GMAT test preparation and coaching: Namaste Knewton-ji, welcome to India

At MBA Crystal Ball, we appreciate the fact that the Indian mind works differently. If you’ve seen the Maruti Ad (‘Kitna mileage deti hai?’), you know what we are talking about. We want the best quality and we want it at a price that fits the Indian pocket. So in the area of MBA essay editing, last year we reached out to one of the best essay editing teams (Precision Essay) and got them to India. The demand was overwhelming and we had to close our gates for Round 1 and Round 2 applications much before the deadlines. We hope to repeat that model in another area now – GMAT test preparation courses.

We searched across the GMAT test prep landscape to find out an online GMAT course that busy Indian professionals could attend from the comfort of their homes, at a price that gives the best bang for the buck. Knewton fits the bill and we think their virtual classroom model kicks a$$. Check out why. The best part of the deal? The price. What you see on the GMAT test prep page is the ‘list price’ that’s in sync with the global standards. As an introductory offer, (for India-based candidates only) we have special deals that we’ll share with you on the phone (you’ll find the number on the same page). And if we find you in our blog subscriber email list, depending on how long you’ve been on the list, we’ll give you extra brownie points. Aah! The perks of being an Indian MBA applicant.

If you are not an Indian (or not in India), get in touch anyway [info at mbacrystalball dot com]. On your behalf, we’ll speak with our friends at Knewton and see what we can arrange for you.

We’ve said this earlier and we’ll say it again. At MCB, our philosophy is simple – If you want to play in the international MBA admissions arena, you gotta play by the international rules. And we’ll give you access to the most sophisticated tools and train you to use them effectively in the global battlefield.

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UPDATE: Knewton has stopped their special India discounts. They now manage the sign-up process centrally. Check out the other GMAT courses listed on our site.

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