Unconventional MBA applicant profiles from India

So you aren’t an engineer? And you’ve never written a line of software code in your life? Your GMAT exam score isn’t 750+? And your CV (resume, if you prefer) doesn’t say IIT on it either? Are you sure you are from India? Mujhe toh lagta hai ki aap purush hi nahi ho…maha purush ho maha purush!

Don’t worry. That’s not how an Adcom member will grill you if you aren’t from the common Indian applicant pool. MBA admission officers screening through the piles of applications aren’t looking only for conventional profiles. They don’t want their classrooms to be filled up only by management consultants (from McKinsey, Bain and Boston Consulting Group), tech whizkids (from Google, Microsoft, SAP) and investment bankers (from Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan).

They are also looking for people who’ve made their mark in other fields – medical, manufacturing, retail, energy, education, media. So unconventional is actually good, as it helps you break away from the herd and carve out a niche for yourself. But don’t assume this categorisation alone will be your trump card. It’s a fantastic starting point for you provided you can back it up with the other strong credentials.

So you don’t have to be too concerned about the fact that you categorise terms like Java in the beverage department as opposed to technology. Just ensure that you have enough power in your apps to demonstrate that your unconventional profile rocks.

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