Why MBA: How to stop worrying and start finding your groove

For those who’ve just joined the party, MG handles the super-competitive area of international business school applications at MBA Crystal Ball and he’s had a brilliant track record of conversions so far. I might be biased in thinking that he’s one of the best brains in our country, but when I see that McKinsey, IIT and ISB also share my sentiments, I feel the bias has less to do with my personal association with him and more to do with hard institutional facts. Read more about him on our MBA Consultant profiles page.

But MG-bhai has been away from the online activities on the blog as he’s been busy managing the offline action. It was only a matter of time that we pulled him to our blog. In this post he talks abut the big question that starts the introspection process – Why MBA.

— Sameer


Righty right, this has been long in the coming. Been thinking of what to share for so long that I decided heck I’d share what one really wonders. Is the MBA all hype and no substance or just the necessary evil that you need to overcome a la Seeta’s Agni Pariksha towards corporate superstardom? Well, as it happens the answer is yes and no, but a lot more no than a teeny tiny bit yes and presto, we’ve got the topic of our blog today.

Like all good things, MBA does “3” great things to you. One, it gives you the tools to develop a perspective on almost everything around. And I don’t mean to belittle this skill. Though you may have heard CEOs talk and sometimes wondered, what’s the big deal in saying that – but it is a big deal. To be able to think about a topic, generalize it and be able to speak/communicate it is a rare ability. MBA gets you started on the journey, showing the path.

The second thing MBA does is it opens up the horizon of unbound possibilities for you. Irrespective of what you did before, you could do almost everything post an MBA. The prerequisite of course being the fact that you know in the first place what you want to do. Now that is one thing an MBA does not give you! You have to make your choices – an art no bschool can teach you. I had the audacity of travelling on two boats at the same time during my MBA, not a very prudent move. I wanted to make a career in finance OR consulting. Though I got lucky in placements, but what really saved me was the benefit of experiences of friends in both industries.  So don’t think what MBA can give you, think about what you want to take from an MBA for your career. It doesn’t harm to have foresight; ever!

Finally, coming back to clichés, MBA does give you a network with the “it” factor. Beware; this is not the network you got in your undergrad – friends for lifetime. The “it” we talk of here is the wider industry reach as you set your sights on becoming a corporate leader.  Whether you want to reach out to the prime minister’s office in Delhi or want to know the pulse of the rural India, the network just continues to amaze you. Like you, people in your network keep doing amazing stuff – and what’s fantastic is that they are a shout away; always. With an asset like that, how can success elude you?

Well, that does it really. Ah, but before closing, let’s tie up the “yes” bit of MBA hype. Ofcourse the value of an MBA is hyped, but then it aint bad to have hype around you – let’s just say there should be smoke for the fire within. Now if you’re wondering what is the one thing I should take away as an aspiring MBA, that would be the clarity of why an MBA for you! It not only will help you leap miles over the hurdle that is the MBA essays, but it will really be the guiding force in everything you do professionally. And if you are still in doubt, remember you heard it from the horses’s mouth. Until next time….

– MG

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MG (Manish Gupta) //
MG (Manish Gupta)
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  1. GMAT Delhi says:

    Hi MG!
    I’m looking at starting b-school in 2-3 years time. Am currently working in a consultancy. I definitely like this kind of work, and wouldn’t mind continuing a career in consulting. But, I’m also interested in finance (did a short stint in an equity research firm), and still continue to be interested in this field. So, I have the same aspirations post b-school as you say you did – either finance or consulting. How did you decide which one you wanted to continue with? And how terrible would it be if I continue to be confused between the 2 even when I enter b-school?

    • MG says:

      GMAT Delhi,

      As I mention in the blog, rely a lot on your “F-Network” (friends, family and friends of friends. I had friends in both areas (my wife is in M&A/Finance). Take a deep look at the finance industry and do it with a dispassionate eye; otherwise grass is always greener on the other side. I am assuming you alreay know about consulting (assuming it is Management consulting you mean here)

      The crux of the matter is, if you have a 2-3 year run-up to the MBA, better utilize the time to strengthen your profile in “a” direction rather than both directions – it is simply sub-optimal. If you continue your desire of finance OR consulting, its a pretty big gamble, and I would never advise it

  2. Vinu says:

    Hi MG,

    I have 6 years experience in Engineering & Industrial Machinery Sector. I have over 4 years experience in the Middle East alone. I am seriously considering to do my MBA in Operations/Supply Chain from a good university in India. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from India.

    I would like to move to India in the near future and work in a field of my choice preferably in the Supply Chain/Manufacturing sector. I’m 28 years old & married.

    Is it too late to pursue a full time MBA in India for a person with my profile? I am okay with taking up a full time program and open to alternate options, if any, as well..

    Would like your insights on my query.



  3. bharat singhal says:

    my name is bharat singhal from jodhpur (RAJ.). I am in class 11th and scored 7.4 cgpa i want to do bcom from bombay then for further studies i want to go abroad for MBA.so, what should i do for abroad

    can you please suggest me
    thank you

  4. Shashank says:

    I have secured 48% in my graduation but I have 3 years working experience in retail, I also secured 79% in my class 12th exam. Can I seat for GMAT exam for my MBA.

  5. Shaunaq Narindra says:

    Hi MG sir,
    I`m currently admitted in Delhi University pursuing my B.Sc Computer Sciences 2nd year. Could you please guide me as to what all shall I do to get an admission in a prestigious school such as Howard under the MBA

  6. Priya says:

    Hello MG,

    I have just completed my BBA(Result Awaited). I am planning for doing MBA but I am confused. Should I take some experience first or should I go for preparations of MBA Entrance exams.

  7. Namrata Shetty says:

    Hi MG Sir,
    Im a first year computer science engineering student.After my engineering i want to pursue MBA abroad. So i wanted to knw what exams do i need to prepare for and what are the necessities.Please let me know at the earliest.

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