Should any of these Indian MBA bloggers be on our MBA Stars list?

Remember the MBA Star List we are building? The list has been growing slowly and steadily. We went out there in blogosphere and pulled out a few interesting blogs by Indian bloggers. We need your help in identifying which of these could move to our star list. Most bloggers have some association with the MBA as applicants, current students and alumni. Some have MBA focussed blogs, some don’t. Some blogs are ancient, some have just been born. Some have written about the GMAT, some have blogged about writing business school essays, others have shared their MBA interview experiences. Some have already gained some exposure and recognition, others have been waiting in the wings.

If you are the owner of any of these blogs, let us know if you’d be interested in being considered for the Star List. For the other MBA bloggers, if your blog doesn’t figure on this list, boss, you gotta take some effort in getting noticed or maybe we need to sharpen our Google skills. Either ways, take the first step and post a comment here with details of your blog. We’ll add it to this list. Awright, nuff said, here’s the superlist of Indian MBA blogs.

[Edited: Many of the websites listed here no longer exist, so we’ve taken out the whole list as it is no longer relevant]

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  1. Ashok Kadam says:

    Waah! kya list hain!!

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