in india , i wish to study MIM in USA. How are the job opportunities for this course ? Job Description ? Basic Salary ?

  25. Sameer Kamat says:

    Ronald, all the averages that get published on websites lose their credibility the minute you get into the wrong program. So it’s not just a matter of how much an MiM pays.

    Graduates from the top schools have an easier time getting jobs and good salaries. Those at the bottom struggle to get internships, jobs and respect even after completing the (expensive) degree.

    Complete your engineering degree and work for a few years to figure out what you want to do with your career. Don’t get carried away by averages.

    Read more about Average Salaries and what they mean

  26. c. lata says:

    Hi sir,

    I am currently in pursuing BBA. LLB. I am in my last year. I want to go to Australia for PG. But I am very confused that which course would be better i.e pursuing Mba without any work experience or to go for MIM programme. I plan to stay back and work for few years before returning back to India. So which degree would give me higher prospects of landing a good job? MIM or freshers MBA?

  27. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Lata: Given the choice, I’d choose neither. I’d rather work for a few years in India before considering anything that takes me to the risky foreign shores.
    Call me conservative, but I’d prefer having the comfort of having some real world experience rather than relying purely on an educational institute to get me a job.

  28. Anuj says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have 4 years of experience in a small firm in India, I currently work as an Asst Mng Acc. I scored 680 in GMAT. I have got admission in LSM Louvain (it is ranked 29th by FT in the world). My question is that will it better to choose an MBA. Will going for MIM be a wrong decision(considering the tuition fee of this course will only come up to 3-4 lakh rupees) and the as I said FT ranked it 29th does it really mean anything?


  29. jacob says:

    Hii Sameer
    I have completed my bachelor of engineering in 2012. I wish to do a Master International management Course in Germany. Is that a good choice.i dont have any work experiance. My aim is to get a job. Do this course have job oppurtunities in general, in India and abroad?

  30. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Anuj: I haven’t heard about the program. In general, I’d suggest taking the rankings with a pinch of salt. An MBA isn’t necessarily superior to an MiM, or vice versa. As long as you know what you are expecting from the degree and folks before you have managed to get it from that specific university, you’d be ok.

    @Jacob: If you choose a (good) program in Germany, try looking for jobs in the same region. In most cases, it can get quite difficult to move across countries.

  31. Arpan says:

    Hi Sameer,
    Ill state all that I can in bullets for now.
    I want to apply to :
    1. Duke
    2. UV M Comm
    3. LBS
    4. LSE
    5. HEC Paris
    6. CEMS ( Confused every mediocre student )
    7. Imperial College

    As you can notice Im going for the brand here and Im sure that the placements they have are better than what my college does.
    I am looking to stay in the US/UK with my job for a few years before pursuing an ExecMBA/PhD depending on where I want to place myself.
    Money — Willing to take up a loan of upto 80 lacs.


    Age :20
    Indian National
    BE Comp Sci from Manipal University
    Graduating in 2014 July. Expected CGPA of 7+

    Experience :
    Internship with Ernst&Young ( Management Consulting arm – 2 months )
    Two Startups cofounded. Both Pvt Ltd now. Not so impressive balance sheets
    IT Sector & Manufacturing (3D Printers). Have had decent clientele.
    Active in this sphere for 2 years now.

    Founding member of a Not for profit trust chaired by Ex Alcatel Asia CEO.

    Have my 8th semester internship left. Can be a research or industry based one as well.
    Plan to apply once I have completed. Will pursue other interests / job for a year till the results are out.

    I want to be a management consultant ( read pseudo intellectual at McKinsey )

    LORs not an issue. Lot of people love me.

    GMAT : Will apply only after I cross 720.

    Big question :
    Can I Make it?

  32. Saudamini says:


    I’m Saudamini.

    I’m confused as to whether go for an MBA or Masters in Eco.

    I’m a qualified CA ( all exams in 1st attempt) and Commerce graduate from Mumbai Uni.

    I have 16 months of Post qualification experience plus 3.5 yrs of article experience in audit & tax.

    Currently working for Semi PSU in Mumbai in F& A. Individually responsible for Receivables for my State.
    Was part of a team for System Requirements phase for Mobile Solutions,

    So, I’m in a dilemma as to what to pursue ahead.


  33. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Arpan: If you are aiming for a regular MBA, then the formal work-experience is lower side. Think it would be prudent to wait for a couple of years more till you have a more ‘impressive balance sheet’ (to use your term)?

    Also, be careful about how you choose recommenders. It is not a question of how many people love you. It’s more about what you’ve achieved and how those folks can present that in the most impactful manner.

    @Saudamini: You haven’t shared what you want to do after getting the Masters degree. That should drive your choice.

  34. Azad says:

    Hi Sameer,
    thank you for the useful info. I have 15 months of work exp in IT industry. I am looking for a career change and get an understanding on Business and its related subjects like accounting, finance , marketing etc. I was looking for an MBA program, but i came across MiM which is more apt to the qualification i currently have. Considering MiM from the finance point of view, is it feasible to do an MiM now or wait and do an MBA?

    The reason i do not want get work experience and do an MBA is that I am looking for a change in career track. wWith my current qualification i will not get a job in Business/Management. I do not wish to waste my experience working in IT.

  35. amit says:

    reading all this about MiM n MBA ..its a tough call for me ..
    just i need to clear a question
    i am a engineer fresher .. doing MiM n doing the job for 3 -4 years abroad and den comming back to india,,
    will the companies entertain with this MiM degree ??
    please clarify

  36. Sameer says:

    I was browsing on the internet trying to find out information on MBA and MSC and came across your article. I was wondering if you can help me decide if I should go for an MBA or MSC. I am currently in my third year studying BA Hons International Business Management from a university in London. The problem that I have right now is that I cant decide if I should go for MBA or MSC in International Business from UK. Furthermore, I also want to know if I should work for a few years and then go for MBA or should I directly apply for MSC. Moreover, I want to come back to India after my education and want to work here. Therefore, I wanted to know the scope for MSC in International Business in India and the kind of jobs I can get after doing this course. Finally, will MBA be a better option or MSC considering the fact that I want to work in India after my education.


  37. Karan says:

    hi sameer
    i qualified chartered accountancy in Nov 12 and presently I am working in a CA firm. I plan to go abroad for further studies, so considering my profile is Masters in Management going to be good for me (considering my profile)? The idea is to study for an year, work for another year or two, give myself good amount of exposure and networking, then to come back and do my own practice…so is it a good idea??? If yes, tell me the best options for the same.
    or is it suggested to work for some more years and then go for MBA from a top B-school?

  38. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Azad: Working in any industry (Whether it is IT or any other) and gaining real work experience is never a waste. But if you’ve decided to start your career in a different field, sure try your luck with MiM programs. But approach your university research with the same level of rigour and seriousness.

    @Amit: The ‘entertainment’ phase starts only if you have a good degree from a good university. Like in a regular MBA, MiM programs also place students in a variety of fields and industries.

    @Sameer: I’d suggest working for a few years before thinking about another degree.

    @Karan: Getting an international degree and experience is a good idea for most industries. However, the CA profession works a little differently. Given the country-specific nature of your profession, if your plans are to start a CA firm in India, you’d be better off building your experience and contacts in India itself.

  39. Praveen says:


    I have done my in the year 2009, after that I worked in IT industry for 3 years and as I am commerce student, I took an internal movement and moved to Finance domain 1 year back, Now I have both IT and finance knowledge and a total of 4 years of experience. I would like to do Masters from U.S.. which of the above two courses would be good to choose, Is it the MIM or MBA or any other course with both IT and management combination?

    Thank you.

  40. Alireza says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am an 31 year old Iranian who got his Master of Science in Metallurgy from best university of IRAN but in my whole working experience which is about 6~7 years, I’ve never used my academic background and in the past 3 years I was working in IRAN oil and Gas market in Procurement department and i believe that I could be a great manager if someone trust me and i don’t want to stay in a business for a long time till some one after many years offer me a management position. therefore i decided to further my education in another master but i am not quiet sure which of MIM or MBA is better for me? it is worth mentioning that I do not have the GMAT core and I am really eager to know if I invest in MIM, do you think that i would be able to build up a good career? finally in overall, for a case like me with some years of working experience, do you think MIM would be practical?

  41. Govind Kavaturi says:

    I am govind kavaturi,
    pursuing my 3rd (final) year degree in hyderabad india.
    looking to write gmat and apply for MS (any management stream) in the USA.
    the reason being to continue my education without any break. later, i would want to work for few years and then think of exec MBA.

    what do you suggest further

    Thank you

  42. vicky says:

    i am vicky agarwal
    pursuing bba 3rd year.
    further i would like to join my family business
    so which course would be better

  43. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Praveen: MBA is a broader degree, with a greater focus on management and business. MIM has a greater focus on Information systems with some management gyaan thrown in. You’ll need to decide what career you want after graduation.

    @Alireza: If you are aiming for a management position, I’d suggest a regular MBA degree. Your experience level is close to the median for most bschools. The ‘trust’ part that you mention will happen only if you get into a top program. And all of them need a GMAT score. So you need to start working on the GMAT soon.

    @Govind: Don’t worry about two degrees. If you are convinced about the MS approach, focus on it.

    @Vicky: Rather than going for an international degree immediately after completing your BBA, I’d suggest working in your family business for a few years and then going for a regular MBA.

  44. Krishnaa says:

    Hi Sameer,

    Am an ECE graduate(2012 pass out). Thanks to campus interviews, i got placed in wipro technologies. However it took them 8 months to call me. I have been working in wipro for the past 6 months. I really don’t like this software field. I thought it would be better to do an MBA, however considering my work experience part, i thought a masters in management would do. Am interested in Germany especially MBS(MUNICH BUSINESS SCHOOL). Am giving my IELTS next month and am planning for 2014 sep intake….. How good is MIM????…..Do i really need a GMAT? Because most of the universities there..are not asking for it when it comes to MIM….
    What sort of job opportunities are available for MIM??

  45. Hardik says:

    Hello Sameer,
    I’m in the final year of my B.M.S. (Bachelor of Management Studies) from Mumbai Univ. and have no work exp
    I wish to pursue my further edu from the UK in Marketing, but i am confused between MSc., MiM and MBA.

    1. What do you think are the best options for a fresher?
    2. Given the current economic condition of UK and just 4 months Post study visa, is UK a safe choice?

  46. nayeem says:

    i am in 4th yr cse branch,i am very much confusion should i go for mba in india or do mim in foreign countries,which one has early & good job oppurtunities ,which provide good salaries…..if there are any other better options than this which provide more salaries than this, pls tell me.i am in very much confusion
    pls pls help me,pls reply me at ur earliest.

  47. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Krishnaa: The question isn’t whether an MiM degree is good or not. The more relevant question is, what you are expecting from it and is the timing/choice of university right.
    Joining a program that takes away the hurdles to entry (like GMAT/GRE scores) and makes it easy for people to join will have a bigger price that you’d need to pay in the longer term. Be careful.

    @Hardik and Nayeem: If you’ve been a long-time reader of this site, you’ll know that we generally recommend not rushing into an overseas university when you haven’t yet developed real world skills. When local folks in those countries are struggling for jobs, it makes things tougher for international students.

  48. Sibi says:

    Sir I am doing 3rd year mechanical engineering . I am planning to enter my family business . So I planned to do Management course abroad after completing my BE . But when I looked for MBA it required work experience . So I thought of Doing MSc in Management . Is it good to this course will the curriculum will be helpful . Please say your suggestion .

  49. Arjun says:

    Hi Sameer,

    BIG thanks for such helpful and precise responses for all the above queries. Frankly speaking I have never seen it being done with such precision/ease anywhere. Kudos for your good work :)

    I must specify that I am no where near a “mid-life” or “mid-career” crisis like many other posts on another related thread of yours.
    Just need an insight on how to plan my professional career 5-10 yrs down the line.

    I am an Engineering Gradudate (B-Tech in E&C) and have 7 years of experience in Telecom Domain in development and lead positions with MNCs and have international client exposure. Never had a thought that I could have done anything of more interest or inclination to me , so mostly I am happy and doing good in my field.

    Ever since my college days I have been fascinated by MBA and have the potential to pull off a good rank too as I am also good at academics. As I have been doing good in my job so there had been no thoughts of changing tracks etc. but somewhere I do feel a saturation comes if you stay in Technical side for long time. Hence once in a while I have been reading about what/when/where to do for getting into good B-schools.

    My concern is the RIGHT time, I am clear with options for specializations too it would be Sales(Marketing) and International Business so that I can spread my wings wider within the same domain.
    Considering my career growth and learning curve I can still continue another 2-3 yrs. I wanted to understand what could be the RIGHT Age and RIGHT direction as I am 29 now and married too, to strike balance between work/family/personal growth.

    What should be my options to maximise the benefits out of full time(2yr)/Exec/Distance Learning/International MBA degree. Your comments on when and where to start would be appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards

  50. Akshay says:

    Hello Sameer,
    Can you list me a few good university in US for MiM programs. I am little confused with the Universities. Wait for your reply

    Thanks and Regards

  51. Akshay says:

    Hello Sameer,

    Please suggest me, Should I go in for MiM US or should wait for sometime and then get into MBA. I am fresher Undergraduate ( I am really confused with the choices. What would be an ideal choice If I wish to pursue a long term Management career. Wait for your earliest response.


  52. SARAT BHASKAR says:

    Hai Sameer,
    I have read your entire blog and all the comments and discussions which followed.Got to say,I now have a good idea about the MIM and the MBA courses.I just wanna ask you a straight forward question and am sure everybody in this blog would like to know it. Is an MIM degree gonna fetch you a job in India?Do anybody in India (I mean recruiters) know about this MIM degree and are they willing to provide jobs for these graduates??Or are they just looking for the big ‘MBA” grads only?Do MIM graduates stand any chance of finding any respectable job in INDIA once they return from Europe or America or wherever?I have been researching all these stuffs for a while now,now getting frustrated,I hope you understand.
    Any clarifications from your side would be of immense help.

  53. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Sibi: You see several overlaps between the syllabus. But at the end of the day, it’ll be more or less a theoretical experience.

    @Arjun: Now is a good time, when you still have 2-3 years of steam left in the career. And try to go for a full-time program.

    @Akshay: Here’s a list of the best MiM programs.

    @Sarat: Unless the pedigree of the university is really strong, the relevance of your MiM degree will be highest in the country that you study in. In India, employers have an over-supply of highly talented IIM graduates who can be recruited a low salaries.

  54. Akshay says:

    Hello Sameer,

    Please suggest me, Should I go in for MiM US or should wait for sometime and then get into MBA. I am fresher Undergraduate ( . I don’t see any very good work opportunities in the next couple of months and would also want to complete my education. The cost of education and also the work opportunities after course are a prime factor. I am really confused with the choices. What would be an ideal choice If I wish to pursue a long term Management career. Wait for your earliest response.


  55. Mehran says:

    Will an MIM help me with regards to coming back to my family business ?.I am
    > 23 years old and a computer engineer.People demotivate me by telling me that
    > an MIM worth 30 lakh rupees is not worth if I were to return to my family
    > business after a year or 6 months post completion of the course .Is it true ??
    > Warm Regards
    > Mehran

  56. Sibi says:

    Is it good to join Colleges in UK offering MBA without work experience or MIM in top colleges as I have planned to do course immediately after my BE and also planned to join my family business . So which will be better ?

  57. Hussain Gilani says:

    Hi Sameer I am a 4 th year B.Tech(ECE) student from Calcutta and I m planning to pursue a Masters Degree either MBA in India or MiM from Europe. Please suggest me which one to go for if I get good GMAT score and an opportunity to get in colleges which do not require work experience for MBA. My Btech average so far is 8.25 Or should I gain work experience and try to get in Top B-schools in India .,,Considering all these factors please suggest me .. I am eagerly waiting for your reply …Thanks

  58. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Akshay: My vote always goes to getting some real world experience before considering any new degree.

    @Mehran: Folks spend over a $100,000 on MBA programs and return back to their family business. It’s not that the money doesn’t matter. Of course it does. Which is why you need to be absolutely sure what you are getting into. If you are unsure about MiM at this stage, then don’t assume you’ll get answers during the program. You aren’t ready for it yet.

    @Sibi: As I keep saying, whether it’s MiM or MBA, I don’t believe in jumping into a management degree without first having some management experience.

    @Hussain: The previous response should be relevant for you too.

  59. rajat says:

    hi sameer sir … I read your article and now seek your guidance
    2013 paasout ece engineer from a private college in jaipur..unemployed .. half heartedly trying in IT companies as i do not have an inclination towards them..i gave some entrance exams for mba this year but didnt get thru.. if its better to do mba after work exp. then what shud i do ? where shud i try if not IT.
    i want to study management course and contemplating on pursuing the MSc in management from europe..since it shows future prospects.. Is that a good idea ??
    plz suggest something it wud be of great help..

  60. akash singhal says:

    Hi, I had some queries:
    1. With around 1-2 years of work exp, is there any university (US/UK/Europe) to which I can apply to for MBA full time? Or most of them require 4+ yrs of experience?
    2. How good is the Masters in Management (MiM) program? Is it comparable to MBA in India from top 10 colleges? If I want to come back to India after 2-3 years post my management degree outside, is it worthwhile to go for MiM? Or MBA in India from top10 would be better?
    Thanks in advance.

  61. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Rajat: Getting some work experience is highly recommended. Don’t start another academic journey expecting things will fall in place after completing it.

    @Akash: there are plenty of universities that’ll accept you with little or no experience. But you need to evaluate their market value. For the second question, a top 10 Indian MBA would be better than any other degree from a random overseas university.

  62. Saksham says:

    Hi, I am a final year B.E (E&C) student.I want to study about business and management and feel that I dont have interest in the technical line related to I.T or my core Electronics and dont have a job as of now.My point is that instead of going for conventional Cat coaching I think going for GMAT is a better idea as the score is valid for 5 years.If I start preparing now and get a good score,in case i get a job i can take it and go for mba later on and if i dont have a job(no work ex) then I can go for MIM.Is this a good approach ?Also is MIM eqvt to the PGDM Course commonly offered by universities in India and are there any other choices for an engineer to change his field from technical to managerial/business line

  63. naresh says:

    can i know how about having an mba after ms with no work experience

  64. Nikhil says:


    I Have done Btech in Computer Science & an MBA from a good College in India. I Have a 32 Months experience working in an FMCG Company. My family is shifting to US this year, since i will also be shifting yo US in an year, I found out that it is essential for me to have a degree from US Universities to work over there. Since i do not want to be in big debt by doing MBA from US as it is very Costly over there. I Am looking for some other programs,
    Since i had an exp of 32 months. Will it be beneficial for me to do an MS in MAnagement studies from There. What are the job prospects after ms in management studies in US. (Especially refering to consulting Jobs).
    My academics are average and it is 3.33 when compared with US CGPA System.(4 point System)
    I Have won an Entrepreneurship award from Rajasthan Govt. for submitting Bysiness plan for social entrepreneurship.
    I Have participated in All India Young Managers Contest representing my Company.
    I Have a Facebook Page which give Health benefits to users and having 500 members.
    Also done 1 year Teaching in an Postgraduate College
    Launched 2 beverages & actively participated in developing new products for my Company.

    Also i am looking for some scholarship for My MS program.
    Kindly Suggest some Universities Or College. also pls tell if this program suits me
    Thnx in advance

  65. kunal says:

    hi sameer ,
    I’ve completed my engineering in 2013,currently working for a company .I want to purse my career in management specially in international business aboard , so should i opt for MIM from big business school or should i do early career MBA which is provide from not so big business school .I m alot confussed between which course should be opted for management studies & is international business is a good subject to opt as a career ?

  66. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Saksham: GMAT scores are valid for 5 years, but the debt that you’ll incur with an international degree will be valid for much longer. So be careful. If you are really keen to go into management education immediately, your best bet is to take up something in India.

    @Naresh: Bad idea. Here’s why Work experience is important for international MBA applications

    @Kunal: Why not gain some more work experience and then go for a good international MBA? You’ll gain more from your investment.

  67. Aneesha says:

    I have completed my graduation in BA Economics and Mathematics in 2013. I want have a career in the management field. I want to do a PG course rather than work at this stage. My confusion is if doing a MSc management for one year(in India itself) right away would give me a great job opportunities in India or I should consider something else.
    In the long term, I can do Exec Mba from abroad for better job prospect.

  68. dhrumil says:

    Hi sameer ,

    I am in the last year of and looking for a pg degree in abroad. I wish to work in a corporate at management level. According to you what should I opt for Mms or Mba ? Which all exams I need to give ? Do I get an admission on my ielts score ?

  69. gaurav says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am glad you are helping people with their queries.
    I currently have a 2.5 yr work ex in I.T idustry , I.T has become monotous and frustarting for me and I cant really picture myself sticking to this industry any more.
    I have converted S.P JAIN MGB program which is for ppl with less then 3 yr work ex, tried researching abt the program course is decent it seems.
    Now myquery is should I go for this program or apply to some MIM program like IE business school or wait more write GMAT and apply for MBA maybe in next year’s admission cycle??
    I am really confused whether waiting a year to get an mba will make sense when i desperately want to change my field of work. because from what i have heard is companies which come to recruit MA’s are looking for prior work ex in the respective industry, is this the case with MIM too?
    slightly long apologies for the same

  70. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Aneesha: Staying back in India would be a less risky option.

    @Drumil: Too early for you to consider MBA abroad, but other Masters courses from good universites should be fine.

    @Gaurav: Waiting for a year more would make you a good fit for regular MBA programs. And yes, what you’ve done before the course is important, even if you are changing careers.

  71. Rohit Mishra says:

    Good morning sir

    im rohit pursuing my btech from srm university in electrical and electronics. We have real estate buisness and at last i wanna join the same , but im very confused abt mba will it be better for me to work nd than give gmat or i can opt for mim, at last i wanna do my dad buisness nly plsss hlp

  72. Rishi Kr Gupta says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I read your blog and its queries and the way you have been answering to the people from last 2-3years..Its amazing!!
    I too have some confusion in my mind. Currently I am working with an IT MNC and will be completing my 3years in July 2014. I started as a fresher and now after 3years of experience I am thinking of pursuing Management course from US or Europe. I am targeting to take admission in fall (Aug 2015) session, by that time i would be completing my 4 years in IT Industry.
    My main fields of interest are Industrial Management & Event Management. I am confused, should I go for MBA from US University through GMAT or MS in Industrial Management in some European country?
    As MiM would be much cheaper and specialized course, will it be good for me and better than MBA?
    & also if you can help me between GMAT & GRE. Which is more better: Management programs though GMAT or Management programs through GRE?

  73. Juliana says:

    Hello Sameer,

    I was accepted into IE and Eada’s MIM. ¿Which one should I go to? Money wise IE is 11.000EUR more, should I invest that much on the program?

    Do you know any info about these schools that could help me decide?


  74. Sravani says:

    Hello Sameer sir,

    I have completed under graduation(Bachelor of Technology) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and waiting for last semester results.My GRE score is 320,academics 75%.
    I want to pursue my career in management specially in US business schools , so should I opt for MIM or MBA from reputed business school. I’m in a total confusion to join MIM or MBA program?If I join MS-HRM or MS Finance how will my career be?will I be able to get a good job as MBA’s get?
    I would like to ask one more Q:Without work experience if I get 720+ in GMAT,what are my chances of getting into MBA program at business schools like UT Dallas,Texas A&M college station of this kind of moderate universities?

  75. Mohit says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have two years of work experience in market research after engineering. I am confused about whether I should pursue MS in engineering management or MS in analytics after this experience, or take the traditional MBA path after working for another year.

    I have average academics (8.0 GPA) and one promotion in a non blue-chip company, overall good extra curriculars and no international experience.

    Also, is it advisable to pursue an MBA later, after taking an MS degree and working for another 2 years?

  76. atif says:

    hi sameer,

    i’m currently working with an IT company for the last 3 years and having a in mechanical engineering. i’m planning for MBA and started preparing for GMAT. í just want to know is it a good option to pursue MBA from US thn MS as financially MS is cheap thn MBA. i’m financially very week thts why raised tht point.
    Secondly job issues, after MBA u dont get jobs easily but after MS jobs are easily available. i knw salary will be less thn MBA.

    please provide your inputs. looking forward to your rply

  77. Raj says:

    Hi! I am in my 3rd year of mechanical engineering.I want to pursue higher studies and I am want to take up any managent there any project managent masters degree (I mean in Msc) ordo I have to go for mba for that..And if there is such a field whih one would be more suitable..please suggest..

  78. Nilesh Joshi says:

    Hello Sameer,

    I have 3 yrs of experience in mobile application development(into iOS).and i am graduate in chemistry(BSC).I have also done GNIIT.
    Now i want to leave development(coding) and want to work in a management.

    so i am planning to do Master in information management(MIM).

    after completion on this master can i try for aboard jobs?
    is this a good option to get into management level?
    Please provide your thoughts on this?

  79. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Rohit: You could spend a few years with your dad in the family business and then consider a Masters.

    @Rishi: Choose the geography that you want to work in and then choose the universities accordingly. After 4 years of experience, GMAT based programs may be better from a fit angle.

    @Juliana: I’m not familiar with the MiM programs at these universities.

    @Sravani: Without workexperience, MBA programs wouldn’t be a good idea. Try MiM if you don’t have the patience to wait.

    @Mohit: MBA tends to be more broadbased. So if you are confused about choosing an MS specialisation, wait for a year and apply to MBA colleges.

    @Atif: It’s your misconception that jobs are easier with an MS.

    @Raj: There are plenty of MS programs that accept freshers.

    @Nilesh: You could highlight your 3 years experience and aim for team lead positions after the MiM.

  80. SOWMYA ADIRAJU says:

    Hello Mr. Sameer,
    I am currently pursuing my final year of engineering(MECHANICAL) from a decent Engineering college in my state.I have always had an inclination towards management studies and plan to make a career in the same. I am preparing for the various Indian B-school entrance exams to get into a good B-school here but as plan B,I also intend to keep my options of studying abroad open.I learnt that for fresh graduates like me the MASTERS IN MANAGEMENT would be a better choice.I want to start off with my management study as soon as I graduate.That article of yours reflecting your views about the MIM wasn’t that encouraging….I am not comparing the MIM with an MBA….but i just want to know if it would be a wise decision to pursue the MASTERS IN MANAGEMENT degree….please do kindly advice!
    Thank you! :)

  81. Aditi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a 4th year student of Computer Science and wanna pursue my masters in a specialist MBA course. But i have no experience and wanna go straightaway after my undergrad gets over.. Do they accept freshers??? And if not what other options do I have??

  82. Arpan Khandelwal says:

    Hello Sir

    I am a 3rd year student of Computer Science. I want to pursue my masters abroad. I wanted to ask that Is MiM well recognised in India?
    True that it is a well recognised and valued course in UK but after doing 1 year of MiM from UK, will this degree be recognised by Indian Companies and I will be able to get a job after returning?
    Or the better way is getting work experience and then going for MBA?

    Also if I take 2 years of work ex abroad after my MiM..will I be able to get good pay equivalent to MBA student after coming back to India?

  83. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Aryan: With the current state of affairs, going to Europe with zero experience isn’t a good idea. Get a few years of work experience and then consider an MBA. Your bachelors grades will count.

    @Sowmya: There’s nothing inherently wrong with the MiM degree. It depends on the university you do it from and how you are able to leverage on the career resources during the course.

    @Aditi: MiM programs do accept fresh. But having work experience is encouraged. The other option is to go for an Indian MBA from a good college.

    @Arpan: An international MiM will have more value in the country you graduate from. In India, many respected/local brands have a better standing.

    NOTE: We will not be responding to further comments on this blog post. Please post your queries on our MS forum.

  84. jasneet says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have a 4 years of IT experience with Infosys Ltd. I have shortlisted two Masters of Science in Management courses in Queens and Ottawa University,Canada primarily because the fee is affordable. However, I am unsure about the job market after graduating because different people give me different reviews. I cannot find many people doing this because they prefer MBA.
    Can you throw some light on the post completion job prospects there?
    I plan to come to India after work experience, will the work experience and degree be recognized here?

  85. piyu says:

    hello sameer

    i am a dental graduate having 3 yrs experience, and want to pursue something that is more fulfilling. Can I opt for executive MBA?? I want to stay in India only. Which field will we right for me?
    I am confused and cant decide in any direction. hope you can suggest me something :)


  86. Ravi says:

    Hello sameer,

    I am doing my third year of graduation. My decision to opt fir MIM has beek taken in my 2nd year. I have never given under graduation tgat much importance.Because of that I am left with not so good grades.And with them I don’t think I will be able to find a job I desire.So I think opting for an MIM course and giving it my best would help me get a good job and security. So should I opt for it….?

  87. Steven says:

    Hi sameer,
    I am currently pursuing Bachelors of architecture,I am also Pursuing BBA(Bachelors in business administration)(120 credits) in part-time mode I intend to apply for Masters program in Business administration .can u give me a realistic idea if i stand a chance in top EU schools like HEC, ESSEC,ESADE,IE,SSE and so on, and how much should i aim for GMAT ,so that i stand a chance to get into this top schools.

    1.I really don’t have great marks, on an aggregate consider 62 percentage.
    2.However i have worked as a business development intern for 2 years at a real estate portal(internship)
    3.Learnt B2 level of french
    3.GMAT not yet given.

    I just need to know an estimate, i still have 2 years to complete my Bachelors degree and work on a lot on my GMAT, I just want to be realistic in my expectations, and do necessary things to improve my profile.

    Thank you !!

  88. PRASHANTH says:

    im a fresher.i have to do ms in international business and to work in abroad. is it worth the money?? will i get decent job to settle bak my investment??

  89. pulse says:

    hi sir,
    i wanted to enquire that i am opting for masters in marketting management from alliance university banglore.what is d scope of MMM in india and especially after doing the cource from indian academics is not that good ad i got three back years in my graduation(engg).after completing the cource will i be able to land a good job if i do well during the me out sir.i scored 99%in mat xam.

  90. mayank says:

    i have entirely read the above chat transcript but haven’t understood one thing.Sir you are advising students with 1 year of work experience in corporate or any family business & having interest in management field to continue with their work instead of applying to these MIM programs.May i know why? Why was this program launched? Even if a student gets 2 or 2+ years work experience why would he/she think about this program. then everyone will certainly go for MBA rather than MIM.I heard that MIM program was started for those inclined to management field and having work exoperience b/w 0-3 yrs.

  91. Rakesh says:

    hello sir,
    i am a 3rd year student of nanotechnology, i am planning to do MIM after my graduation degree and work for 2 to 3 years and then do MBA. So i want to know that do u suggest doing so ?

  92. john says:

    Hello sir,
    im john from india ,im planning to study Msc in international business development in france business school,after few discussion with peple around im stuck in a confused state,will the programme provide a standard carrer or job fetch?what is the starting package of salary after completion of this course??i have done my UG in BBM which s fully of business management field,which is the right path to get a settled job MBA or MSc??pls suggest me

  93. sharmi says:

    hello sir.
    After doin my UG course I.e BBA.. I would like to go for MBA. but some say it isnt effective. others u wont get a job. I dunno. I would really like to knw. after bba what is the best course?
    I) Im ready to work aboard
    ii) need high salary
    ¡¡¡) a good field where galz cn shine ( HR) etc.

  94. MANOJ says:

    Hello Sir, Currently i am having around 4 years experience in the top product based automotive company as embedded software Engineer. i always had inclination towards Management side.So i am planning to switch to the management side. Which courses would you suggest for me? As faar as MBA is concerned , i am not able to give out time for GMAT because of my hectic schedule. So i am thinking of applying to masters in engineering management from university of ottawa and from university of waterloo. So i wanted to know what are the job prospectus after he completion of the program??

  95. Pratik says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I am planning for MBA in Germany, so i want to know that whether this course will help me in germany to get a good job
    or Germany has scope for Engineers only???

  96. gomati says:

    My daughter is doing engineering in final year.she wants to do MIM in france .
    Is it worth to do ? what is the job opportunity over Europe?

  97. diyali says:

    hello sir,
    I graduated with a BBM degree 4months back and started applying to UK colleges for a masters in marketing. I do not have any sort of work experience and neither do I intend on staying back in UK after my masters. I am really confused because i am not sure if after am back will i be able to find a good job. and also how many years will i take to recover the UK expense which will total upto 30lakhs. does it even make sense shelling out that sort of money without being sure what your getting urself into ?

  98. Srinivas says:

    HI Sameer,
    I am currently a working -professional with 4 Yrs of exp. in India. To the subject, I have been contemplating over admission to MIM tin Europe. Would request your feedback for few of my queries as enlisted below.

    1. Would it be a hindrance for the admission process for a candidate with 4 Yrs of exp?

    2. Though my current profile is handling Sales & BD for Steel Products (B2B), I feel there is a disconnect with other sectors’ professional req , say , B2C ( may be bcoz of the industry or product ) since I couldn’t befit my current profile in other industries/domains, if , for any transition . So looking to adopt basic knowledge of business & choose a specialization that is competent in any industry/profile.

    3. Moreover , I am not-confident about an M.B.A ,say from ISB , that would help me to give a smooth transition into other interested sectors like Automotive or FMCD etc

    Need your valuable feedback.

  99. santhosh says:

    Hi Sameer,
    i am currently working in an IT firm as a software engineer with 1.5yrs of experience and i thought like making my next step so it would be an MBA . I am very much interested towards Marketing and International Business ,i even presented a paper on marketing research in one of the national paper presentation competition and won 3rd place.
    Now coming to the point ,MIM ,MIB or MBA which gives a good exposure in the market .i am planning to do in US or AUS.I too accept that talent and passion hardwork gets you higher however we need a good profile to step on the hills. Will MIM help me out , I am little weak in GMAT but if MBA is a better option for me i am ready to workhard on it ……..awaiting for your reply!!!!

    P.S:I wish to do masters or MBA only in international Business.

  100. prasuna says:

    Dear sir
    i have completed my btech in 2013 in mechanical engineering stream. i have 57% in graduation.and i have done pg diploma in rural development and now working in a company in delhi ie mcons started working from august. sir i want to do masters in mangement. MIM can i get a good college
    my educational back ground details
    10- 58%
    pg diploma in rural development
    i am very passionate to do mim course is this right time that wid this background.does mim course require any job experinece

  101. Kritika says:

    Hlw sir.. I m in bcom final year.. N want to do my MBA FROM UK.. But really confused in MBA and MIM??? Please suggest me what to do ??? Want to do my future bright as fast as possible !!!!

  102. sagar deep says:

    Dear Sameer,

    I am graduate in B.Tech (biotechnology), and having work experience of more than 2 years in sales and marketing. I am planning for higher studies, but in delima whether I should go for MBA in marketing or MSc in marketing. Please suggest me which programme will be best for me as I am interested core marketing.

    If, you suggest me MSc in marketing. Are job prospects positive good for this course.

    looking forward to hear soon from you.

    Sagar deep

  103. Vyom says:

    Hello Sir,
    i am pursuing my graduation course (3rd year) in Humanities. i wish to apply for a business management course abroad. Read a lot but could not find any useful information. i have a full time work experience of 2.3years parallel to my graduation course. My question to you is : will my work experience be considered? can i apply for the MBA or is MIM the only option i have? Would like to know if any other better option available.

    looking forward to hear from you at the earliest.


  104. krunal says:

    m in last (4th) yr of petroleum engineering, and willing to study in canada , but confuse about what would b suitable, pls respond me on my gd path.

  105. Priya says:

    Hi Sameer!

    I love the content that you have managed to put together here!

    I just wanted to know – do you know of any MiM programs in U.S.A? Most of them are offered by Universities in Europe and Australia.

    I have applied to a few MiM programs in Australia – the idea is to study for two years and work for two more years, thereby gaining experience and making some money before I have to come back here. Hopefully it will work out okay.

    Thanks for your time :)

  106. prasant says:


    I am G Prasant Kumar and i am studying bba finla year and i want to study in abroad . . 4 months before i gone to times institute and i asked about to study in abroad they said thad u have 2 choices one is mba and another one is mim if u will do mba then u need 2 years of experience, if u will do mim then no need any experience just i want to know that what is the difference between those two courses and which course is more valuable in .todays field….soooo pleaseeeee help me sir

  107. Tanoy says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am currently pursiung my Btech degree in electronics. i am currently in my third year and i want to do my ost graduation in the management area.

    i had a few queries.

    1. The usual query, i am confused as to go for a MIM degree or give the CAT and go for the local universities. Which would u suggest?

    2. also due to an unfortunate incident in my second year i faced a setback due to which i failed a few of my subjects, i am in the process of clearing them right now, would it be a concern if i apply for a MIM degree?

    3. According to the financial times ranking of the MIM degree offering universities, there are no american universities on the list,
    which american universiies offer MIM degrees?
    are they good?
    and is there a good scope for employement in the US after completing an MIM degree from there?

    Awaiting your reply,

  108. preet says:


    I completed my masters in marketing from the university of Bath, UK Last year and started working at a digital marketing agency in bombay immediately in october. I recntly quit my job as I was looking for a career change, ideally in product management or brand managing n events. I have done my bachelors in business administration from NMIMS, Mumbai.

    I am a little confused as to how to go about brand management or events as i do not have a specific degree in it but learnt it as modules in my courses. I was more inclined towards studying and working abroad since the work life and pay is much better there. Was also considering some options to study n do another course. Would an MBA make sense or any other masters in a country where I can land up getting a job?

  109. Shalini says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have 3.8 years of experience in IT industry at Accenture, India. I left my job in April and came to France because of my husband’s job. Currently I am not working here. Since I am in europe, I would like to pursue masters degree over here.Could you please suggest what would be good for my experience level, MiM or MBA.
    Also I am looking for an affordable master’s program. When I searched for master’s program I came across Msc,MIM,MBA as various options,I am confused what would suit me best.1 year program would be more convenient for me.
    Your help and suggestion would be highly appreciated.


  110. Sam says:

    Hi sameer,

    I am an it professional with 4 years of experience.

    I am interested in doing an mba/mim from canada, but not at all interested in giving gmat.
    Can you please suggest some good colleges which don’t require gmat.

    Main objective is to get into managerial line. Can you please suggest something, without gmat


  111. sahib says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I am in the final year of mechanical engineering and have a plenty of community work internships, 3 Technical internships and have self started venture or business since last December. Also i have bagged placements in $ companies but i don’t want to work right now and complete my studies. I am really intrested in MIM programs at LBS and IE. Money is not at all a problem but want to know what are the job opportunities after the course. I know it is not equivalent to MBA but still.
    Please guide sir as Application window is open and i need to apply as soon as possible.

    Sahib Kochhar

  112. NEHA says:

    hello sir,

    I have completed my graduation in BMS , And MBA in marketing currently i am working in IT company in ERP so would i be eligible to pursue my masters in MIS or business analytics ? and which would be the better option MIS or Business analytics.

  113. Jainish says:

    Hi Sameer !

    I am a Under Graduate 2014 Pass out. I am looking for some universities which provide MBA and MIM courses. What would you suggest me ? MBA or an MiM ? I want to excel in management field. So could u please suggest me some universities for MBA and MiM ! Waiting for ur valuable suggestions!

  114. mayur kumar says:

    This is mayur From Chennai i Am Applying for Mba in the london I am Just confused That I have To Take Mba or Msc For My Carrier ……. So Please Sujest Me …..

  115. sara says:

    Hi sameer!
    I have a bachelors degree in Microbiology and diploma in health sciences . I want to know wheather i should go for MBA in India or go for a MIM in Managment degree in uk

  116. avanthi says:

    hi sameer!
    i have done bachelor of technology from mechanical engineering -57%
    after dat i have done post graduate diploma a 1 year course of rural development and management in NIRD
    now presently working in quality team in pr-vitae company
    my question is i am interested to do masters in management course from USA will it be a good choice
    i am aiming for top colleges in usa which offer this course
    my profile
    btech (mechanical)-57%
    10 class -58%
    1 year work exp

  117. sharath nair says:

    hello sameer,
    my name is sharath . i am mechanical engineer and i have three year of work experience in maintenance and operation of heavy mining equipment (underground mining industry). and now i am planing to give GMAT for further development in my career. I had completed my engineering late because i had backs and i was not able to get through all my papers on time . But i got job and started working and simultaneously i cleared my remaining papers. now when i searched for colleges they all need min 3 yr of experience after graduation. so is it possible for me to get admission in MBA or should i opt for MIM?

  118. Shreyas Doshi says:

    Hi, I am an Civil Engg graduate from IIT Bombay. I was offered a placement in a Management Consulting firm and I took it but the sector I am going to be focused on is very far from real estate and infrastructure sector.
    My family is in mid size real estate (construction) business which I will be surely perusing later on.
    I am planning to leave my current work and go for an MIM (at LSE) or any of top ranking schools
    I Would like your advise on the following-
    1. What is the educational background of students in top MIM programs? (Will they be from top tier schools?, since an important part of the college experience is the peer group I would like to know this)
    2. Will an MIM help me more than a MBA in the short term? ( I am planning on doing an MBA later in life)
    3. Will an MIM really help me in business or will I end up with very theoretical knowledge?
    4. Is it advisable to work longer in the management consulting firm or work towards a MIM from a European university or work towards an MBA from Indian colleges like the IIMs that require little or no work experience?

  119. Tribhuvan says:

    hello sir,

    i complete my graduation in BMS and planning for MBA or MMS . M Still confused what should i choose and i have 2 years of experience in marketing and currently working with African chamber of commerce , please advice me whether i target FOR MBA or MMS

  120. Avinash says:

    Hi Sir,

    I did my B.Tech from VIT university in Mechanical Specialization in Energy Engineering. And, right now I have 1 year experience working at Infosys in Engineering Department. Could you suggest me whether to go for technical side or management side.

    Thank you,

  121. Ronak says:

    i had completed hotel management in 2012 , and then got selected as a management trainee in a company for chefs position. after 18 months of course i was posted as jr sous chef, 6 months after working i realised this is not what i wish to do, i wish to change my career and study further. but i am not clear as how to go forward about it and what to choose.

  122. Sank says:

    I have got admit for Masters in International business in MDIS Singapore. Hows it? What are the job opportunities after that As I will be taking loan I want the job to be in abroad atleast for few years. Does Singapore have good job opportunities?

  123. Noel Tshering says:

    Dear Sameer,

    I am going to study post graduate diploma in management from the university of California riverside(USA). I hold a BBA degree from India. I wanted to ask you that pgdm is better or masters in international business ( I have a choice to do MIB from university of Auckland). Which degree from these universities will be more valuable for getting a job in India after I come back? Please kindly guide me.

    Thanking you,
    Noel Tshering.

  124. pradeep chandra says:

    sir presently am studying b tech 4th year…i was interested in masters in engineering,how it helps me in career and i was very confused to take that step…

  125. ish says:

    is it a lucrative option to go for mba after mim or masters in international business.

  126. SS_052 says:

    Hello Sameer,

    I am facing a very common dilemma: Masters or MBA.
    I have completed my under graduation in June 2014 with a CGPA of 8.7/10
    Currently working as an analyst in one of the Big Four since July 2014. (It was a campus placement)

    Now I want to pursue my masters and hence I have been looking for courses like Masters in Management Studies or Masters in International Business in USA.
    However many people have been telling me to work for a few more years and try for an MBA since I have a job in a good company.
    Another aspect increasing the dilemma is the job opportunities post masters in US. Many people tell me that recruiters generally prefer hiring MBA graduates instead of masters graduates.

    I would want to be able to get a job right after my masters else it doesn’t really make sense to me.
    I would definitely wouldn’t want to come back home with a huge loan and no job.

    Please suggest what suits me well.

  127. Rohan Vakharia says:

    Hello sir,
    I am Rohan, currently pursuing my graduation in mechanical engineering (Final Year) from KJ Somaiya college in Mumbai.
    I wish to pursue management studies abroad. The reason for pursuing studies abroad is not only for the degree but, the thing that attracts me more is the experience and practical exposure that I could get. Only getting a high pay Job is not my primary concern. I want to study, get practical experience for 2-3 years(by taking up a job) and eventually start something of my own or join my fathers business in India. I dont wish to take a gap in my studies because I dont know if later I would be interested in studying(after doing a job). Do you think the above mentioned reasons justify the decision of going abroad as soon as I finish my graduation? and which courses and universities you would suggest for me? (I’ve heard a lot about management studies in UK)

  128. rohtih says:

    Hello Sameer,
    First of all thanks for being so patient and helpful in responding to all the queries. I am an engineer and currently have a technical experience of 1.5 yrs now.I have several questions but one main question-What are the kind of jobs that you get in a country like US after MiM or MS in Management degree?(Considering the 2+ plus yrs of work ex before the masters degree).

    I understand it depends on the specialization but what are the kind of roles that we would be playing in the organization. In other words, what is the level to which we can jump in, say, a typical organisation tree.

    In anticipation of a response. Thanks in Advance!


  129. Navanee says:

    Heya !
    I am Graduate in Textile Design from NIFT and want to continue my studies but really confused about how to go ahead . I am looking for best MBA in Fashion Management Colleges in India ???


  130. Chirag says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I have completed my engineering in 2012 and worked for 2 and a half years since then in a FMCG company. I quit my job to prepare for CAT but could not get through and so I am looking for an MIM in UK. Please comment on my chances of getting a job there after finishing graduation as I have some work exp. Also please tell my chances of getting a job in India after doing the course.


  131. Kriti says:


    I am almost over with my undergraduate degree in management from Delhi and am looking to go abroad to study after this.
    The only issue that comes up is that there is no surety of getting a good placement/job once you complete a masters degree.
    Few websites of colleges do claim that they have an extremely high rate of placement but you really cannot be sure.
    So is it better to stick to education in India, work for a few years then go for an MBA or take the risk of going for a masters degree?


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